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An Idiot’s Guide To All Things Live Casino 

| April 2, 2024 | Casino Guides

Live casino applications have quickly taken over the world and have made some huge waves around the online casino community. Here is a complete guide to the Online casino phenomena that you need to know in order to make the right decision. Here we go! 

What Is Live Casino?

The world has moved beyond the throes of the natural world and has actively started existing in the digital space. As a result, every experience can be found and replicated online. And this is why companies have started manufacturing more and more live casino applications. But what are they? 

As per experts, live casino applications are online casino applications that try to mimic the workings of a real-life casino. In live casino applications, players can interact with other players and enjoy their favorite games.  

Hence, you can stay in your house in order to enjoy a game of your favorite game like poker, baccarat, etc. You do all of those from the comfort of your home.  

Why Are They Must-Play? 

Apart from accessibility and portability, Live casino applications also offer some more added benefits. These benefits add a layer of saleability to the format. Here are some of the most prominent reasons behind the popularity of live casino applications.

Real-Time Gambling: The most significant and most prominent selling point of live casino applications is its immersion. Live casino applications try to mimic the real-life immersion of real-time casino games. As a result, you will experience the thrill of real-time gambling from the ease of your home.  

Real-Life Dealers: Live casino applications employ real-life dealers to manage the gameplay. This adds a sense of reality to the whole process.  

Open Channel Of Communication: Live casino applications prioritize an open channel of communication. Hence, you do not have to go through a complex channel of communication in order to communicate your grievances or problems. 

No Dress Code: Those of you who have been to a real-life casino know that these establishments demand a specific dress code. However, live casinos are different. You do not have to adhere to any dress code in order to play them.  

Availability: Going to a real casino is a time-consuming affair. It takes real time and effort to go to a real casino. However, live casinos can be played from anywhere. Traveling via cab? They got you. At a dull party? They got you. Broke your leg? They got you.  


Having access to an excellent live casino comes with a lot of benefits. However, there are specific points that you need to know in order to make the right and more informed decision. So, here are a few of the disclaimers that you must know in order to make a more informed decision regarding live casino applications: 

  • You need to understand your state’s legal status regarding gambling before committing to any specific application. Otherwise, you can face legal persecution.  
  • Real-life casinos are regulated. However, live casino applications are still new. As a result, most of these applications are not held.  
  • Live casino applications are monetized businesses. As a result, you need to pay a certain amount of money from time to time. These can be in the shape of subscriptions, one-time payments, or purchases.  
  • Live casino applications are online gambling sites. Therefore, you will always run the risk of losing money rather than making it.  

How Did I Choose The Right Live Casino Application For You? 

It is not something that many of you would be interested in. Still, I believe that it is seminal to understand the markers that were followed while curating the list that will be discussed in the next section: 

Reputation: The live casino application industry is saturated with products. However, I have only listed products that have a particular reputation in the market.

Licensing: Licensing is the next thing that you must keep an eye out for. The list only contains applications that have proper licensing.  

Selection: An excellent live casino application must contain a broad selection of games. I have kept this in mind while creating this list.

Customer Support: A good customer support architecture is essential for a seamless gaming experience. As a result, you must only opt for applications that have a good customer support architecture in place.  

Payment: I have only listed applications that offer flexible and inclusive payment options. Otherwise, the player might feel restricted and out of options.  

Security measures: Live casino applications deal with vast sums of money. As a result, only gop for applications that incorporate state-of-the-art security measures like SSL, two-factor authentication, etc. Otherwise, you might be putting your finances at risk.  

The Best Live Casino Applications Of 2024

With the basics out of the way, it is time that we take an in-depth look into some of the best and most iconic live casino applications that have taken the casino world by storm.  

But before I start, Let me clarify that this is not a ranking list. In fact, it is an informative list that brings all the necessary information one might need in order to choose the right casino application for you. Here we Go! 


The first live casino application on our list is the Coins Game. This feature-rich online casino application is the future of the industry. The brand has successfully incorporated cryptocurrencies into its architecture and is slated to be the next big thing in the industry. The application supports over 15 cryptocurrencies and has over 2000 games in its list.  


Next on our list is the Flush live casino application. This is a crypto-only live casino application. This means you can only invest and withdraw cryptocurrencies. This can be a game-breaker for some people. However, a lucrative bonus of around $1,000 and a huge selection of 5,500 games really make this one of the most sought-after online casino applications.  

