How to Play Pai Gow Poker

How To Play Pai Gow Poker In Casino Games – A Complete Guide In 2021

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This pai gow game first came in the year 1985, in Bell Card Club. It is a French game, but now you can easily play this game in a casino. The game is straightforward to play. If you do not know this game, read the whole. The game is generally played in the 52 card deck. You can earn a tremendous amount of money by playing pai gow poker. So, learn how to play Pai gow poker game. 

In the famous world of gambling, there are variations in pai games. Progressive jackpot, side bets, good pai are all the different types of poker games. You will feel very interested when you learn about them. First, however, get the best ideas on the game and learn how to play. 

Rules Of How To Play Pai Gow Poker

You are playing the game for the first time, and you may find it difficult to understand. But it will be easier with the practice of playing card games. If you are interested in knowing how to play pai gow poker then you also have to see the game’s rules. If you don’t follow the program, you will be disqualified.

1. Types of Cards

A bunch of cards consists of a total of 52 cards. There are four types, clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts. So, you have to go gentle with these four types of cards. Suppose you get seven cards with a single royal card like A, K, Q, J, then these will work as the numbers. You have to match the cards accordingly. Now you get the idea how to play the pai gow poker. 

2. Matching Technique

You have to match the cards by following the rules. For example, if you get 2 of Club and diamond, try to match other cards like that. When you try to match, this can be like 2,2, 4,4, 8,8, A. It is just a playing style. If you want to check the colors of clubs or spades, you also can do that. 

3. Draw Match

When you match, you have to place the cards in a particular segment. Along with you, your dealer will also place its cards. If you see both of you positively match your card, then it will be a draw match. 

When both of the players compare their cards, no one will get the prize. So, be aware of the matching cards. You have to assume what your opposite person is trying to match. Likewise, you have to play. 

4. Use of Numbers 

For example, you get 3, 7, 8, 6. In that time you have to find 4, 5 then you will easily win the match. When the numbers match, don’t think about the colors. You also can have K, K, J, !0. Here also you may find the royal cards or the numbers. 10 is too a royal card in this game. So, make perfect use of the cards.

How To Play The Pai Gow Poker 

While you will play the game, be cautious and also use your brain to win the match. When you win the game, you will get a chance to earn a lot. That is why learning the strategy and the rules of the game is highly significant. You can play the game only when you will learn the game perfectly. Otherwise, you also can lose money. 

So, look at the points and read seriously. You will get the idea of how to play pai gow poker after reading. So, let’s start with the card and see how to play pai gow poker.

1. Total Cards

At the start of the game, you will get all seven cards that you have to win and overcome the dealer’s hand. This person will also have seven cards. So, you have to divide five cards and two cards. Mainly you will be playing with the five cards. There will be King, Queen, Joker, and ‘A’ means money and the numbers. These are the royal cards that will make you assured of your win.

2. Card Decoration

You have to decorate the seven cards one by one. There can be numbers and royal cards that you will get. You start with the lowest digit, like 3, and then place others by matching. You may match like 3,5,6,8, K. These are everything that will depend on the game. You will not get a lovely hand. You have to make a match with these cards. Now you can get an idea of how to play pai gow poker game.

3. Match with the Dealers

When you play, you have to match the cards. Firstly you can compare the numbers, and else you can compare the series, like clubs, hearts, diamonds, etc. The play will depend on the hands that you will get. For example, suppose you have royal cards like K, A, then place them after the numeric matches. 

You can make it like 2,3,4, Q, K. Next, you need to place 5, 6, but here Q, K will work as the numbers as royal cards. When you appropriately match the cards, you have to put them on the board. 

The game planners will look at the cards, and if your cards are correct, you will get the banker’s permission to credit money. First, however, you have to match the cards appropriately. Then, when you get the cards, see what is expected in your hands. Whatever it is, you pick cards accordingly. It is how you have to know how to play the pai gow poker. 

The Bottom Words

Thus, these are ways that you need to follow in order to know how to play pai gow poker in casinos. If you want to know how to play the pai gow poker game, this article will give you a clear idea. So, don’t feel worried. Just have fun by playing gambling in a casino. It is for sure, and you will enjoy the game a lot. 

Though there is a chance of losing money, that is why you have to practice the game in your house with time. So, first, learn the game quickly and then play.

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