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Las Vegas Named ‘Most Sinful City’ In Us Once Again, Greed And Lust Cited

| November 28, 2023 | Casino News

Las Vegas is also called Sin City for several reasons, and the latest research findings indicate the largest metropolis in Nevada continues to live up to its basic reputation.

A website for personal finance, WalletHub’s researchers revealed their primary rankings on Monday for 2023. Unsurprisingly, Vegas was actually ranked first amongst the 182 cities that were analyzed.

Las Vegas was able to top the rankings accompanied by a Vice Index of sixty-three out of around a hundred points.

WalletHub took five different components under consideration in tallying every city’s sin grade. They were able to include ‘lust,’ ‘greed,’ ‘vices and excesses,’ ‘jealousy,’ and ‘anger and hatred.’

Vegas was able to rank 1st in greed, 4th in lust, 31st in hatred and anger, 84th in vices and excesses, and 12th in jealousy.

Vegas was able to top this list of “the most sinful cities this year.” The city has nightlife around the clock, accompanied by an abundance of multiple casinos that can easily make anyone forget what the time is or how much you can actually afford. Moreover, there is no shortage of adult entertainment alternatives in Sin City. The northern part of Las Vegas was actually ranked the fifteenth most Sinful City. Reno and Henderson also ranked high at No.27 and No.25, respectively.

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