Lucky Block Casino 

Lucky Block Casino is one of the prettiest and most aesthetic live casino applications you can find. The black and golden outline of the website really makes it one of the aesthetic casino websites. The chicness of the application is really mesmerizing. Howevevr, the 200% bonus and telegram support should be the best highlight of the application. 

Handsome payouts, generous crypto bonuses, and cross-device support are some of the most important features that the platform boasts. As a result, it has found its place on our list of some of the best live casino applications of 2024. The platform offers several instant-play games that do not require downloading. So, you can just plug and play.  

7Bit Casino 

7Bit Casino is one of the most accomplished brands of all time. The brand has offered some of the best and most organic online casino experiences of recent times. The long-standing reputation of the brand makes it perfect for beginners to start with live casinos. Furthermore, it is one of the few platforms that even supports mobile devices. So you can earn big anytime you want.  

Mirax Casino 

Mirax is one of the most extensive and popular online casino applications. The platform consists of over 7000 games for you to choose from. The brand is all about providing flexibility to its users. As a result, the brand offers the biggest range of payout options. So you will not have a problem paying or withdrawing funds.  


Unlike most other live casino applications, Katsubet is one of the most recent additions to our list. As the name suggests, Katsubet is heavily inspired by Japanese folklore. As a result, the color scheme and the UI/UI design show some thematic resemblance to the culture. The platform offers over 5000 games and an instant payout option with zero cap. Hence, it is perfect for people who want to make a quick buck.  


A 200% match bonus and a bonus amount of up to $1,000 should be enough to bring you to this list. Subsequently, players get a chance to choose from 1,000 casino games and 40 real-time sports to stake their money on. This is the only platform that offers specialized bonuses during your birthday month. So, you can rest easy and choose this unique platform to win big.  


Bit casino is like a safe haven for all the slot lovers out there. The brand has successfully brought to us one of the biggest and most extensive selection of slots. There are a total of 1800+ slots for you to choose from. However, I personally would have preferred a little more variety. Nonetheless, the brand is one of the most accomplished brands in the live casino market.  


BitStarz is not just a live casino application. It is an award-winning online casino application that has taken the whole world by storm. In fact, it is one of the only applications that has won more than five accolades. Hence, it is easily one of the best applications. The platform has tied up with top developers like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and Microgaming. Therefore, you will be playing the best games in the business.  


The Duelbits is a crypto-focused gaming platform that has gotten more and more popular with time. The VIP program of the platform is known to be quite generous and rewarding. Hence, you can check it out today. Also, the platform is known to offer some really amazing games with unparalleled transparency. All of these factors make this platform. 


Cloudbet walked so every other crypto-based live casino application could run. In other words, Cloudbet is one of the most iconic and is the first of its kind. This application revolutionized crypto-based live casino games. As a result, you can trust the platform without second thoughts. Even though the platform is over 10 years old, the UI/UX interface is quite hip and in sync with the modern interface.  


The sleek and intuitive design of Roobet makes it visually appealing. This greatly helps in building a good first impression. However, the platform is much more than a pretty online live casino website. In fact, it is one of the best websites for an instant payout that supports a number of cryptocurrency options. Hence, it is a perfect place for you to start your journey.  


The BC Games is one of the more popular platforms on this list. In fact, it has one of the most extensive corpus of users. The platform launched back in 2017 but had a slow start. In 2020, the platform became one of the biggest platform live casino platforms. The platform is known to offer over 8000+ online games that can be enjoyed online as well as locally. So, you can enjoy with friends or with strangers.  

Winz Casino 

Winz Live Casino is synonymous with innovation. The platform is focused on bringing new and innovative ideas to its customers. Hence, it is easily one of the best live casino applications on the market. The extensive catalog of games and a well-designed UI and UX make it a first choice for many online casino players. However, the brand offers limited payout options. As a result, you might face some problems. Otherwise, it is a great platform to try your hands in.  


GG Bet is a licensed online casino application that is easily one of the best in the industry. However, it enjoys an underdog status. In other words, it does not have a player base like 7Bits or Winz Casino’s innovation. Still, this platform offers something that no other platform offers. The 24/7 customer service and instant withdrawal options really make this a perfect platform for contemporary gambling.  

The End Note 

And that was all about some of the best and most iconic live casino applications that you must opt for. However, there are financial risks involved with each of these platform. So, make an informed and careful decision when it comes to selecting the right bet and live casino platform.

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