Poker Chip Values – How To Set Up Your Games And  Avoid Costly Mistakes

Poker Chip Values – How To Set Up Your Games And Avoid Costly Mistakes

| March 15, 2022 | Last Updated on: April 22, 2022 | Poker

Whenever you are thinking about the poker game? What comes first into your mind? Hollywood-style casinos and beautiful women? This is not all. There is always some dark shadowed side of everything. And that is, every poker game is not a winning game.

Sometimes new players make very costly mistakes. How to avoid it? Along with the Poker chip values, you also have to know the basic principle of playing poker.

Let’s start with basic poker game components.

Poker Game Components

Poker Game Components

The poker Chips in every game create specific Poker chip values assigned to them. In most cash games, the importance of the poker chips is it provides the actual representation of the cash money. The chip can be interchanged for $50 cash.       

The poker game comprises three main aspects: 

  • Poker chips set.
  • Poker chip values.
  • Cards.
  • Players.    

You cannot skip these four things while you sit to play a poker game. These are the basic fundamentals of the game. 

Whenever the players and cards are always instrumental in the games, the application of the chips is always an excellent solution for you. In addition, chip values in Poker are essential when playing in a big match tournament.  

In most cases, the Poker Chip Denominations at the time of the tournaments are different as in most cases; it is used to get track of one’s progress in the events.   

Standard Poker Chips Values & Colors

Standard Poker Chips Values & Colors 

In most games where there is a cash reward, the Poker chip values will change with the change of their Color. This is because specific monetary values are associated with chips. You can easily know the Poker chip values by color, and every value is imprinted over them. 

Therefore, once you figure out the chip value and color, you will not commit any mistakes in selecting it.    

  • The value of white chips is $1. 
  • The poker chip value of green color is $25. 
  • Red Chips is $25.   
  • Black Chips $100.    

The poker chip values are of greater importance as you proceed towards the game. You cannot make your choices in grey. In most poker rooms, you will find poker chips of this value. These poker chips are pretty standard among many well-known casinos of the world.  

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8 Essential Things To Note About Poker Chip Values

8 Essential Things To Note About Poker Chip Values 

Whenever you enter poker games, you have to identify every Poker Chip Values Home Game. And these tricks are always going to help you to know the impact of your game.

  1. The poker chips that have the darkest color will have the highest value. The reason is $1/$2 is a challenging task to confuse your opponent. 
  2. Once you are playing the game, the value of the chip and its color will become the second important thing to you.   
  3. If you are new to the game, you can memorize the poker chip values based on their color and denomination.    
  4. You can avoid costly mistakes if you know the color and the values of their denominations in the correct order.    
  5. Do not verbalize your intention to your opponent if you want to win the game of poker. The fewer mistakes you make, the more you will increase your chances of winning.    
  6. In Las Vegas, the orange chips are of higher denomination than the other Chips. Its value is $1000.   
  7. The Standard Color coding of the poker chip value varies from one chip to another. For example, $500 is used for Purple chips, and $1000 is the value of the maroon/orange chips.    
  8. Larger poker chips sometimes may have a higher value, making it easier for the players to ease the pressure of poker values.   

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List Of Common Poker Chip Values You Need To Know   

There is a list of poker chip values that you must know at your end while you want to win a game. Some of the world series of standard poker chip values are as follows:- 

Poker Chips ColourValue
Black poker chips100
Green WSOP chips25
Yellow chip1000
Blue chips500
Dark green chips25000
Orange chips5000
Beige ships250000
Lavenders chips100000

These are some of the typical poker Chip values that you must know at your end while you are challenging a player for the poker game. 

You must make your choices in the right direction while winning the poker games in the best possible ways. 

8 Different European Poker Tour Chips Values And Colors

8 Different European Poker Tour Chips Values And Colors

European Poker Tour is also a world-class poker tournament where you need to properly use your Poker chip Values to make things easier and more effective for you. 

Some of the highest quality poker games that attract many players worldwide need to know some of its basic rules and the color combination.  

EPT Poker Chips are always the highest quality, and you cannot ignore the color variant of the poker chips for winning the game.    

  1. Green Chips are equal to 25. 
  2. Purple chips are 500. 
  3. Black EPT chips are 100.    
  4. Yellow/Orange chips 5000. 
  5. Red EPT chips are 1000. 
  6. The Value of Grey Chips is 25000. 
  7. Blue Chips are 10000. 
  8. Pink EPT Chips 50000.   

Remember that the value of the poker chips is not very cheap. Instead, it can be costly. So if you want to practice the poker games at your home, you must prepare yourself to pay handsomely for these chips. 

The selection of the Poker chips plays a crucial role in winning or losing a game. 

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Why Did You Need To Know The Poker Chip Values?

Why Did You Need To Know The Poker Chip Values

Poker chip values determine the fate of a game. Therefore, the wrong selection of poker chips can make you lose the game. 

It is why poker players who are willing to play the big poker tournaments must avoid selecting the wrong poker chips, as it can lead to the loss of a tournament.    

There are some common mistakes that most poker players commit while playing a poker game or in any big tournament. Some of them are as follows:-   

  • When you play too loose, your move is predictable to your opponent. 
  • Playing too tight can also lead to poker game loss. 
  • When you get too fixed in your strategy. 
  • If you do not have any plan of action. 
  • When you misuse the HUD.       

Final Take Away 

Hence, these are some of the effective means that you can apply while you want to select the poker chip values. 

Do not make your choices in grey while you want to choose the best set of poker chips that can help you achieve your goals in the best possible manner. 

Poker games can prove to be risky if you are not aware of the consequences that can hurt your need all the way around. Select the best poker chips that can help you to achieve your objectives.

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