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Chumba Casino Review (Updated 2023): Is This A Trustworthy Online Casino?

| September 18, 2023 | Casino Guides

First launched in 2012 as, Chumba Casino does call itself the number one social casino experience in America. With an excellent collection of slots as well as table games available to a majority of Canadian and American players, it is difficult to disagree with the same.

The platform seems to have been well-received by players as well, with a very solid 4/5 on the Trustpilot based on over 3,000 reviews. We will get into why that is the case, including welcome offers, in our review of Chumba Casino.

More than 100 slots, as well as games, are available. Friendly and efficient support team.Options for both desktop/laptop and mobile play.It can be accessed in almost all Canadian and American provinces.No live chat supportCurrently available in Canada and the US only.

Exploring Chumba Casino: Things To Know!  

Exploring Chumba Casino

The Chumba Casino platform is an online casino that we have heard great things about – it’s new, fun, and entertaining. So, without wasting time, here’s everything you need to know about the Chumba Casino.

Playing With Gold Coins:  

As a casino focussed on a social angle with sweepstakes games, Chumba offers a widespread collection of games with the alternative of playing without spending a single cent to do so.

This is simply because the platform makes use of Gold Coins, a form of online currency that is usually given away for free when players register on the Chumba platform. Daily logins, social media connections, participation in promotions, and sending away for a top-up via email are all an aspect of the same.

The platform will let you enjoy the complete game catalog without even paying for it. There is an alternative to buying Gold Coin offers if your balance runs really low, but the thing is, you can play on the platform for free. Plus, the platform does a pretty cool job of keeping your balance of Gold Coins high in your account.

If you decide to buy Gold Coin offers online from the platform, you might be able to pick up a handful of Sweeps Coins. You can use these to play the same games – but now you have the chance to redeem won coins eventually for prizes.

Playing With Sweeps Coins:  

As we have mentioned above, buying Gold Coins is sometimes rewarded with free Sweeps Coins. For instance, new players are gifted around two Sweeps Coins for free when they sign up on the platform for the first time. You cannot purchase these coins directly since these are given as a part of promotions for free.

However, these coins can be used for playing on the Chumba platform if you hope to win real prizes. When you have won plenty of Sweeps Coins from playing the different sweepstake games and met the minimum balance needed for a hundred Sweeps Coins, you can easily redeem the same for a gift card or a cash prize.

Because these coins have the potential to be actually worth something to you, you might want to play with them a little more cautiously than you would with the help of Gold Coins. After all, you can obtain more Gold Coins always, whether via purchase or for free, but Sweeps Coins are not as easy to come by.

Range Of Games:  

Currently, Chumba Casino offers more than a hundred casino-style games for users. It is a decent number to select from. This covers the basic type of gameplay for online social casinos as well as sweepstakes slots and games – and that’s not all. You will also find games based on Slingo, Video Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette. We loved the Chumba Casino slots – these were highly entertaining!

One of the unique features of the casino is a feature known as Fireshot Inferno – it is a progressive jackpot that is shared across two games. This basically means if you play Stallion Grand or Dancing Gold, you could actually pick up double the prize in case you happen to be playing with Sweeps Coins!

The games on the Chumba Casino platform are developed in-house. This means that the platforms offer a gaming experience that is unique. You will enjoy the games that were actually built based on players’ feedback on the platform, which automatically ensures a relatively more enjoyable experience for sweepstakes and social fans of just about any level.

Mobile Play:  

You will see that there is no Chumba Casino app download for Android or iPhone. But that does not negatively impact our review of the platform since players can continue to enjoy the games whenever they want with the help of the responsive Chumba website.

You will just have to navigate to the website from your tablet or smartphone – just use your login for Chumba Casino, and you will be redirected automatically to the most appropriate version of the platform for your screen size.

Some of these might take some time to get used to, but for a majority of the time, the whole casino is recreated on a relatively smaller scale, which is very impressive. And because the casino’s mobile website replicates all the major slots in the gaming library, you really do not need to worry about your favorite games missing.

Security And Fair Play:  

So, is Chumba Casino legit?

Even though Chumba is a social casino, it holds an official license from the Malta Gaming Authority. This is perfect because even though players cannot deposit or withdraw cash, it is vital to establish that the company is operating honestly and fairly.

Chumba games and slots are powered by RNGs (random number generators) certified by Gaming and iTechLabs. This ensures the result of playing games on the Chumba platform is completely unpredictable, which is a big part of the excitement.

Banking Alternatives On Chumba Casino:  

One of the best things about the Chumba online casino is that you do not have to spend any money to enjoy the games on the platform. You can do this easily by collecting Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins – plus, you can even pick these up in multiple ways.

