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Sandia Casino: A Complete Review In 2022

| October 17, 2022 | Casino Review

Sandia Casino is one of the best attractions in Albuquerque, Mexico. Not only can you enjoy the casino, but also this is a beautiful place to enjoy your weekend. You can stay in the Sandia hotel. In this article, we will discuss Sandia Casino and its surroundings, and then you can read the tourist reviews. 

Sandia Casino

Sandia Casino

The Casino cum resort is a part of the Sandi Golf Club. You can visit there at the weekends, it is a beautiful place to visit at weekends. You just need to drive to 30 Rainbow Rd, Albuquerque, NM 87113, and that’s it. Enjoy your weekend.

Later in this article, we will discuss different nearby places to visit. If you want to visit the Sandia Resort and Casino, then the place is open from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. and Friday to Sunday, the place is open from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. And if you want to visit the Sandia Gold Club, then the place is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sandia Casino: What Will You Expect?

Sandia Casino: What Will You Expect

There is a never-ending list that you can expect if you visit the place. First of all, there are pools, bathtubs and free wifi. This place has a total of 5 restaurants, 3 bars, and a coffee shop, and you can also have your drinks from the poolside bar.

There are winery tours, bingo and golf lessons too. Also, many businesses take this place for their meetings and conferences. There is a 50000 square feet conference space, it is huge, right? There are other facilities like ATM, spa, sauna, massage, outdoor pool, gold driving and many other things. But most people come here for the Casino, the Sandia casino open for almost 16 to 18 hours. 

Sandia Casino Albuquerque

Sandia Casino Albuquerque

We all know that Vegas is the city known for its Casino, but if you are visiting Mexico, then what? Albuquerque is the largest city in New Mexico. There are unlimited options for gambling. There are more than 1750 slot machines. Who knows, you can hit the jackpot someday.

There are different table games like blackjack, craps, Pai Gow Poker, Baccarat, Roulette and many more. There are so many Poker promotions you can see when you visit the place. Also There are two Bingo sessions every day. One is the Matinee session, and the second one is the evening session. You can check the timings on the official website. The Bingo is closed on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Sandia Casino: Nearby Attraction

It’s okay to spend time in the casino and enjoy the poolside bar and one of the best things about the place, the Sandia casino buffet. But if you want to experience some adventurous places, then here is the list of what you can do other than gambling, drinking and eating. 

  • Ghost Tour of Old Town (It is the oldest ghost walk since 201)
  • Turquoise Museum 
  • Albuquerque Hot Air Baloon Ride
  • Breaking Bad RV Tours
  • Public High Noon History and Tour to Old Town Stroll
  • E-bike Tour in Albuquerque
  • Scavenger Hunt

Sandia Casino: Review

Sandia Casino: Review

Here are some reviews you can review before planning to visit the resort and casino.

Positive Reviews

“We were visiting friends, and they just wanted to give us a quick view/tour of this casino. The views are gorgeous – overlooking the mountains and the golf course. We had a drink in the sports bar. Prices are not super high, but they are not cheap either. The service was good, though. I can’t speak for gambling… don’t do it… but the whole place seemed very clean and classy.” by Island-wench.

“I left the new sports bar upstairs at Sandia Casino. We had a waitress. Her name was Tanya. She was adorable and personable professional; man, could she sing some liquor and make the best drink I’ve ever had. That girl deserves to raise.” Annette H.

“The experience was unforgettable thanks to the food and fantastic service From Joann in the Sports Bar. Thanks to Cody the manager for making sure I knew how to make sure to express how wonderful of a time my honey and I had here at Sandia Sports Bar. Rock on Many Thanks!” by Mellisa L.

Negative Reviews

“At 7 pm on Saturday, I was greeted by an unmasked security guard at my window while I finished eating a donut, as eating inside the casino requires me to remove my mask. The old security man did not wear a mask and made rude hand gestures when I said to let me eat my food before going into casino. He double-parked his car, blocking me in parking lot to examine my beautiful face eating a donut. I’ve never felt so over-sexualized!” by Lovely L.

“I recently stayed at your property as part of a group event. During our group’s lunches, I had asked for a non-meat option. What I received was a plate of somewhat overcooked white flour penne pasta covered with a sauce consisting of canned, diced tomatoes with a few herbs thrown in, and three thick, breaded slices of fried eggplant. This dish contained no protein source, not even cheese. It was tasteless and largely inedible. I quickly abandoned this dish for the desert. It seems that this is a standard or “go to” meatless dish for your kitchen, as I received a similar lunch plate during a group event in early December.” Steve B.

“We drive a travel van and usually park in casino parking lots with the blessing of security. We understood this casino required permit parking for $40 per night in their RV park. The so-called RV parking is nothing more than a parking lot located in the back of the building with no security or hook ups (usually have hook ups with paying a fee at other casinos). Apparently we were the only ones that would pay the fee as we were the only one there. We pulled in at 8 PM and paid the fee only to find out at 11:30 the casino closes at midnight. You have to take a shuttle to the casino since the parking lot is so far away. By the way, it quits running at 10pm.So, with the casino closing the front parking where I only take up one space would have been empty!!! Hmmm.” by Scott F.

Sandia Casino Jobs

The excellent resort and casino not only offer people services but have career opportunities too. People can visit their website and apply for jobs. There is a section called Career, you just need to click there, and there is a custom search option. 

You can apply for so many different positions. All you need to do is to update your CV and apply. They will contact you as soon as there are any vacancies. 

To Summarize

Sandia Casin Entertainment

As I have done my research and read so many reviews from different platforms, there is no doubt that Sadina Casino is one of the best casinos in New Mexico. Also, Albuquerque is quiet amongst tourists. 

The resort and Casino are excellent choices if you want to visit for one or two days. And if you’re going to extend your trip for a whole week, then you can travel to different spots and do different things in the city. Some people ask if that is Sandia casino open, so the answer is it opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 12 a.m. or sometimes 2 a.m.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you still have any doubts.

Thank you.

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