Casinos In Georgia: A Complete Review In 2022

| November 30, 2022 | Casino Review

Are you traveling to Gerogia any time soon? Then we have only one suggestion for you! There’s no way you can miss out on the crazy casinos in Georgia – these are perfect hubs for entertainment and even if you are not a fan of gambling, you can still make some memories!

Keep reading to check out all the casinos in Georgia, you just can’t avoid! 

Casinos In Georgia: A Complete Review In 2022

Casinos In Georgia Map

So you are traveling to Georgia, and you can’t help yourself from asking Google, ‘are there casinos in Georgia?’ – guess what, there are so many casinos located in Georgia! So without wasting any more time, scroll down and check out which casinos you can visit on your trip to Georgia. 

1. Eclipse Casino:

Eclipse Casino

If you are looking for the largest casino located in Gerogia, then Eclipse Casino is your location! The place is not just known for being one of the largest casinos in Georgia map – the place is also known for its top-notch service! Spread across two different levels, the casino boasts a calming atmosphere accompanied by optimum comfort.

Additionally, the place also has three VIP halls, unique and modern in their approach to gambling. And that’s not all – visitors can also have a good time at the relaxing bar, the gourmet restaurant, or even at the opulent nightclub. 

Review By Daria M:
We spent the time of New Year's Eve at Eclipse Casino. The staff was absolutely amazing and professional with all of our requests. Special thanks to Mr.Sergey, who helped us with everything. Good was the taste. The atmosphere was so brilliant and the best decision we have made so far. Thank you, Eclipse!

2. Shangri La Casino:

Shangri La Casino

While looking up ‘casinos in Georgia USA’ on search engines, you might come across Shangri La Casino – and trust us, you can’t miss this one! The place is modern, stylish and offers quality service in Gerogia. The luxurious decor, the comforting environment, and the crazy customer service are enough to convince anyone to visit this casino. 

Moreover, the Shangri La Casino is perhaps one of the best places where you can try out your luck – it doesn’t matter if you are making smaller or higher bets. Plus, the casino happens to be located near the Bridge Of Peace, one of the most historic spots in Tbilisi. 

Review By Arashsgr:
Casino Shangri La is one of my favorites, it always feels great to walk in, almost every table is played with a minimum 5 $ of, and there are only games played with dealers. staff is more friendly here. The atmosphere is great, and the air conditioning is awesome - here, you can have some drinks and some cigarettes for free. I have been in the casino Shangri la in Armenia, and it is almost the same, except there is no cash game poker going on. Good luck.

3. Casino International:

Casino International

Casino International Batumi is one of the best places in town, location-wise considering it is located near Seaside Boulevard and 6 May Park. Plus, it’s just a ten-minute drive from the international airport at Hilton Batumi’s beachfront. 

But that’s certainly not the best part about this casino. The best part about this casino is that there are ten live tables for gaming purposes and around 68 slot machines (all the latest models), inclusive of the popular electronic Roulette. Moreover, the staff is welcoming, and the casino exudes this European charm, which you will definitely love. 

Review By Torsten W:
Very stylish, not the classic Batumi mainstream Casino. Food and drinks are free, even cigarettes. Friendly staff and live music on special weekdays. Located in the Hilton hotel, it’s easily accessible through the lobby or the entrance between the towers!

4. Casino Peace: 

Casino Peace

When you plan on checking out any new place, especially while traveling, it’s important that you find out what other visitors are saying about this place. The Casino Peace, for instance, has only good reviews from its visitors. The place is certainly popular, and if you hate crowds, then we would suggest that you either skip this one or avoid visiting late in the evening. 

Review By Charliebigtime:
Most casinos have dropped the must-play $100 rule, including this one. Seems very popular. Has a few old video poker machines + some popular USwitch machines. Has live roulette + a separate room for card games (but only player v dealer poker). Watch for the treasure chest game on your card reader. I won 20 lari free play three times in six attempts. The player's restaurant serves Turkish food + is very good. Better to avoid it in the evening if you are a nonsmoker.

5. Jewel Casino:

Jewel Casino

Located right in the heart of the popular Tbilisi, Jewel Casino offers visitors a myriad range of VIP saloons, slot machines, and table games. But that’s not all. You can also find a crazy Poker room – if you love playing Poker, then you must check out Jewel Casino. The place is too good to be true! 

Review By Alvand N:
This is probably the best Casino in Tbilisi. The staff are good and smiling. The interior design of the Casino is fantastic and very beautiful. There was a live violin player there, so entertaining. They also had a poker table here where you could play with others - All in all, it’s a 5-star Casino, and I would love to visit here again if I go back to Tbilisi one day.

6. Casino Adjara:

Casino Adjara

One of our favorite casinos in Georgia, Casino Adjara is one of the most styling places to check out in the Tbilisi area. And the best part? You just don’t have a solid time gambling with your friend – you also get to experience the Tbilisi nightlife! So it’s not just gambling, you get solid entertainment too!

Review By Abdulrahman A:
Our visit to Tbilisi was very good. Since we went with a group of friends, we wanted to explore the Casinos around Tbilisi. We did Casino hopping over the night and had been to almost 3 of the casinos. But from our experience, the best one is Adjara. There are two levels - one for USD and the other for the local currency. The only problem is there are not many Black Jack tables similar to the casinos in other parts of the world. However, it's a decent casino and not very crowded. Decent staff, and you get to play starting with 5 Lari and above. There are tables where you start with 25 Lari.

7. Ambassadori Casino:

Ambassadori Casino

Although visitors have left some negative comments, we found lots of positive reviews that outnumber the negative. This could leave most of you confused but we think there’s no need to be confused. You can check the place out on your own and decide for yourself – the point is to gamble and have fun

Review By Marie:
Excellent place to play in Tbilisi. The casino is pleasant and quiet, with a warm and loving attitude 'perfect hosting, and a lot of games. I will be back very soon to the casino.

8. Intourist Palace Hotel & Casino:

Intourist Palace Hotel & Casino

Don’t google ‘top casino site Georgia’ – instead, check out the Intourist Palace Hotel & Casino! The best part? Great reviews from visitors are exactly what you need if you are planning to gamble, especially when you are on vacation. Who wants to make money? We are here to make memories!

Review By Shiran Yaakov:
The Hotel is great! The staff was very nice and helpful. Breakfast was nice. The Spa is Great! We had a massage twice a day after a day since it was so great. The pool is good, we ordered cocktails and food to pool from the hotel lounge- very good!

9. Casino Iveria Batumi:

Casino Iveria Batumi

Located in the Radisson Blu Batumi Hotel, the Casino Iveria Batumi is perfect for anyone who loves both gambling and entertainment, especially if you are planning to make some solid memories. The place comes with so many privileges, like a convenient location, a cozy atmosphere, and a professional team. 

Review By Sopo J:
It was my first game experience in Casino Iveria Batumi; though I am not a great player, I had really good fun there 💯 place was in the center of the city, the staff was very friendly, I tasted the food in the restaurant, and it was just great, also they have concerts, and I have visited one of them, and I had a good time!!! 🙌 I recommend the casino if you want to play, relax and have fun ♠️

And It’s A Wrap!

So we have come to the end of our list featuring all the major casinos in Gerogia! Quit googling ‘casinos near my location’ and instead save this article for future use – you will find the use of this one when you most need it! In the meantime, tell us what you think about gambling in Gerogia, and in case you have past experiences of visiting casinos, feel free to tell us all about it in the comments section. 

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