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15 Best Beer Olympics Games To Get You Tipsy & Happy!

| October 8, 2022 | Sports

Oktoberfest has just ended, and it’s only normal the world is in love with Beer, considering the increasing popularity of everything that has anything to do with this beverage – from beer shampoos to beer Olympic games, nothing’s cooler than beer at the moment. So the other day, when we were drinking, we decided to play beer-friendly games. 

But there was one issue. We only had a few alternatives when picking the perfect game to get you drunk. So it was only a matter of time before we decided to come up with all the games that can get you tipsy. So grab a few beer bottles and scroll down because game time has already started – what are you waiting for? 

Keep reading to find out more. 

Playing To Get Drunk? 15 Best Beer Olympics Games To Get You Tipsy & Happy!

So without wasting any more time, let’s check out all the top drinking games for beer Olympics the next you plan on hosting a beer Olympic-friendly party in your backyard! All you have to do is keep scrolling – don’t forget to figure out which ones best suit you. You don’t want to pass out at your own party, and that too over one game!

1. Flip Cup:

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Perhaps one of the most popular beer Olympic games in the whole world is Flip Cup, which happens to be one of those popular games that come with a self-explanatory name. But just for clarity, let’s check out how to enjoy a round of Flip Cups and get drunk in a few simple steps!

How To Play Flip Cup:

  • Place cups full of beer on two sides of the table. 
  • Make sure the number of cups matches the number of players. Also, the players must face each other. 
  • The game starts with one player from both teams starts drinking and then proceeds to place it on the table. 
  • The player who manages to do so first and flip the cup in the process will be able to allow the next player to continue the game.

2. Beer Pong:

Beer Pong

If the flip cup game is a popular drinking game, then there’s no other game that’s more famous than Beer Pong – from university events to post office parties, beer pong is a classic and deserves to be played more often. But how do you play it? Check out the ‘how to’ part mentioned below. 

How To Play Beer Pong:

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  • You need two teams, the same number of cups full of beer, and an arrangement in the shape of a pyramid. 
  • Now, you guys just have to throw a ping-pong ball in the glasses of the opposing team. 
  • If you are able to succeed, then the player on the opposing team has to drink from that glass. And in case you miss out, then you have to drink – sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

3. Beer Minesweeper:

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If you are a 90s kid, then you must remember those days of dial-up internet. During those days, one popular game was Minesweeper – the best part? You can not just revisit the game in 2022, but you can do so with beer. If you are running out of beer olympics games ideas, then you must give Beer Minesweeper a fair chance. 

How To Play Beer Minesweeper:

  • Get hold of a bunch of cups – now fill most of them with beer and some of them with water. 
  • Then simply cover up the cups in such a way that the contents of the cups are hidden from the players. 
  • When the game starts, the players will have to lift the lid and start drinking until all the cups are empty. The goal? To not get drunk(?)

4. Beer Cup Chess:

Beer Cup Chess

With Netflix releasing The Queens’s Gambit, Chess has suddenly become a popular game, and why not play Chess when you can get drunk doing the same? We don’t know! So let’s just focus on the game and getting tipsy! If you already know how to play chess, there’s no reason why you must stop!

How To Play Beer Cup Chess?

  • You have to follow the usual chess rules, and as a result, it is preferable that you try this game out when you have a really less number of people around.
  • All you have to do is replace the chess pieces with shot glasses – don’t forget to fill the glasses with beer at the same time. 

5. Beeramid:

Another classic game for beer Olympics, Beeramid is great for entertaining crowds – in case you love speaking up arguments, then count that as the entertainment for the evening if you are playing this game! And don’t forget that Beeramid is a classic, just like Beer Pong – so you can’t miss out on it!

How To Play Beeramid?

  • Set the cards face down in the shape of a Pyramid – make sure there is a single card on top and five cards right at the bottom.
  • The remaining cards are distributed among all the players – the players will get only ten seconds to memorize their hands. 
  • Now the game finally begins with revealing the first card from the bottom of the pyramid. 
  • Now the players who claim to have the same card can ask another player to drink. 
  • The other player can either drink or even call the bluff – in case of the bluff, the one bluffing has to drink twice. 

6. Beeropoly:


Yes, we love playing Monopoly, but have you ever heard about Beeropoly? This one’s a popular drinking-board game inspired by another popular sober game (of course, Monopoly) – so you will naturally have to get hold of this crazy game. And trust us! This won’t be a waste of your money, especially if you often have gatherings with beer as the main drink!

How To Play Beeropoly?

  • Basically, wherever you land on that board, based on that, you will either have to do some challenge or perform some action or even complete a dance battle. 
  • Of course, you will receive a set of dices, bottle cap pieces, and a Community Cup along with the board so that you can play the game. 
  • The last players who remain standing must be the ones drinking from the same.

7. Drunken Twister:

Game Twister GIF by PBS Digital Studios - Find & Share on GIPHY

Are you surprised to check out Twister on this drinking game list? Don’t be because Twister might have been your favorite teenage game but guess what? You can still play it, especially when you are drunk! Of course, you already know how to play Twister – you just have to add beer to the equation, and you will be all set to rule!

