How To Bet On Bovada A Beginner's Guide To Sports Betting

How To Bet On Bovada: A Beginner’s Guide To Sports Betting

| May 18, 2023 | Betting

First launched a little more than a decade ago in 2011, Bovada was initially owned as well as operated by Bodog. Since then, Bovada Sportsbook has grown into an independent entity, becoming famous for its reputable, long-term presence in the online sports betting industry in the United States.

The platform offers customer support 24/7 and lets consumers access betting lines for the most popular sports in the world. Currently, Bovada operates from Costa Rica’s official gaming jurisdiction and primarily serves the sports betting market in the United States over the internet.

Boavada’s accurate and timely payout delivery systems, data protection technologies, and customer service practices make it ideal for both beginners and experienced sports betting enthusiasts to join in. It’s a fantastic platform, and if you haven’t been here yet, it’s about time you check it out.

Stay tuned to find out more about Bovada before you can start playing on this platform.

Yes, it’s legal to bet on Bovada online casino for all gambling enthusiasts located in the United States. Since the platform is operating from a gaming jurisdiction outside the United States, it’s only normal that you will wonder if it’s legal for US residents.

But that’s the fun part – US residents can play on the platform since the platform provides its services legally to people living in the United States over the web.

Bovada accepts bets from people living in the United States and Puerto Rico. There aren’t any federal gambling laws in the United States that prohibit anyone living in the US from placing online bets over the web at any offshore sportsbooks.

But please note that the platform is yet to accept bets from people living at,

  • Delaware,
  • Maryland,
  • New Jersey,
  • Nevada, and
  • New York State.

Bovada Sports Betting Options:   

Bovada Sportsbook covers popular professional and college sports taking place across the world – Bovada NFL, for instance, has the most popular betting lines on the platform. Even in different niche categories, such as professional wrestling betting, celebrity divorce odds, or eSports, you will come across a complete assortment of odds and lines.

Straight money lines, overs-under (totals), and point spreads are offered for almost every individual contest, along with prop bets, round-robin bets, parlay options, and more.

SportsTo Bet On Bovada:  

SportsTo Bet On Bovada

The sports you can bet on Bovada LV are as follow,

  • Football (College Football & NFL)
  • Baseball (College Baseball & MLB)
  • Basketball (College Basketball & NBA)
  • Golf (LIV Golf, PGA, & Minor Tours)
  • Hockey (NHL)
  • Soccer (Most International Leagues, MLS, & MWLS)
  • MMA (UFC)
  • Virtual Sports (Soccer, Basketball, Horse Racing, Car Racing, Camel Racing, Greyhound Racing, & more)
  • Esports (Sports Simulations, Call of Duty, League of Legends, CSGO, Dota 2, & more)
  • Horse Racing (Both international & domestic racing)
  • Politics (2020 Presidential Elections & International Politics)
  • Sports Sims (NBA 2k21, Madden 21, UFC 3, NHL 20, FIFA 20, NASCAR 21, & MLB the Show 20)
  • Misc. Betting Options (Martial Arts, entertainment betting, Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, US Open, Wimbledon, Olympics, Handball, Wrestling, Rugby, cryptocurrency wagering, financials wagering, business betting lines, Formula 1 race betting, commodities, and more.)

Bovada Live Betting:   

Bovada Live Betting

At the Bovada casino, live betting is available for a majority of the sports – the bigger your matchups, the more live lines you will obtain. With conventional betting, Sportsbooks need your wagers to be in before your game gets underway.

The live odds meant for in-play on the Boavda platform enables gamblers to bet their money on different types of in-play action once the contests start proceeding, right from the starting whistle to the ending buzzer.

At the Bovada Sportsbook, the live lines are considered to be immersive and provide not just additional entertainment but also the talent to make up for different pregame bets or even double down on the best ones.

We love to make the most of these live odds simply because the platform enables us to curate our own individual betting schedules.

Once a scheduled game starts, the players on the platform can simply enter and start locating the in-play action and lines situated in the middle column. Players can play various wagers on different live lines by just clicking on the money line, spreads, or under/over.

Prop futures and bets can be wagered as well during the games. But this can happen only till the odds are posted and the results haven’t been reached.

Additionally, it is practical to depend on the live scores instead of relying upon the website’s scoreboard, since it might not show any of the recent data.

Also, do not be hasty about jumping on the live lines that might seem to include erroneous information simply because it will result in a wager that’s voided.

Benefits Of Live Betting On Bovada:  

Benefits Of Live Betting On Bovada

If you are looking for Bovada login then we won’t stop you – scroll down to find out some of the biggest benefits of playing on the Bovada platform.

  1. Ascertaining any player’s availability and injury status before a wager is placed.
  1. Hedging bets that were lost in the game earlier.
  1. When you schedule allows, the platform provides players with the ability to actually wager bets.

Bonus And Promotions On Bovada:   

Bonus And Promotions On Bovada

Are you looking for a profitable Bovada bonus code? Then we have got not one but multiple bonuses and promotions – all of which are more lucrative than you can envision! Check out the top bonuses and promotions on Bovada.

  1. Special $1000 Bovada Welcome Bonus (Use code: BVD1000): only for SBL Readers.
  1. Standard $250 Bovada Welcome Bonus (sign up to avail this bonus): for all new members.
  1. Enhanced $750 Bovada Bitcoin Bonus (Use code: BTCSWB750): for all new members.
  1. Bovada Refer-A-Friend Bonus (refer a friend to avail this bonus): for all members.
  1. Bovada Crypto Miner Contest (obtain high scores in a Pac-Man-style video game): for Crypto depositors.

Exploring The Bovada Platfomr: Pros And Cons   

If you have started playing Bovada Poker then that’s crazy – but before that let’s check out the pros and cons of the Bovada platform.


The advantages of Bovada are as follows,

  • Allows players to participate from 45 US states.
  • Never misses payouts.
  • 50% Sportsbook Promo Code for new members upto 1000 USD in bonus cash.
  • Quick cryptocurrency withdrawals and deposits.
  • Most trusted and reputable online Sportsbook in the United States.


The disadvantages of Bovada are as follows,

  • Betting enthusiasts from New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada, and Maryland cannot bet on Bovada.
  • USD withdrawals takes place at a relatively slower pace as compared to cryptocurrency.

Our Verdict: Visit Bovada And Start Playing Today!  

The Bovada customer service is crazy considering it’s always available – yep, 24/7, and that’s great considering anyone can play at their convenient time. Plus, the fact that Bovada has the reputation of never missing a deadline only makes things a complete win-win for all players.

If you have already played on the Bovada platform, feel free to share your experiences, stories, and feedback with us in the comments below.

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