Most of these are actually free, but you can definitely use their secure and safe banking alternatives to buy Gold Coin packs for adding additional coins to your account. Doing so frequently adds additional Sweeps Coins as a bonus to your account, so that could be a pretty cool value if it happens to fit your budget.

How To Earn Coins?  

If you are already looking for the Chumba Casino login, then that’s crazy, but before that, here are the multiple ways in which you can obtain additional coins on the platform.

1. Welcome Bonuses:  

Welcome Bonuses are subject to change, but then these are great for boosting your total balance as soon as you join sites like Chumba Casino.

2. Login Rewards:  

Yes, Chumba Casino has a daily login bonus. Just sign into your account, and if you happen to be eligible for the daily bonus, then you will be able to see a pop-up – click and claim your Chumba Casino login bonus.

3. Social Media Bonuses:   

It is really crucial to connect your Facebook account with your account on Chumba Casino. The platform hosts no-cost giveaway contests on their Facebook page. You might just have to share their posts, answer questions, or engage in some similar activity, but finish the requirements, and you can actually walk away with a great Sweeps or Gold Coin balance as compared to before.

4. By Post:   

If you want to maximize the amount you can play with for absolutely free, then you can also request for more by post, i.e., mail. The complete details are clearly listed on their frequently updated sweeps rules page, but you definitely need to build your personal request card to send it in!

This process needs a postal request code that is unique and can be spotted in the online games lobby, accompanied by a hand-written statement and other conditions. Once it is completed, Canadian and US customers will obtain different addresses to send away to:

This needs a unique postal request code, which can be found in the games lobby online, a hand-written statement, and various other conditions. Once completed, US and Canadian customers will have different addresses to send away to:

  1. Canadian residents: VGW Games Limited, Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department, PO BOX #990, 135 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 4R7
  2. United States residents: VGW Games Limited, Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department, PO BOX #8486, Portsmouth, NH 03801

5. Purchasing Coins:   

You never need to buy coins in order to play on the Chumba platform, but you will always have the alternative to purchase Gold Coin offers in order to easily increase your social play balance. They often give away Sweeps Coins for FREE as a bonus.

How To Purchase Gold Coins?  

How To Purchase Gold Coins

If you do choose to buy a coin offer but then get stuck while doing so, this guide will definitely help you out!

  1. Go to the coin store.
  2. Determine which offer best suits your budget.
  3. Click on the alternative best suited to purchase your coins.
  4. Choose your preferred method of payment.
  5. Provide all the details that are required when prompted to do the same.
  6. Once your transactions get confirmed, check your account balance and find out if your coins have been added.

Payment Methods:

If you decide to buy a coin offer while playing on the Chumba Casino platform, we have listed the different payment methods available currently, like Paysafecard, MasterCard, Visa, and more, as well as some pretty useful information about each of the options below.

Purchase MethodMinimum DepositTransaction SpeedExtra Fees
Discover, American Express, MasterCard, & Visa.No minimum deposit InstantNo fees
Skrill$10InstantNo fees
PaysafecardNo minimum depositInstantNo fees
TrustlyNo minimum depositInstant1.5% Standard Fees
Bank TransferNo minimum depositInstantNone (unless your bank adds any fee.)

How To Redeem Sweep Coins?

When you have managed to build enough Sweep Coins at Chumba, you can easily redeem the same for real prizes. Sadly, the Sweeps Coins you pick up while purchasing gold Coin offers or as a part of any other bonus cannot be exchanged for prizes.

You can redeem Sweeps Coins only when you are playing promotional games – so if you haven’t won the coin, then you cannot exchange the same. Of course, you will require a verified account for taking out funds, and you can easily do this by simply supplying the details listed below.

  • Photo ID: A copy of your driver’s license, government-issued identity card, or passport will work.
  • Proof of Residence – any official document that has your address, like a government document, bank statement, or any recent utility bill.

If you are planning on redeeming your Sweeps Coins for real money, understand that you can exchange each of your coins for $1, and the minimum amount for the exchange to take place is $100. So you need to win a hundred Sweeps Coins in order to redeem the same.

The funds will get transferred using the very same method you used for purchasing a coin offer or when you are registering your account. It can take up to seven business days, but if you opt for a gift card, then that will be sent to your official email address.

Our Verdict: It’s A Green Flag For Chumba Casino!

Chumba Casino is the ideal alternative for players who are looking for a fun and social online casino experience that can be actually enjoyed for absolutely free. They provide a wide collection of Gold Coin games with the simple probability of using the Free Sweeps Coins to play for cash rewards.

The Chumba Casino online experience is one gaming experience we would recommend for any Canadian or American player looking to try out casino-style sweepstakes games at a social casino that is well-designed and has a good reputation. Feel free to share your experiences, thoughts, and stories about Chumba in the comments below.

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