How To Play Cheat

How To Play Cheat? Rules Of Cheat You Need To Know

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The last one to lose the cards is the loser – that is the fun of playing cheat. The game has many names like – Bullshit, Liar, or I Doubt It. to play it, all you need is a few party freaks who know the rules of cheat and booze. 

Throwing a party should always be fun. Cheat, as a game, ensures you have that fun, starting from identifying your deceptive friends or taking a candid shot of the best poker faces – Cheat gives you moments to cherish. 

If you are the best conman, you will be the winner. But, if you fail to see through someone’s deception, you will be holding the cards – ALONE. So, how do you play Cheat? Let’s learn about Cheat in this article.

What You Will Need

If you are ready to Cheat or be Cheated on, you will need three things to play this game. For Example –

  • You need four horsemen (players) or more. 
  • Standard Deck of cards ( more if necessary).
  • And booze.
Note: cheat is also a drinking game played with cards. In this case, if someone is caught cheating or calls out a wrong “Cheat,” he has to drink. 

Rules Of Cheat: How To Play Cheat 

Actually, you need four things to play Cheat. I missed the last one – which is the rules of a cheat. Here are the rules you need to learn, starting from the part of dealing the cards –

1. Dealing the Cards

Distribute the cards evenly among all the players. But, if there are remainders, you should place them in the centre with their faces down.

2. The First Player

The player seated next to the dealer gets to go first. Once the game starts, the first player gets to place the Aces he got from the dealing on the discard pile. The first player must put the cards face down. Then they are ready to announce their play: “One Ace.”

3. Lie About Your Aces 

The players can lie about the card they have played and play the cards facing down. 

Players may not have Aces up their sleeves and can lie to lose more than one card. They can play two non-Ace cards and call “Two Aces.” The second player plays 2s, and the next play 3s and the process continues. 

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4. Call Out, CHEAT! 

As you may already know, according to the rules of a cheat, the players can bluff about placing their Aces. However, you can challenge a player when they announce their play. You can see if they are playing Ace or bluffing by calling out “Cheat” (the game’s name). 

5. The Cheater Is Caught 

Once someone calls out Cheat to someone else’s play/announcement, they are supposed to show their cards to the person who calls Cheat. If the person playing the card is caught cheating, they are supposed to take the cards from the pile and add it to their collection of cards. 

However, if the challenger is wrong and the player is not bluffing, the challenger has to take the pile of cards and add them to his hands. Once the rank for playing reaches King, it returns to Aces, starting the numbers again. 

Rules Of Survival Cheat: How To Win Cheat?

If you want to lose all the cards before others, you need to know the rules of cheat that help you win. The winner usually has the last card to play on their turn. So, how do you become the first person to lose all the cards? Here are some tips to win Cheat –

1. Evaluate The Cards In Your Hand

You can tell if other players are bluffing by understanding the cards you have. It would help if you knew the cards you have in your hands. For example, if you have 2 Jacks and someone suddenly calls out three jacks, you know they are lying.

2. Monitor What Others Are Doing 

You will need more than simple rules of cheating to win. But, if you observe and see what others are doing, you will have a better chance of winning. For example, one player might play two tens, followed by another player playing one ten. But cheating is confirmed when the third player plays two tens. But there is a problem here. You need to find out if the last person here is the cheat. It could be any of them. But it helps to keep track of who is playing what. 

3. See The Patterns Of Cheating

It is okay to be the first pick-up from the discard pile. You get to see which cards others have played, who has cheated, and how. It gives you an idea of the approaches of each of the players. 

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4. Call Cheat With Confidence 

Once you have an idea of which cards you have and see others’ playing their turns with bluff, you might be ready to call Cheat. But make sure that it is well thought out and worth the risk. You might have to pick up the discarded discards if your suspicion was wrong. 

5. Be The Trickstar

It is fun to act as a cheater when you are not cheating in this game. It is a great trick to win by following the rules of Cheat. For example, if you have 3 tens, you can play three different cards and announce that you have played three tens. If you can get away with this, you can play the same move next time. But this time, you will use the real tens and not bluff. 

If other players are paying attention, they will surely call out Cheat. This is when you mock them and make them pick up the pile of cards. 

Rules of Cheat: Some Pointers

  • Cheat is a shedding type card game. 
  • You can play with 2 to 10 players. 
  • You need 52 or 104 cards. 
  • The Game circles around clockwise. 
  • The chances of winning here are medium. 
  • Players have to play downward cards.
  • You can cheat about the cards you play but not about the number of cards you have played. However, you can consensually cheat about the number of cards you lay down. 
  • You can include the jokers as the wildcards. In this case, the players about the values of the cards to get rid of them. 

Cheat Doesn’t Teach Cheating 

Well, this is quite the tongue twister. However, some grown-ups may think this game teaches children to lie or cheat. But that is not true (not entirely). Playing such games helps children to be more observant and see-through liars and truth-tellers. It’s funny how you can learn an important life lesson from a card game

So, that was all the rules of cheat you needed to know. However, if you have any further queries, you are free to leave them in the comment.

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