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Craps Strategy Guide – The Best Winning Strategies 2022

| October 18, 2022 | Casino Guides

Craps is a game of dice where players has to bet on the outcomes of the roll of those pair of dice. You can play craps in the casino bars. A casino crap is when players can stake money against other players or a bank. 

You will need little equipment to play crap. You can play street crap that is dependent on bets and actions. The game of crap has developed from the 1788’s Krabs, which was a dice game you could play with two dice. Later the US created a simplification of the European dice game. 

Hazard, or two-dice game, was bought from London to New Orleans in the year 1805. The technique of hazard was that any member could select any number from five to nine. Later, Marigny simplified the game, saying that not just any number the number has to be seven. Since seven is the optimal choice.    

However, Americans rejected all of these ideas and came up with new craps strategies. 

How To Play Crap Games? 

How To Play Crap Games

You need to first ensure these things prior to playing craps. Make sure that the craps strategies you attain are properly maintained. 

1. Conduct A Research 

First, you need to conduct thorough research before indulging in any crap games online. Casinos have varieties of crap games. You need to find out the differences between the different games of crap. 

2. Ensure You Have Enough Bankroll 

You need to be realistic about the craps betting strategies. You can apply with the bankroll provided by the casino. However, you won’t be able to maintain a high-stakes craps strategy with a low bankroll. So, it is important that you ensure your own. 

3. Keep Track Of Minimum And Maximum Bet Limits 

If you are a player who is new to casino games. Then you should keep track of how much bankroll you can invest. You should always judge your limit. And you should also have a mindset that if it doesn’t work out for you can walk away. 

4. Always Set A Time Limit 

Players should always set a time limit on the craps table. If you set and maintain a time limit, that can save you from losing out too much. 

5. Bet Several Times

If you want to find out which strategy works the best. You need to bet several times, then. However,  you should also make bets that are affordable, and losing those bets won’t cost too much expense. 

6. Analyze Results

At the end of every game, you should look at the results of your crap strategy. You should determine whether the craps strategies have helped you or not. 

You should also keep a note of each strategy you’ve applied. Also, write down each outcome. You should analyze and assess your own habits. 

If You Are A Beginner, You Can Avail of This Craps Strategy

If You Are A Beginner, You Can Avail of This Craps Strategy

We recommend that you should use free online crap games to practice basic crap rules. There are several low-risk and safe craps strategies that you can use to gain knowledge. 

Pass Line Craps Strategy 

The pass-line bet is a good start to any craps strategy. It takes place in two phases and pays in even money. On step 1, you will win if you can roll 7 or 11, and you will lose the bet if your outcomes are 2,3 or 12. 

Apart from these numbers, if you get any other numbers, the roll will move to the next phase. You will need to set a point to the number rolled. In step 2, you will win the bet if the point number is rolled again. And you will lose if the dice rolled to 7. 

The pass-line bet has a house edge of 1.41%, which means on a $10 pass-line bet, you will lose an average of 14 cents. 

Most bets of these craps are on the table for multiple dice rolls. A pass line bet can have 1 to 100 rolls per play. Your house edge will decrease depending on how much of your bet is winning. On the pass-plus-odds, your house edge will decline to 0.8 percent with single odds.  

Don’t Pass/ Don’t Come Craps Strategy 

Don’t pass bet payouts are when the outcomes are 2, 3, or 12, and you will lose if your outcomes are 7 or 11. If you are unable to win on the outcomes of don’t pass, then you’ll get the point roll. You will win the bet if a seven is rolled before the point. 

You can use the don’t-come bet after the point is established, and this can increase your chances of winning if a 7 is rolled before the point number. The house edge of this bet is 1.36% which is better than 1.41%. 

With this strategy, you will need to put a huge percentage of your bet into the odds. The odds will have no house edge. It can also give you the lowest house edge in craps. However, the total wager of the bet can increase even at a minimal bet. You need to keep track of your bankrolls to play on this strategy. 

More Craps Strategy For Professionals 

More Craps Strategy For Professionals 

These are strategies used by professionals playing craps for a long period of time. 

Advanced Craps Strategy 

In order to proceed with an advanced craps strategy, first, you need to look into all aspects of craps to observe the payoffs. You can either put your bet on all of the strategies, including the pass line, the number five, six, and eight, and more. Betting on every single outcome can either let you win bets or lose money. 

It is always best to know what you are going to get back from the bets you make. 

1. Field Bets 

In the field bets, the player usually chooses a number that they want to be rolled. You should avoid choosing 6, 7 or 8 as they have a good odds of being rolled because they can give rise to many combinations. The outcomes of each number pay outes better for boxcars. 

2. Parlay Betting 

There are particular craps betting strategies that you need to master to win a game. You can learn about the wagers all you want to but you also have to perfect the betting strategies as well. You can not simply place every bet and hope one will suffice. 

Parley betting strategy is also a popular form of betting. It is known as pyramid betting that is a type of bet combining original bet with the winnings. 

Parlay betting is a type of betting where you will need only an independent bet to win the entire game. On the other hand if any of you will loose the entire game if any of your independent bet loses. 

However, this is a popular betting method since stakes are lower when you are losing but increases when you are winning. So, you need to keep a track of your bankroll to continuing with this bet. 

3. Any Craps Bet  

Any craps bet is also three way or the bail out bet. According to the rule of this bet any one of the three numbers will appear on your dice toss. You first need to place your chips on the layout. The casino guy will place the chips on any bet bets box. 

If you get craps after rolling the dice you win and if you don’t then you lose the game. The craps for this bet are 2.3 or 12. This bet also has a high house edge which is worth a try. 

4. Lay Bet Craps 

Lay bet strategy is used to bet on the point numbers that don’t appear by a don’t bettor. You can place your bet on 4 or 10. You tell the casino guy to lay 4. If 7 appears before the 4 then you win. The bet type is different from most others since if you get the 4 even before 7, you’ll loose. The house edge on this betting strategy is 2.44%. 

5. Iron Cross Craps 

The iron cross system contains field bets 3, 4, 9, 10, and 12 and place bets 5, 6, and 8. This strategy covers all point numbers except 7. So you will win if you roll any numbers before 7 appears. 

However, you will also loose if 7 appear first on your roll. The iron cross bet is also dinner bet. Since players can win the first roll and walk away. 

6. Craps Buy Bet 

You can buy bet paying 5% commission to the house. This will have higher house edge. You can have better odds with a buy bet for 4 and 10. You will need to pay $10 to buy 4 and 10 point numbers instead of placing them in the table. 

However, buy bet has different policies around diffenet casino. So, you need to conduct a little research before understanding its aspect fully. 

Are You Ready To Play Craps?

You can use these betting strategies to win a craps game at any casino or online casinos. Its better to start practicing from online casinos. Once you understand that you’ve got a hold on to the process you can start playing in real casino bars. 

You should always check how much you can afford. And if you are dealing with loss immediately stop playing. You can always use the strategies but its better to know your limit.

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