How To Play Drunk Twister?

  • We all know that during a game of Twister, you just have to keep spinning the spinner and then place your body parts on the circles with the right colors until you actually fall over. 
  • The twist comes here – every time you fall, you drink. 

8. Beer Cups Drinking Roulette:

Beer Cups Drinking Roulette

Generally, drinking roulette is one game that is normally associated with small shot glasses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t consider the same in the case of team drinking games for beer Olympics! All you will need is a lot of beer cans and a lot of players. After all, you have to replace the shot glasses with beer cans. 

How To Play Beer Cups Drinking Roulette?

  • You will require several beer cans and several players. 
  • First, shake a can and then blend it with the others. 
  • The player who ends up getting showered by all that foam has to chug the whole can.

9. Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid:

Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid is one of those accusation games. The whole pack contains around 250 cards – these are all prompt cans that come along with various bad decisions. If you run out of ideas while looking for beer olympics games, then you must consider this one – it’s pretty cool if played right! 

How To Play Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid?

  • All the cards are drawn by different players, one after the other, while the other players will have to vote on who is most likely to do whatever is written on the card. 
  • As a result, if there are more players, you will enjoy as well as entertain more. 

10. Beerio Kart:

Again, if you are a 90s vintage sweetheart, you would definitely know how much we all play Mario Kart, one of the oldest and most entertaining video games out there. If Beer Minesweeper attracts you, then, in that case, Beerio Kart can only be the next best alternative. After all, you don’t want to end up getting bored over a single game. 

How To Play Beerio Kart?

  • This one’s ideal when you just planning to drink with your partner or even a few friends. 
  • You will need Nintendo consoles, the original Mario Kart game, and of course, beer cans. 
  • Losers chug while the winner only gets a sip – sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

11. Beer Ball:

Sport Ball GIF by Perrier - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you are a sucker for outdoor drinking games and have a whole lot of love for Beer Ball then you can consider playing a few rounds of Beer Ball. And the best part? You will not even need a lot of people for this one since it’s two players versus two players game. In that case, four to eight people will be perfect for a night of Beer Ball!

How To Play Beer Ball?

  • You will need a ping pong ball and beer cans. 
  • You just have to throw the ball at the other team’s beer cans. 
  • While the other team goes to get the ball, your team will start chugging the beer cans. 

12. Civil War:

Beer game Civil War

This one’s a pretty cool game that involves a ping-pong ball and lots of beer. Come on, who doesn’t love a rapid-fire shooting game, especially when they are a little tipsy? So if you have never played this game, it’s time you start doing so – it’s fun and wholesome!

How To Play Civil War?

  • For every round, you will need a ball and two cups for each player.
  • The goal? Each team will try to shoot at the cups of the opposite team. 
  • We normally follow the rules for the Beer Pong but only rapid this time!

13. ThunderStruck:


There are several beer olympics games out there, but this one’s a gem. If you have heard ACDC’s Thunder, then you would understand why this game is named after the song. Moreover, it’s perfect for a party with a lot of people – so instead of searching for ‘beer Olympics games outside,’ why don’t you try this one out the next time?

How To Play ThunderStruck?

  • You just require a good speaker and several beer cans. 
  • Now, all players must stand together in a single circle and start playing the song.
  • One player starts drinking from the can – the rule is simple, you can’t stop till the ‘thunder’ portion ends. 
  • Once that happens, the next person starts – so go play and repeat!

14. Stack Cup Drinking Game:

If you haven’t played the stack cup drinking game, then you are clearly missing out because it’s one of the most entertaining party games ever. And if you love drinking beer, then there’s no reason why you can’t do the same – this game is too good to be true, and there’s no point missing out on the same. 

How To Play Stack Cup Drinking Game?

  • You will need a few cups, lots of beer, and ping-pong balls.
  • Pour beer into the cups and split the teams. Make sure that you have placed a King’s Cup right in the middle. 
  • Now shoot at the other team and then drink up – the aim is to stack your cups before the other team. 

15. Quarters Drinking Game:

Quarters Drinking Game

The quarters drinking game is a pretty popular game, and if you play it once, you will realize that beer is not the only thing you are addicted to! You are also addicted to playing this game every time you drink beer! And that is exactly what you want to do for obvious reasons!

How To Play Quarters Drinking Game?

  • You will need lots of beer, a quarter, a big table, and cups.
  • Place one cup in the center and divide the rest between the two teams.
  • Now start shooting. Aim? You have to shoot the quarter into the cup at the center. 
  • If you are able to do so then you can ask any other player from the other team to drink, and if you miss out then you have to drink. 

Save Water, Drink Beer: Playing With Beer!

There are so many beer Olympics games out there – if you love drinking beer and want to spice up your beer-drinking parties, introducing a game or two is the best thing you can do! And the best part about these beer Olympics drinking games is that you can also play these with any other alcoholic beverage – but we would suggest it’s always better to stick to beer, especially when you are going to be competitive about the same!

So tell us what you think about ber-friendly games, and don’t forget to share your experiences of the same in the comments below!

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