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Why Is Howzat APK A Must-Try For Cricket Fans Around The World?

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Perhaps, there is nothing more important than Cricket in India – LITERALLY! A good cricket match can bring long-lost family members together over a cup of tea – there’s something so uniting about watching cricket together with your family.

With IPL coming into the picture, the craze has only multiplied tenfold. And if watching these exciting cricket matches wasn’t enough, these days you can also test your cricket expertise and knowledge with the help of fantasy apps like Howzat APK!

Yes, you can create your own Cricket teams and start playing on – the best part? You are not alone. There are 8 million people out there who also enjoy playing on this platform – let’s find out more about this platform, shall we?

How To Download The Howzat App?

In order to download or install the Howzat APK on your device, follow any of the four methods mentioned below.

Option 1

Tap on the ‘Download’ option and download the Howzat app on your Android or iOS mobile directly.

Option 2

You can give one missed call at 8860-799-599 and obtain the download link for Howzat APK via SMS. Then you just have to tap on this link and start downloading the app on your device.

Option 3

You can also visit the official website of Howzat and enter your phone number in a box on the Homepage banner. Then click on the ‘send link’ button – you will receive the link for downloading the Howzat APK via SMS. You can then begin the downloading process.

Option 4 

Similarly, you can visit the official website of the Howzat app and just scan the QR code given on the homepage with your smartphone camera. You will then get redirected to the downloading link for the platform.

Why Is Howzat APK A Must-Try For Cricket Fans Around The World?

Howzat APK A Must-Try

There is more than one benefit of the Howzat platform. Of course, it’s a multi-gaming platform, and you can enjoy other games here. But with IPL in the picture, it’s almost impossible to beat the popularity of cricket. So, the question of the hour is – why is Howzat APK a must-try for cricket fans across the world?

The benefits of playing Howzat Cricket are as follows,

1. Fast And Smooth

Playing on Howzat APK is fast and effortless. The platform has been designed in a way to deliver the smoothest and most secure experience to users.

Some of the best features of this platform are as follows,

  • Takes very less storage space.
  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Simple yet detailed lobby for accessing navigation easily.
  • Zero loading time.

2. User-Friendly Interface

Howzat APK has a user-friendly interface that provides users with a gaming experience that’s smooth and seamless. An easy-to-navigate and simple lobby is ideal. Since it will enable you to choose as well as join matches easily.

3. 100% Safe And Secure

Howzat APK is 100% secure and safe – so you can deposit money into your account on Howzat without worrying about safety. Plus, you can also withdraw your winnings easily. Your money is absolutely safe on this platform. Moreover, the payment gateways ensure that the online transactions taking place on the platform are safe.

4. Lucrative Offers And Bonuses

The Howzar app offers a wide range of exclusive bonuses, rewards, and offers. Once you have made your first cash deposit on the platform, you will receive a nice welcome bonus of upto 3000 rupees. And that’s not all – you will also get to enjoy referral bonuses, daily offers, and so much more.

5. Practice Games For Free

If you are new to fantasy sports and just getting started, you can check out the practice games on the Howzat app for free. This will help you to enhance your fantasy gaming skills. When you get familiar with the Howzat APK platform and its scoring system, you can move on to cash games and even win lucrative cash prizes.

6. Play Matches In Real-Time (And 24 X 7)

You can create your dream fantasy team with your favorite players and start your winning streak on the Howzat APK platform. All the matches on this platform actually take place in real time, and that too 24*7 – this way, there’s not a single scope for any unfair practice to occur.

Is Howzat APK A Must-Try For Cricket Fans? Reviews From REAL Users Of The Platform!

howzat Reviews

Howzat APK is a kick-ass platform for cricket fans across the world, or so everyone says on the internet. But what about ordinary people like you and me? What about normal reviews? So we dug deep and landed on some of the most authentic user reviews on Google Play. Scroll down to find out more!

1. Review By Harsh Toshniwal

Excellent app to play fantasy, but yet I am giving 4 stars because of only 2 problems. 1) some information should be provided about players so it becomes easy for players to analyze & select after the lineups & 2) the problem of closing time it closes the registration nearly 4-5 early compared to other apps I want these two issues to solve & Howzat will be at the top in fantasy sports.

2. Review By Saksham Gupta

Howzat easily has to be the best fantasy cricket app with the likes of kabaddi and football too! It makes watching the matches even more fun, along with playing fantasy games here. The app is a smooth running one, and I even love the graphics, I can never get bored of it! Kudos to the makers of the app.

3. Review By Vastav Tyagi

I am a regular fantasy sports player. And obviously, I have tried all the apps out there. But Howzat is the only one that has been able to retain me. Their gameplay is so smooth and glitch-free. And most importantly, they take the feedback of the players very seriously. I recently sent them a bug, and they actually resolved that on the same day and followed up with me. No other app does that.

4. Review By Jyoti Prakash Tiwari

Howzat is one of the best fantasy games, especially for cricket. The features are prolific. I can play multiple tournaments at once. It depends on your skills, and the game is absolutely seamless. New updates are there, and all the options make sense. It is very compatible.

It’s A Win-Win For Howzat APK: Install Today And Start Playing!

We don’t have a single doubt about this platform – it’s perfect, and more importantly, it’s safe! If you have never played on a fantasy platform, then you should start your fantasy cricket journey with Howzat APK! And if you are a fantasy pro, then you have probably heard of this platform before. Feel free to share your thoughts and, more importantly, experiences related to the same in the comments below.

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