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3 13 Card Game Rules: How To Play This Popular Card Game?

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A variation of the famous Rummy card game, the 3 13 card game happens to be a game of 11 rounds and is often played with multiple players – that’s the best part!

Whether you are 2 or 4, it doesn’t matter because anyone can engage in a game of Rummy! It requires about two card decks and doesn’t use Jokers. 

The purpose? To utilize all the cards that are in your hands for forming runs and sets while trying to accumulate a few points over the eleven rounds. Sounds interesting… doesn’t it?

So, without wasting much time, let’s talk about playing this fascinating card game. Keep reading to find out more.

But First, What Is Three Thirteen?

3 13 is a Rummy variation, typically played with a deck of 52 cards. It is designed for 2 to 6 players. Moreover, this game aims to become the 1st player to score a certain number of points, generally 300. 

To obtain this, players have to form sets and run in their hands with the help of wild cards like Deuces and Jokers. While doing this, they strategically draw and discard cards. Moreover, the game enables players to step out by simply melding their cards and scoring depending on the card’s face value.

At the end of the game’s final round, the lowest-scoring player emerges as the winner.

Playing 3 13 Card Games? Things You Have To Know!

As mentioned, 3 13 card game hails from the Rummy family. Just like the most common Rummy games, in this game, once all the cards have been dealt, the remaining cards are kept on the playing table, face down. 

After that, the card on the top of this pile is flipped and kept beside it—this card, which now faces up, is used to start the discarded pile. Before proceeding with the intricacies of the three 13-card game rules, check out the table below for more information. 

Origin➼ United States
Family➼ Matching
Players➼ 2+
Skills➼ Strategy
Cards➼ 102 cards
Deck➼ Anglo-American
Play➼ Clockwise
Playing Time➼ Depends on no. of players
Chance➼ Easy
Related Games➼ Contract Rummy

Before moving to the gameplay, let’s check out some information related to the basic setups. 

1. Players:

card game Players

Yosetups don’t have to worry about the number of participants for a round of 3 13 card games. In fact, the game can be easily played between 2 or several players. You also don’t have to look for different card games for three players—why not play 3 13 instead? 

However, if you want to have the best experience of this game, it’s best to play with two or even four players. 

2. Deck:

playing card Deck

For a round of the three 13-card game, using your standard deck of 52 cards is best, especially if there are three or even four participants. If there are more players, keep increasing the standard decks to ensure you have enough cards so there’s no problem when you all play the final round. 

It’s also suitable for you and other players to remember that while Aces have a low ranking in the game, Kings have a high ranking. 

3. Goal:

The purpose, or rather the goal of the 3 13 card game, is to utilize all the cards in your possession to form runs and sets while accumulating the bare minimum in terms of points over eleven rounds of the game. We have already discussed the goals of the game a little while ago. 

Now that you are more familiar with the goals, let’s discuss the setup and move on to the rules! 

4. Setup:

Set up the game. After every round, the chance is passed simply to the left since the game is played clockwise. Also, according to the 3 13 13-card game rules, cards are dealt with in the following order!

  • Round Number 1: Three cards.
  • Round Number 2: Four cards.
  • Round Number 3: Five cards.
  • Round Number 4: Six cards.
  • Round Number 5: Seven cards.
  • Round Number 6: Eight cards.
  • Round Number 7: Nine cards.
  • Round Number 8: Ten cards.
  • Round Number 9: Eleven cards.
  • Round Number 10: Twelve cards.
  • Round Number 11: Thirteen cards.

All the remaining cards, in fact, are then kept on the playing table, facing down. Moreover, these cards together will form your draw pile. The card on top is flipped to face up, and this card is then used to start your discard pile. 

How To Play The 3 13 Card Game? All About The Gameplay!

Now that you have a fair idea about the setup and related information, it’s time to learn how to play a three-card game! So, without wasting any time, scroll down and read all that you need to know about mastering the gameplay of this popular card game!


The three-13-card game starts with the player sitting on the dealer’s left, and then the game continues clockwise. 

So, the players start by drawing a single card, with either the card facing up on top of the discarded pile or the card facing down on top of your draw pile. In case the players fail to go out, they will simply opt to discard the card on your discard pile — this discarded card will obviously face up. 

