How To Play Blackjack? A Step-By-Step Guide To Blackjack Rules

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Have you even been to a casino? If Yes, you would see the most popular card game played there is BlackJack, because it is super easy to play. Even for a beginner it will take about a few minutes to know the rules of blackjack. 

But to make your life even easier, I am going to tell you what are the blackjack rules you need to know. Though its fairly straightforward and is quite simple, but knowing the blackjack rules are better than not knowing. 

Blackjack: The Basics!

We all know that blackjack is a card game, but do you know you have to play it against the dealer? Yes, the two of you play using a one or more standard card decks. 

The game is played on a specially designed table, where betting spots are drawn. There are about five to seven betting spots on the table. At any point during the game, these spots can open up, and you can choose more than one spot to play. 

Now before the game starts, the players needs to decide on the amount of stake. Then put forward the relevant amount of chips to start the game.

Alternative NamesTwenty one (21)
Players2+, usually 2 to 7 
Skills RequiredProbability
Cards52 to 416
Random ChanceHigh

The Objective of Blackjack

The objective of blackjack is quite simple, you have to Beat the Dealer, there should not be any confusion on that. Now, how to do your beat the dealer?

How To Beat The Dealer?

  1. Draw cards higher in value than the dealer’s hand. 
  2. If the dealer draw’s a hand value of over 21. 
  3. Drawing a 21 hand value within your first two cards, so that the dealer can’t. 

How You Lose To The Dealer?

  1. If your hand value is more than 21.
  2. Towards the end the dealer’s hand value is closer to 21 than yours. 

How Would You Find A Hand’s Total Value?

We know by now that to play blackjack a conventional card deck is used without suits. 

  1. The cards from 2 to 10 are counted by their face value only.
  2. The face cards like J,Q,K are valued as 10.
  3. The Ace is either 1 or 11, depending on the need. 

How To Play Blackjack?

Before you start playing blackjack, you need to know a few rules of blackjack. The most popular and common among blackjack games are the shoe, 8-deck or the 6-deck. 

Now let’s move towards the rules of the game and how its played

1. Player Buys Chips

Buy Chips

In order to start playing, you need to buy chips. Cash plays are noy allowed in most casino, you need to buy chips, in exchange of cash. 

Do not try to give the dealer any cash, for security reasons. Every inch of a casino are under camera surveillance. Just lay your money on the table, and the dealer will give you chips equivalent to the cash amount. 

2. Player Places A Wager

At the beginning of the game, start the round by placing a bet inside the betting square or circle. You can see that on the table on the sides the betting limits. 

In the US, the betting limit is upto $5 each hand. But this depends upon the location of the casino as well. 

3. Dealer Deals Cards To Players

After your bet is placed, the dealer will then deal the cards clockwise to each player on the table with one card facing up. 

The dealer will deal two cards facing upwards for the players and only one card up and one card down for himself. This is when your game begins!

4. Player Decides How To Play Hand

The player sitting on the left will start first, also known as “first base.” You need to add the two cards facing up, it will come somewhere between 4 to 21. If you have a ace and a 10 valued card (10, J,Q,K) you already get Blackjack. 

Then you are getting paid 1.5 times the amount you waged immediately without going through the table. But if the dealer also has a Blackjack then you win nothing, but you won’t lose as well. This is know as “Push.” 

But if you don’t have Blackjack then the dealer will wait for your next playby showing different hand signals, they are.

  • Stand

If your initial two cards are good, then you can stand, and the dealer will move to the next player. 

Hand Signal: Simply wave an open palm or keep an open palm on the table. 

  • Hit

If you want another card, to better your chances, then the  dealer will keep on giving you cards till it a “bust.” Which means over 21, or maybe you want to stand. 

Hand Signal: Tap felt with a finger. 

  • Double Down

If your hand value is great but you need one more card, then you can double your wager. Then the dealer, deals you in with another card. You need to know the double down blackjack rules with wager. 

Most casino blackjack rules, let you wager less than the exact double for a double down.

Hand Signal: Just put the wager where your original bet was placed. 

  • Split

Suppose you are dealt cards with equal value, then you can split those two cards in two hands. This can also be down with face cards. When this happens the split cards becomes the first cards in separate hands. The blackjack splitting rules are quite simple. 

Hand Signal: Put a second wager then put a peace sign on the table. 

  • Surrender

Incase you don’t like your first hand, you can give it back, in exchange of half the original bet you placed. 

Hand Signal: Draw a horizontal line on the felt below the bet.

5. Dealer Plays Hand

When it comes to the dealer, there are less number of options compared to yours. They can’t double down, split or even surrender. 

There are only a number of options for the dealer to go towards. The blackjack dealer rules need to be followed by every dealer. 

6. Payouts

Now that you are done with your hand, and the dealer is also done with his after all the restrictions. Only two things can happen now,

  • The Dealer Will Bust

If this happens, then they are going to pay 1.5 times the wager to each of the hands who are still in play. 

  • The Dealer Will Make A Hand

If you are still playing, then the question is whos hand id higher. Also, if the deakers, then he takes all the bet. But if yours, the pays you 1.5 times your wager. But when the hands are equal, it a push. 

And with that the round is done. Now if you want you can start another round by placing another bet. 

Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs) :

1. Is Blackjack Easy To Learn?

Blackjack is the easiest of card games. In most Las Vegas casinos, it is like the go-to card game for people starting to play. 

2. Are Rummy And Blackjack The Same?

Rummy is also a popular card game, but often causes confusion with blackjack. Rummy can be referred as a popular version of blackjack. 

3. How Many Times Can You Hit In Blackjack? 

You can hit as many times as you want until and unless you get a bust. If you get a bust, you lose immediately. 

Wrapping Up!

Blackjack is considered the easiest of all card games. Though being easy, you still need to know the blackjack rules, in order to play the game properly. 

Blackjack is simply a numbers game and a little bit depends on your luck of getting the exact card that you want. But you will definitely have fun playing blackjack, but try not to get addicted. Gambling addiction can leave you bankrupt.

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