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How To Play Craps In Casino Games – A Complete Guide In 2021

| March 31, 2021 | How To

If you want to test your luck in a Casino, then you better learn how to play craps. Craps is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games out there, and every casino enthusiast should play it at least once in their lifetime.

As you are reading this article, chances are you take a keen interest in playing Casino games. If that is indeed the case, then do not worry, as, through this article, I will be telling you the game called craps and how to play it. 

I am a recreational craps player myself, and I have been playing it for at least ten years now. Yes, it is risky, but if you know certain tips and tricks, then you can master this game. So without any further adieu, let us find out how to play craps. 

How To Play Craps And Craps Strategy?

Crap is a very special gambling game. This game lets many bettors bet on a roll of a dice. The table can be pretty confusing to understand, especially if you are looking at it for the first time. 

But the more you play, the more you get accustomed to the rules of this game. You need to ensure that you know about the bets that are available. Down below are the steps that you can consider following if you want to be a master’s in Craps game. 

1. Bet On Numbers Rolled Up On Pair Of Dice

The rules of Craps are very simple. You can win money by betting on the number of your dice. For instance, you are betting on 7 and 11, and if you do not get the number, then you have to establish a point number. You have to once again roll your dice before getting a 7. 

The first roll is called a come-out roll. In the first role, only 7 and 11 are winners. If you get the numbers 2,3 and 12, that means you have got crap numbers, and you have lost. 

Keep in mind that the losing and winning numbers depend on the time of the game; if you establish a point number, then it means 7 is the losing number.   

2. Place A Bet 

I am sure you must have seen a man in a black coat laying a small disk-like material on the table. If the disk reads OFF, it means a new round is about to start—the first roll, which is also the come-out roll. If the dice shows 7 or 11, it means the bettor has won. 2,3 and 12 means you lose. 

Mind the pass line as it is the single most important element of the game. A new round cannot begin unless someone places a bet on the pass line. Numbers like 6, 5, or 4 mean nothing. You neither win nor lose.

Another way that you can consider betting is by betting on the pass line. When you bet on the pass line, it means that you are betting against everyone else. If the shooter rolls 2 and 3, it means you win, but if it shoots 7 and 11, it means you lost.   

3. Consider Playing The Point

In order to learn how to play craps, you need to play on a point number. A point is a number that means the player neither won nor lost in the come-out roll. Some of the point numbers that you should keep a note of are 10,9,8, 6, 5, and 4. 

After choosing a point number, the bettor hopes that he gets the point number. If he gets a seven, it means he has lost. It is worth the risk you get while placing a bet.  

4. Place A Come Bet If Roll Out Already Happened

Placing a come bet is essential while learning how to play craps. If you enter into this game just after a round is done, then you are very lucky. 

You can seriously consider having your chips placed in the come section if the rollout has already happened. If you have a point number, then it does not matter. If your point is 6, you are not entitled to anything.

5. Start By Placing Basic Bets

The line and come bet are two of the most important bets you can place. But before that, I would suggest you place some odd bets just to get accustomed to the game. 

Only place odd bets if you have spare cash to spend. I would highly suggest you avoid proposition bets if you are not comfortable with spending that amount of money. 

What Are The Etiquettes You Need To Follow At The Craps Table?

There are some casino etiquettes that you need to follow while playing Craps. Down below, I have mentioned some etiquette that I personally follow while playing Craps.

  • Cheer For Other Players And Have Compassion

While learning how to play Craps, it is important that you cheer for other players when they are about to roll their dice. You should always show compassion for your fellow players when they lose. If you cheer for the shooter and motivate him, he will do the same when you are about to roll your dice. 

  • Take Chips Instead Of Cash

I would suggest you exchange cash for chips. So before playing games, visit a casino exchange and then have your cash exchanged for chips. You are not allowed to hand cash to the dealers directly; this is against the etiquette of casinos.

Final Thoughts On How To Play Craps

There you have it; that is pretty much everything you need to know for learning how to play craps. I hope this article has given you some insights on playing crap. 

I hope you have found this article informative. If you have some questions or queries in regards to this article, then consider leaving a comment down below. We will try to answer each one of them.

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