Is Funzpoints Casino Legit

Is Funzpoints Casino Legit? Get $22.50 Free With Promo Code!

| October 14, 2023 | Casino Guides

Perhaps one of the most indulging and emerging aspects of the gambling industry is sweepstakes. And casinos with sweepstakes are doing so well currently, as per industry reports.

Funzpoints casino is one such online gambling platform that offers exciting jackpots and slots to users with cash rewards that these players can redeem without making any transactions.

The platform is certainly in high demand currently, mostly because of its a-rated reward game. The Canada-based gaming website offers its users two winning options.

  1. Daily sweepstakes jackpot draws (these reward forty random players with 350 dollars).
  2. Premium mode users can win cash rewards during their regular slot games.

It does sound cool, doesn’t it? So, let’s check out this online casino – if you have any trust issues, then we are here to help you out!

Funzpoints Casino Promotions:

There are exciting slots and other quality game options on Funzpoints, but most players go there for the game’s incentives and promotion. The promotions on this platform are primarily for Premium Mode users, but even the Standard players get to enjoy some of these benefits.

Funzpoints Casino Promotions

Funz Points:

Since Funzpoints casino is a typical Sweepstakes platform, it can provide gaming credits and tokens instead of cash rewards for games as well as wins. The credits you actually pay or even earn on this particular platform are known as Funz Points.

Funz Points

Earning these points relies on your wins and gameplay, but at the same time, you can also receive certain points upon registration.

While they happen to be the most effective payment method in most games, Funz Points are really not worth that much outside the game. The points are worth a cent, and you will end up raking in hundreds of these credits to obtain a dollar.

However, users in the Premium mode can easily convert as well as withdraw the same Funz Points when they are done stacking up enough wins needed to reach the conversion rates.

Welcome Bonus:

Just like most casinos online, Funzpoints Casino provides no deposit welcome bonuses to their new players. You can obtain a particular number of ‘Funz’ points as a welcome bonus when you actually register on the platform.

Welcome Bonus

The casino actually tops their welcome bonus with a crazy 100% matching bonus when you end up making your first purchase. This matching bonus applies only for purchases that don’t exceed 20 dollars.

The matching and welcome bonuses are available only to Premium Mode users. However, the users of Standard mode can spin the platform’s Funwheel to obtain some free standard points.

FunzPoints Rewards:

At the Funzpoints casino, there are three primary ways to unlock additional value. These are as follows:

  • Mystery Gift Prizes,
  • Funzone, and
  • Boosters.

During your actual gameplay, you will find booster games popping up randomly. These games provide you with the opportunity to win Funzpoints. If you are in the standard mode, you will see there are certain boosters available, but if you are in premium mode instead, you will notice that all the boosters are available.

Once you are able to compete in each level, you will be taken away to Funzone, where you will get the chance to rack up more funzpoints.

And then you have mystery gift prizes. These gifts put an innovative spin on the whole loyalty program. Once you start playing, you start building up your fun points score. The whole system will then deposit those points to your account at different times to basically help boost your entire gameplay experience.

Funzpoints Casino, just like other sweepstakes in the United States, falls under the US Lottery and Sweepstakes Law, which makes it legal everywhere in the US. As per this law, if you are 18 or older (legal adult), you can participate in sweepstakes competitions in 49 American states.

In Which States Is Funzpoints Casino Legal

The only exception is Washington State, since the state has strict regulations in place against gambling. Plus, raffles are not recognized legally under the Gambling Act of Washington.

According to the Gambling Act of Washington State, sweepstakes is an unauthorized gambling activity. The Act says that sweepstakes bring together two types of legal gambling to create a third type that is yet to be recognized by the law.

Sweepstakes bring together professional contests and raffles. While raffles are considered to be a non-profit gambling act in Washington, professional contests are absolutely profitable, as per the Gambling Act of Washington.

These are two different types of gambling with their own regulations. Sweepstakes is a whole different game – it breaches the Gambling Act and, as a result, cannot be considered as a legal gambling activity.

This rule is not really applicable to the other 49 states. Funzpoints or other registered sweepstake platforms are officially available everywhere except in Washington. However, the state’s Gambling Act does allow residents to participate in sweepstakes competitions being held outside the state.

Funzpoints Casino Online Games:

The Funzpoints Casino platform is absolutely free to join, and if you feel like it, then free to play as well. Since the platform’s operator utilizes the sweepstakes model, there are different ways to get involved in the action.

Funzpoints Casino Online Games

As we have mentioned before, players can choose the standard or even the premium mode while completing their registration on the platform. And once you make your choice, the platform will allow you to switch.

Here’s a quick overview of the standard and premium modes!

Standard Mode:  

The basic features of the standard mode are as follows:

  1. Sweepstakes games are available for free.
  2. Some wins are paid out in tokens and credits.
  3. Access to a restricted range of games.
  4. Limited booster games.
  5. Pop-up advertisements.
  6. Real cash prizes and daily jackpot draws.

Premium Mode:  

The basic features of the premium mode are as follows:

  1. All wins are paid out with cash prizes.
  2. Jackpot draws with cash rewards are available.
  3. Ad-free entertainment.
  4. Access to all games on the platform.
  5. All booster games are unlocked.

Funzpoints Slots:  

Of course, the highlight of the platform is its unique slots – there are 23 titles in the slot games, with one or two games released monthly. Essentially launched in-house, the likes of Criminal Cash, Safari Thunder, and Buffalo Pains offer a one-of-a-kind experience that you will literally not find anywhere else.

On a regular, standard mode, these are the six games that are available to players:

  1. An original and inventive paintball keno game,
  2. Bonbon Bash,
  3. Kongo’s Adventure,
  4. Voyage Of The Vikings,
  5. The Java Cafe and
  6. Enchantress Luna.

Funzpoints Casino: Purchase And Redemption Options  

At the Funzpoints Casino platform, you can purchase Funzpoints through PaySafe only. The PaySafe is a payment mode that offers debit and credit cards to purchase these coins through American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

Purchase And Redemption

For redeeming your wins, users can go to the website’s cashout alternatives. The minimum amount for redemption on the platform is 2000 cashable premium funzpoints or $20. This amount is the lowest in the world of sweepstakes gaming!

Our Verdict: We Love Funzpoints Casino!  

If it hasn’t become obvious until now, we are absolute fans of Funzpoints Casino! There are so many options on the platform – plus, the payment methods are also very user-friendly. We love that you can enjoy some of the games for free – that way, if you are not familiar with sweepstakes, you don’t have to fear losing money.

Instead, you can just play until you are confident before investing some money in your gambling activities. Feel free to share your thoughts and, more importantly, your experiences with any other sweepstakes in the comments below.

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