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Exploring the World of Paytm First Games: A Comprehensive Review

| March 21, 2023 | Sports

Most users of the Paytm first game have claimed that the application is fake and scams its audience. Also, the app comes with multiple security issues. Although it’s a big game coming from a big brand, there are way too many negative reviews from its users. So it was about time that we did some digging and found out about the credibility of the game.

There’s only one purpose behind this article – to find out whether the Paytm first game is real or plain fake. And that’s not all – we will also find out what the app is all about, whether it is safe or not, and even other details like how the platform work and related topics.

Stay tuned to read a comprehensive review of this crazy application.

What Is Paytm First Games App?

You might have heard about fantasy games from advertisements or from friends – these are online games for participants to make imaginary teams with players and compete in different professional sports such as football, cricket, kabaddi, or hockey.

Before you can look for the Paytm first game apk version, let’s find out more about the platform. The Paytm First Games app is a fantasy application for players to earn some real cash prizes by just playing different fantasy leagues. Simply put, it’s one fantasy game that has been designed to keep fans in mind – fans who love displaying their analytical skills and game knowledge.

Today, we will not talk about the qualities of the various games you can play on the platform – instead, we will talk about analyzing the platform and finding out whether it’s a bad or good application.

Before we proceed, check out the app details mentioned below.

NamePaytm First Games
CategoryFantasy Sport
FounderVijay Shekhar Sharma
Minimum Payout10 Rupees

Exploring The Paytm First Game App: Things You Need To Know!

Exploring The Paytm First Game App Things You Need To Know!

Are you already googling ‘Paytm first play games’ on different search engines? Then stop right now because this is about to get interesting. All you have to do is scroll down and wait for us to tell you all about this entertaining app – true, there were too many negative reviews, but we still installed the application for obvious results.

How To Play On Paytm First Game? How To Create Teams On Paytm First Game?

Do you know how to play on the Paytm First Game app? Do you know how to create teams on the Paytm First Game platform? This is precisely why we are here – stay tuned and scroll down to find out how you can create teams and start playing on this platform.

  1. First, visit the Paytm First Games Website. From the website, install this online gaming application.
  1. Then finish your Registration.
  1. You can also consider signing up via your Gmail ID or mobile number – don’t forget to enter any Referral Code at your disposal and win an instant bonus.

The steps mentioned above will help you to create your account on the platform, but what about creating teams on the same platform – you can do so easily by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Once you have installed the Paytm First Games Fantasy application on your device, open the app.
  1. Choose any of the upcoming matches mentioned in the list.
  1. Create your virtual team comprising eleven real players and that to from two different teams. For instance, if you create a cricket team, you can take 3 to 6 batsmen, 1 to 4 all-rounders, 3 to 6 bowlers, and 1 to 3 wicketkeepers
  1. Choose one captain as well as vice-captain when you start building teams.
  1. Join various contests that are going on – from ‘private’ and ‘mega’ to ‘small.’
  1. Check your scores once you have completed the matches.

How To Withdraw Cash Or Your Winnings From Paytm First Game?

Now that you know how to play and create teams on Paytm First Games, let’s find out how you can withdraw cash rewards or, rather, your winnings from the platform. Scroll down to find out how you can take out your winnings from the Paytm First Games platform.

  1. Navigate to your account on the Paytm First Games platform.
  1. Then tap on the ‘account’ option, and then click on ‘withdraw.’
  1. Now, you have to enter an amount that you would want to withdraw. During this time, you have to ensure that the withdrawn amount is either equal to or lesser than the withdrawable balance. In this context, the minimum withdrawal balance is lesser than ten rupees.
  1. In order to make any withdrawal, you will require your phone number and email ID – also, your personal ID needs to be verified.
  1. If your personal ID is not verified, then you need to verify your personal ID just by simply uploading copies of your ID proof. The platform’s customer support team will then review and subsequently verify the uploaded documents.
  1. Once your ID gets verified by Paytm First Games, you can start making withdrawals.

Paytm First Games: The Pros And Cons

Paytm First Games The Pros And Cons

Before you can install Paytm First Games on your device, there’s one aspect that you need to check out – the pros and cons! So without wasting any time, let’s check the pros and cons of the platform – scroll down to find out now.

Pros Of Paytm First Games

The advantages or the pros of Paytm First Games are as follows,

  1. Since it’s a newly launched fantasy application, you will face low competition.
  2. The platform comes with the trust and great brand value.
  3. Quick withdrawal process with instant payments.
  4. Good-quality customer support teams.
  5. A minimal payout of ten rupees.

Cons Of Paytm First Games

The disadvantages or the cons of Paytm First Games are as follows,

  1. You will need to verify your personal ID to withdraw your cash winnings.
  2. The referral program on the platform is difficult to crack.

Our Verdict: Download Paytm First Games At Your Own Risk!

While Paytm First Games have loads of negative reviews online, we didn’t face problems while exploring the platform. So, it’s best that you download and play on the platform at your own risk. And meanwhile, share your thoughts and experiences related to this online fantasy gaming app in the comments below.

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