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Guide To Playing Fish Table Games Online

| February 14, 2024 | Last Updated on: May 14, 2024 | Casino Guides

Fish table games are everywhere. 

No matter which online casino or social casino you join, you’ll see that there are lots of fish games, also known as “fish shooting games,” to choose from. 

💣 You (the player) take control of different weapons and cannons

💥 Start firing shots at the fish swimming across your screen 

💰 Earn money and rewards based on the fish you kill 

With a concept like that, it’s not hard to understand why millions of people have become obsessed with fish shooting games. They’re fun and engaging, and incorporate elements from traditional arcade games, so there’s plenty to like about them. 

Where To Play Fish Table Games Online

Good news: the internet is jam-packed with fish shooting games. 

No matter where you live or what device you use, playing fish games online is a piece of cake. You can play on iPhone, Android, tablet, or even PC — it really doesn’t matter. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re ready to go. 

Here are the options that are available to you. 

🪙 Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes casinos and social casinos are great when it comes to fish table games. Fortune Coins and FunRize are just two of the best sweepstakes casinos that offer different fish games to choose from, such as the popular fish shooting game Golden Dragon. There are plenty of other fish games to choose from, too, like Emily’s Treasure, so make sure to check out the full list of offerings when you sign up with a sweepstakes casino. 

The benefit of joining a sweepstakes casino is that you don’t play online fish shooting games with real money. Instead, you use sweeps coins (SC) and gold coins (GC). This is something that appeals a lot to modern players, especially those who don’t enjoy real-money gambling. 

🎰 Online Casinos 

Online Casinos

Online casinos also offer fish table games for people to play. 

Naturally, when you play inside an online casino, you have to use real money. This is why (if you’re a beginner player) it’s recommended you calculate your gambling budget based on your disposable income. You’ll then be able to play responsibly and won’t fire more shots at the fish than you can realistically afford (remember, each shot you fire costs at least $0.01). 

On the internet, you can find plenty of online casinos to join, from Mr Vegas Casino to JackpotCity Casino. Usually, most online casinos have at least a few fish table games on offer, but make sure to double-check before signing up. 

📱 App Store

Finally, you can play online fish table games by downloading them from the Google Play Store and App Store. 

Both the Apple and Android app stores are home to popular fish table platforms, such as Dragon King: Fish Table Games, so make sure to check them out if you prefer mobile gaming

Choose The Correct Online Casino

For enjoying a secure and seamless gaming experience, choosing the appropriate casino is important. Keep factors like licensing, customer support, reputation, payment methods, game variety, and user reviews under consideration.

Go for the reputed casinos that have a wide variety of fish games and are from trusted game developers who prioritize customer satisfaction and offer payment options securely.

How To Play Fish Table?

This is a popular type of fish game that needs players to shoot at an imaginary table that is filled with swimming fish. For playing, select the desired amount you want to bet, and after that, choose a gun or a cannon. 

Use your touchscreen or the mouse to aim and then shoot at the fish precisely. Every fish has some value assigned to it, and your main aim is to acquire as many fish as you can and try to aim for those fishes that have a high value assigned to them within the assigned time.

To capture a fish you might have to use multiple shots to capture a fish, so target accordingly. Always check for those special fish that come with a bonus reward or bring some exciting features to boost the winnings. Be focused and react quickly.

Exploring Game Tournaments

To add a little more competition and excitement, participate in those fish game tournaments that some selected casinos offer. These tournaments get players together from all over the world and compete for an impressive prize. 

Participants mostly have to pay an entry fee and start playing against one another within an assigned time frame. The player who acquires the highest score by the time the tournament ends is declared the winner. 

These types of tournaments get the player a chance to showcase their skills, try their abilities against other players, and win substantial rewards. Always be on the lookout for upcoming tournaments and participate in thrilling events to elevate the gaming experience.

Understanding The Different Games

There are various game variations that are available online. Every game offers some unique features, and their game mechanics is also different. Some of the popular game types are Fish Table, Fish Hunter, King of Treasures, and Ocean King. 

Take your time and explore all the variations, understand the rules, and figure out which game suits your gaming style and preference.

Gameplay Strategies

Even though fish games mostly depend on luck, there are some strategies that you can incorporate to increase your chances of winning. That includes targeting those high-value fish, utilizing the special weapons and power-ups, and then understanding the behavioral patterns of the different species of fish.

Try to collaborate with different players for multiple games. Try out different strategies and figure out which one world best for you.

Manage The Bankroll

managing bankrolls responsibly is important when you are involved in any gambling activity. Before beginning the session, decide on a budge and stick to it. Decide how much you can spend and never exceed that amount.

Moreover, take into consideration the setting wins and loss limits and maintain control over the gameplay; that way, you can prevent excessive losses.

Top Tips For Playing Fish Table Games Online 

Whether you play fish table games online for free or with real money, the goal is always the same: win, win, win. Luckily, these top tips are here to help you win more at fish table games and discover how to truly “beat the fish.” 

✅ Aim for the head of the fish 

✅ Don’t always go for the big fish — sometimes killing large amounts of small fish can be more profitable and worthwhile 

✅ Experiment with the different canons and guns to figure out which ones work best for you

✅ Target the slower fish when the fast ones are too difficult to hit 

✅ Quit the game if you run out of bullets and have used your budget 

It’s also important to let you know that all fish table games online come with demo versions. What this means is that you can play them for free without any sweep coins or cash involved. Ultimately, this is a great way to familiarise yourself with the in-game controls, canons, and different fish before playing for real.

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