Placepots Explained Betting Strategy

Placepots Explained: Best Placepot Betting Strategy in 2022

| April 11, 2022 | Betting

If you have never heard about Placepot, well, it is the United Kingdom and Ireland’s most liked horse racing betting platform. The best part? You have the opportunity to win huge sums of money after investing a small amount of money. And on top of that, you need not select a winning horse as well. 

Sounds pretty lucrative, right? Let’s find out more on the same! In this article, we will explore the best strategy to excel on the tote placepot live and figure out how to win! So without wasting any further time, scroll down and find out more on the same. 

Placepots Explained: 

Placepots Explained 

It’s only natural that if you are going to bet, you might as well win. Why lose a match and money simultaneously? Thus, for winning any bets on the Placepot live, follow the steps mentioned below, 

  • Choose one horse from either of six races and that too on a chosen race card. 
  • The stake on the horse then automatically moves to a betting pool. 
  • The pool is then divided amongst winners. 

While on average, placepot pools give out dividends of 407 pounds at a stake of one pound, the highest dividend, which is a record in itself, is 91,774.50 points at the same stake of one pound. 

This record-breaking dividend was obtained by someone lucky in 2015 at the Cheltenham Festival. 

Similarly, in the 2019 edition of the same festival, another lucky person won dividends of 182,568 pounds at a stake of just two pounds. There’s one important thing that must be noted in this context. If there are any extra horses, even those can be selected on the race card, but remember, when the number of horses increases, the cost of the best automatically increases as well. 

If this sounds lucrative enough to you, or you are a betting enthusiast, scroll down to read more on the same! 

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Calculating Costs In Placepots:

Placepots calculating costs

Yes, placepot results are pretty exciting, but before that, calculating your placepot costing is more critical. For calculating what is the total cost of your bet, you need to multiply the stake you have chosen by the total number of elections selected from six races. 

For instance, if you selected three horses from each race with your stake being 30p, your overall bet will be 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 0.3 = 218.7 pounds.

This is a very famous kind of placepot bet, but there are many other permutations and combinations that you can easily play with! Here are some other types of famous placepot bets that you can check out!

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Straight Lines:

In this form of placepot live betting, you need to select one horse from all six races, and while doing so, you also have to stake a minimal amount of one pound for playing. So the calculation will look like this, 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1. Thus, it will be a single line with the stake being 10 pounds – you are spending 10 pounds in total. 

4 Bankers: 

In this form of placepot betting, you need to select one horse from four races and the other two from two remaining races. While doing so, you also have to stake a minimal amount. So the calculation will look like this, 2 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 2 x 1. Thus, it will be four lines while the stake will be 2.50 pounds, but you will end up spending only 10 pounds. 

Please Note:

There are two things that you must remember in this context, 

  1. The minimum unit of a stake is 0.10 pounds for each selected horse. 
  2. You will get the listed amount in your ‘placepot dividend’ for every single pound staked. In this case, for all the incomplete pounds, rounding takes place.

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Placepot: Where? 

where to  Placepots

There is a reason why placepot bets are referred to as Totepool live. The location is in the name! The Placepot bets are controlled by,

  1. Tote Placepot in the United Kingdom,
  2. Tote Placepot Ireland in Ireland 

There is a betting window known as the ‘Tote Placepot betting window’, which you can easily access via the online Tote Placepot site or even via any of the popular betting sites like, 

  • Bet 365,
  • Betton Sport, and
  • 888 Sport. 

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Betting Strategy On Placepot:

Before googling ‘place pot today’ or even ‘placepot results today’, you need to understand how the betting strategy works out! Scroll down and find out how!

No Favorites: 

If you didn’t already guess this, let us break it down for you. Placepots hate favorites. This is because most players opt for selecting favorites, and as a result, when the favorite goes on to place nearly in all the legs of the bet, the payouts automatically become pretty low. Thus, it is better if you place your bet on some other horse and not the usual favorites. 

Putting Your Faith In Only One Horse: 

Another pretty popular strategy is selecting some banker choices and then building a big group filled with runners in your perm for the tricky races. Next, try finding a horse that has been performing consistently – this horse need not always win but should be a consistent performer. Then, once you choose your banker, move over to other horses and select two from other different races. This will increases your chances the moment the choice becomes a little less obvious. 

Don’t Try To Cover all Probabilities: 

When you select one banker or multiple bankers, you choose to keep your bets in a manageable situation instead of staking lots, running around covering all probabilities. Of course, you need plenty of skills for winning these bets consistently, but you also need some luck as well. After all, it’s going to be one bet that will ultimately help you reward prizes from some small stake. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Are Placepots Worth It?

Yes, Placepots are worth it. This is because the platform allows you to win huge rewards for minimal investments. Thus, if you are already looking up Cheltenham placepot, then you are on the right track!

2. Are Placepots Profitable?

Yes, Placepots are considered to be profitable, but over a long period of time. However, if your luck is really good, then there are many chances of winning huge rewards at minimal investments.

3. What Is The Best Strategy For Betting On Horse Racing?

The Dutching method is considered to be one of the best strategies for horse racing. In short, the Dutch method works on a strategy where you have to bet on a range of horses, and you will earn the same money irrespective of the winner.

4. How Much Do You Win On A Placepot?

Any average dividend earned on Placepot is around 407 pounds from a stake of 1 pound. However, the record dividend earned on Placepot is 91,774.50 pounds earned from the stake of 1 pound in the 2015 Cheltenham Festival. In the 2019 version of the same festival, a punter did end up earning 182,568 pounds, but that from a stake of 2 pounds. 

5. What Happens If Your Horse Is A Non Runner In A Placepot?

If your horse becomes a non-runner while the bet has been made already, the stake immediately goes to the SP favorite. If there are any co-favorites or joint favorites, the customer often receives the horse, which has the race card number that is the lowest. 

Wrapping Up:

If you are googling ‘placepot running totals’ right now, you are totally on the right track. This is because after reading this entire article, you must be tempted to try out your luck in placing bets on horse-racing matches. 

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the same and all about the rewards you can win! 

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