Going Out:

When it’s your turn, you can go out if you can arrange all the cards in your hand in sets with only a single card left for discarding. Naturally, before you begin arranging, you will have to draw a card either from the discard or the draw pile. Also, if you do go out, you will have to announce it. 

Once you have announced it, you must play your set and discard the remaining card. The remaining players will each get another turn before scoring starts and the round ends. 

In this context, there are two kinds of sets, runs, and combinations that are considered to be valid. So, these are as follows,

  • A set comprising three or more cards with the same rank as ‘7-7-7.’
  • A run consists of 3 or more cards in the same suit as ‘A-2-3’ in the Hearts suit.
  • A combination comprises more than three cards, but not a single card will be counted as part of multiple combinations. 

You should also remember that players are not allowed to add sets, cards, or even runs that have already been played by the other players. 

Wild Cards:

In the three-13-card game, one card is considered wild in every round and can be easily substituted for other cards from a run or a set. So, these wild cards are as follows,

  • Round One: 3s
  • Round Two: 4s
  • Round Three: 5s
  • Round Four: 6s
  • Round Five: 7s
  • Round Six: 8s
  • Round Seven: 9s
  • Round Eight: 10s
  • Round Nine: Jack
  • Round Ten: Queens
  • Round Eleven: Kings


When the final turn starts, every player begins arranging their cards in different runs and sets—as many as humanly possible! Also, if there are leftover cards, these can be used to score penalty points.

So, here’s what the game’s scoring looks like!

  • Ace: One point each.
  • 2: Two points each.
  • 3: Three points each.
  • 4: Four points each.
  • 5: Five points each.
  • 6: Six points each.
  • 7: Seven points each.
  • 8: Eight points each.
  • 9: Nine points each.
  • 10: Ten points each.
  • Jack: Ten points each.
  • Queen: Ten points each.
  • King: Ten points each.


Scores are added together simply after every round. When the eleventh round is over, the player with the lowest score emerges as the winner of the 3 13 card game.

Rummy is perhaps the most popular card game in India. Its 13-card variant is the most played alternative. So, the primary objective of the online rummy game is to enhance the player’s hand by dealing sets of different cards and forming a set or sequence adhering to specific game rules. 

Typically played between two to six players, each player draws and discards one card until the 13 cards create the perfect sequence in sets. 

Moreover, to win these games, there are three popular strategies to make your move and bag a few victories. 

All Eyes On Discards:

Always check the cards that your opponents seem to be discarding—this will help you determine the cards your opponents have at their disposal, followed by the runs and sets they are attempting to make. 

So, it is practical to be cautious and not discard the cards your opponents need while playing online Rummy. 


Bluffing is a classic method for playing the 313 card game online. You must bluff that your hand is much better than your opponent’s. However, to master the bluffing trick, you must obtain excellent information on your opponents’ picks and discards. 

Only then can you properly picture all the cards your opponents will hold. Also, you need to understand when you should bluff. 

Use The Joker:

So, you need to understand that the best utilization of the Joker card can help you increase your chances of winning the 313-card game. The primary trick is to use the Joker card to complete your two sequences definitely.

You can also use the same card to make a set/sequence with all the high-point cards to reduce the number of points in your hand.

Some Additional Tips:

Here are some additional tips for winning the 3 13 card game:

  1. Reading your opponents is very essential to winning the game. Just observe how your opponents react – do they appear upset or pleased? This can hint towards what they are either holding or what they might need. 
  1. Card counting can significantly benefit you, especially in the final rounds. Knowing what stays in the draw deck can help you determine the odds of getting the required cards.
  1. Thirdly, you can predict moves during the game – you just have to pay attention. If you can keep track of the cards that players pick up from the discard pile, you will learn about the probable melds others are attempting to build or might have in hand. 
  1. The ideal round strategy in 3 13 is about aggressive gameplay in the initial rounds when fewer cards would indicate a lesser risk before shifting to defensive gameplay in the final rounds when a higher card count can increase your penalty points in case those are left not melded during the scoring.

And It’s A Wrap!

The 3 13 card game is iconic and, most importantly, easy to learn. Moreover, the point is, did you understand how to play this game? So, what do you think about this game? We are waiting to hear from you. At the same time, while doing so, don’t forget to share your past experiences about playing cards in the comments below!

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