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Using The Reverse Card In Uno: The Tricks Nobody Is Telling You About!

| September 1, 2023 | Casino Guides

Of course, you have played Uno – we have all played Uno, and if you haven’t played the popular card game, then this is the SIGN you need to play the game. Assuming you have played the game multiple times, you have definitely heard about and used the infamous Reverse card during the game.

A majority of times, the game leads you to believe that the game has a lot to do with your luck.

But what if we tell you it’s not all luck doing the magic – it is also some strategy at play, especially if you have a bunch of special cards like our favorite Reverse card. It is useful, ideal, and the only card you need to win a round of Uno!

Today, let’s talk about the Reverse card and the tricks nobody on the internet is talking about – scroll down to read now!

So, What Does The Reverse Card In Uno Mean?

What Does The Reverse Card In Uno Mean

According to the rules of Uno and Uno Attack, the Reverse card is the card that is known for changing the game’s direction. In simple words, the order of turn gets reversed when the Uno Reverse card is used.

This card might appear to be a little different depending on the version of the game you are playing. However, it is certain that you will be able to identify the card with the two arrows moving in opposite directions.

The Reverse card happens to be an absolute legend in Uno. These cards are a part of every version of the popular card game and have managed to achieve a kind of fame that is unsurpassed.

What Does The Uno Rule Book Say About The Reverse Card?   

What Does The Uno Rule book Say About The Reverse Card

The Reverse Uno card actually reverses the gameplay’s direction. If the gameplay is taking place in a clockwise direction, then it changes to anticlockwise the moment any player uses this card. In case this card gets used at the beginning of the gameplay, instead of the player on the left, the one on the right will play first – basically, the gameplay changes from the left to the right.

A Reverse card can be played only on another reverse card or on a matching color.

In older versions of the game, the official rules are used to allow the use of a reverse card as a Skip card in case only two players are playing the game. Although the official status of this rule is unclear now, several people still play with this particular rule.

In the Uno gameplay variation involving super stacking, the reverse cards can be stacked on draw 4 cards and draw 2 cards, skipping to the end of the effect back to the player who used the card against you.

What If The Top Card Is The Reverse Card?  

What Does The Uno Rule book Say About The Reverse Card

So, what if the top card turns out to be the Reverse card? In that case, the player on the dealer’s right will get the first opportunity to play in place of the player who is on the dealer’s left. As for matching the top card of the discard pile, the player can either play a Reverse card of any color or any card of the same color.

What Is The Infinity Uno Reverse Card?  

What Is The Infinity Uno Reverse Card

The Infinity Uno Reverse Card is actually the more powerful variation of the normal Reverse card and millions of times better than the ‘no u’ version. This is the holy grail of all Reverse cards in Uno and can actually help you obliterate the other players, even when they own normal Reverse cards.

The Best Use Of Uno Reverse Card:  

So you got a Blue Uno Reverse card or any color for that matter – but how can you make the best use of this card?

Any action card in a game of Uno can change the whole game only in minutes. Besides, this card comes with a few other points – it is just like the Skip card and, in some cases, even better. This card allows you to change the game’s direction in your favor. For instance, if the player beside you has just a single card left, you can use this card and seize their opportunity to win.

Can You Put A Reverse On A Draw 4 In Uno?  

What Is The Infinity Uno Reverse Card

Using the Reverse card will enable all the players to change the gameplay’s order. So you can directly redirect any adverse impact of spiteful cards such as Plus 4 or Plus 2 cards promptly to the player who sent it your way in the first place.

With the help of the Reverse card, you can immediately become an effective judge of karma.

As per the official Uno rules, a player can use the Reverse card on a Draw 4 card but with one condition. The Reverse card definitely needs to match the color of the top card on the discard pile. The primary agenda of the card is to change the game’s sequence, but it can never get rid of the Action card’s impact.

A Reverse card’s impact depends entirely on a bunch of cards that other players have in their hands.

If you are preventing a Draw 4 card’s impact, then using a Reverse card doesn’t have to do so. When any player uses the Draw 4 card, the player who is next has to draw 4 cards. The only way the player can prevent themselves from picking 4 cards is by stacking a Draw 4 card – that way, the next player will have to pick eight cards in total.

A Two-Player Match:  

For a two-player match, one player can use the Reverse card over the Draw 4 card. In that case, the turn goes back to the player using Reverse. The opposite player will get to draw 4 cards, and then the turn goes back to the previous player.

However, this rule can easily change how Uno is traditionally played. Under the official house rules, any player can match the Reverse card’s color to the top card on the discarded pile of cards and continue the gameplay.

Here, the agenda is to give the player playing the Draw 4 card another chance to get rid of the card and change the sequence of the gameplay in the process.

Can You Reverse Draw 2?  

Just like a Draw 4 card, you cannot reverse a Draw 2 card. The Reverse card can only change the gameplay’s direction. It has zero power to stop the execution of any action cards, such as a draw 4 or Draw 2.

And It’s A Wrap!  

Unfortunately, we came across so many Reverse card memes and even Uno Reverse card GIFs. But what’s the point, really? Those were not even funny – we take a game of Uno really seriously. And for us, using these cards most effectively is so much more important than finding the perfect Reverse card meme!

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