The Slotomania Inner Circle

Beginner’s Guide To The Slotomania Inner Circle

| December 14, 2023 | Casino Guides

What is Slotomania Inner Circle? What are the rewards? How to be a part of the club? If these are your questions, we have got all the answers. Here is our beginner’s guide to the famous Slotomania inner circle ‘premium-ness’. Read more to find out. 

What Is Slotomania

Slotomania is a casual gaming application produced by an Israeli studio named Playtika. The game first went live back in 2011. This game can be played across multiple devices and even has cross-platform support. Hence, this has grown in popularity considerably in the last few years. 

It has been over a decade since Slotomania by Playtika has gone live. Since then, the developers have brought new platforms to the market, like Caesar’s Casino and World Series Of Poker. But Slotomania is its most rewarding asset. 

Slotomania has been downloaded more than 70 million times. Subsequently, the platform has made around $1.9 billion dollars. Interestingly, the numbers peaked during the September of 2011, a decade after its initial release. 

Therefore, Slotomania is one of the biggest names in the online slots market. But how to get into its VIP club? Well, the following sections will discuss these things, so stick around. 

What Is Slotomania Inner Circle?

What Is Slotomania Inner Circle

Slotomania is primarily an online free-to-play slots game. However, there is a premium club that you can join.  The premium club not only brings premium rewards to the table but also provides extremely lucrative streams of revenue and some amazing games. 

The Inner Circle is exclusively designed for the VIPs. Therefore, everything about it has a grandeur to it. From the overall aesthetics to the rewards, you will feel that you are a VIP at every step. The  Slotomania Inner Circle will also provide you guys with an exclusive VIP account manager who will manage your returns while you are away from the application. 

How To Be A Part Of It?

In order to be a part of the inner circle, you need to follow certain steps. This will ensure that you get a good return and experience the absolute opulence only VIP members are worthy of experiencing. 

Just go to, and start following the prompts. Once you are done purchasing your VIP card, you are ready to experience the ‘premiumness’ that Slotomania has to offer. But it is not an easy task to master.

In order to be eligible for the inner circle, you need to be ranked at least in the diamond tier or above. You will not be able to be a part of the Slotomania Inner Circle if your account is new and your account is not ranked that high. Therefore, you need to establish yourself as a player first.



What is the point of joining the inner circle if not for the benefits? Joining the inner circle is not about gaining an elite status. It is also about handsome benefits and perks that come with it. From bonus coins to exclusive previews, VIP inner circles have it all. Here are a few of the benefits that make the inner circle worth the hype. 

Coin Cascade

Nothing can feel as good as the sound of coins cascading or the coin count ticking up. In the inner circle, this feels the best. Every time you purchase a set amount of coins, an extra 25% gets credited to the overall balance. For example, if you are buying 100 coins, you will be getting 125 coins. Delightful, is it not?

First Dibs On All The Fun

Being part of the inner circle means that you get to taste new products before the normies. As a VIP member, you will be treated first to all the new games that the dev team releases. This is what it means to be in an exclusive club. Therefore, you will be the first few players whenever anything new drops.

Huge Bonuses

I do not know about you, but Bonus sounds like music to my ears. Slotomania is already a rewarding platform. But when you are part of the VIP club, the bonuses turn exclusively rewarding.  According to statistics, the bonuses are at least 30% more boosted in the VIP club. This is an alluring trope that brings more and more players to the foray of Slotomania. 

Gems Gems Gems

Gems are the blood and soul of such online casino games. As soon as you buy Slotomania gems, you will receive at least 20% more gems than the total number of gems you currently have. So, if you have 100 gems after buying 50 gems, you will be receiving 20 more gems. This will feel like a gem shower every time you buy. 


Whenever you are trying your luck on online casino platforms, you might hit a slump. During these slumps, you definitely need an extra added layer of security. If you are a VIP member, you will get back 5% of your weekly total bets. And this is minus the total wins. And sometimes, this return can be as high as 10,000,000,000,000 coins. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a single thing when times are tough. But be careful how much you wager because there will always be a financial risk involved. 


If you are a medal head, you can rejoice. Medals become considerably more powerful in the Inner Circle. Here are some of the medals and what they entail:

  • Bronze: 5 extra spins.
  • Silver: 25 extra spins
  • Gold: 60 extra spins

Closing Thought

The Slotomania inner circle is where every Slotomania fans want to be. It is an amazing premium subscription to the famous game released by Playtika back in 2011. So, if you want to get on the bandwagon of premium subscription, just go for the VIP inner circle. Keep following us for more such content. 

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