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Is Slotomania VIP Reliable? A Complete Review

| August 25, 2022 | Casino Review

Are you one of those casino-loving players? 

Do you love indulging in entertaining slot games online?

Have you ever played on the Slotomania VIP platform?

If you haven’t, that’s completely fine because we are here to tell you about the reliability of this online slot gaming platform. Casino games are honestly damn entertaining, and once you are on any such platform, there’s no going back. 

In fact, most people enjoy playing these games. The only problem? Reliability, or rather the question of whether it is safe for users, looms large in the background. So without wasting any more time, let’s find out more about Slotomania – Is Slotomania legit? Is Slotomania reliable? 

Scroll down and find out now!

Exploring Slotomania VIP: What Is Slotomania VIP?

Exploring Slotomania VIP

Slotomania VIP premium is one of those online casino slot gaming platforms that have been around for some time. While all the slot machines are known as ‘one-armed bandits,’ these have grown to become iconic in terms of modern gaming

You can easily play all your favorite games, most of which come with crazy graphics, great sound effects, and several variations to select from – the platform is very accessible across different devices and also comes with several perks. 

Slotomania VIP is so much more than a free app for playing slot games online. Yes, the platform has several games and a growing community that keeps coming back to the platform for more. Moreover, there are more than two hundred free slots on this platform. What you want from your gaming experience online completely shapes your experience on such platforms. 

Why Is Slotomania So Popular?

The official website, Slotomania VIP com comes with more than one perk – yes, it’s free for the most part, but do you know how these ‘free’ apps work? You can play for free, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be required to pay anywhere on the app. After all, it’s a casino application – to make money, you need to spend money. 

Scroll down and find out the perks this online platform offers players!


One of the best things about Slotomania VIP is how the platform works almost on any device. Players can play on the platform on any device – from smartphones and tablets to your desktop, the sky is the limit when it comes to accessing the platform from any device. 

And not just that. Players can access the Slotomania VIP app for iPhone to do the same on Android or even Windows, for that matter – this is great considering the focus of the platform is to make a user’s gaming experience smooth and fun!

Special Perks

There are so many online casino games available online – why choose Slotomania when you can choose some other competing app in the market? This is where VIP Slotomania comes in to save the day with its range of special perks, such as free spins and bonus rounds. 

Check out the special perks available on Slotomania VIP!

  • The moment you download the application, you will win a free bonus worth 1 million coins.
  • Every day, players get casino bonuses for free, and that too every three hours. 
  • The platform also provides players the opportunity to win casino rewards, mystery gifts, and other crazy prizes. 
  • You can also create a SlotoClan with your friends on the social platform and win better rewards. Additionally, all members of clans get free bonuses weekly.
  • Get hold of Sloto Cards for winning exciting prizes. 

Customer Reviews: Is Slotomania Legit?

Customer Reviews

Check out the top reviews of players on the Slotomania VIP app mentioned in detail below. 

1. Review By Terry Stevens

“I have been loyal to Slotomania for almost 11 years.

But ever since Covid struck the world, they have become very greedy. So there is no enjoyment in the game anymore. The latest is the Cat that is supposed to be there to help us, but it’s just another con for them to get into your pockets.”

2. Review By Eliz Quinn

“I started playing four years ago to relax, I do not find it relaxing anymore. In the last year and half they have added many mini games to run in the background. Others may have a different experience but for me the games interrupt spins and create too many popups to enjoy the game being played.”

3. Review By Elvis

“I just got multi marx bonus ×100 with bet 20 billion, they didn’t add the coin prize on gift section, i contacted support and they say u didnt won anything like that, i didn’t take screenshot cos i though im gonna take like always, i never had issues in the game this is the very first time, i have 2 accounts and yes i buy sometimes they offers, this was the last time i put money on this game. Not recommended to anyone.”

4. Review By David Kirk

“This game is a scam by far the worst casino style free games on the internet, when you have a win and it doesn’t record your win don’t bother contacting customer support because they offer absolutely so support at all. It used to be fun to play this game but now it is all about money money money. After more than 10 years of this game I will never play it again. SCAM BEWARE.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Slotomania VIP mentioned below.

1. Is The Slotomania App Legit?

Ans: Yes, developed and published by Playtika, Slotomania VIP is legit and reliable, but recently, users have started complaining about certain new features. It’s a social gaming community that is completely dedicated to casino slots. The platform has more than a solid hundred million players who love the sheer entertainment provided by the casino platform. 

2. What Is The Best Game To Win On Slotomania?

Ans: The best games that you can try to win on Slotomania are as follows,
• Magic Trixie Slot Machine,
• Goddess of Babylon Slot Machine,
• Wild Pixies Slot Machine,
• Mermaid Money Slot Machine, and
• Kiss of the Vampire Slot Machine.

3. What’s The Deal With Slotomania?

Ans: Slotomania is one of those online casino communities that have more than 100 million players who love using the app! These slot games end up providing cash either put inside a machine or transferred the same to conventional online casinos. It’s a gaming site that is 100% committed to slots.

4. How Do You Get Unlimited Coins In Slotomania?

Ans: Check out the steps mentioned below and find out how to obtain unlimited coins in Slotomania.
• Visit
• Sign up to finish your registration process
• Collect bonus of 1,000,000 coins
• Take the help of Facebook coin hacks
• Collect another reward of 10,000 coins
• Level up your loyalty program for winning big.

Our Verdict: Reliable Only When You Are Rich

Are you already typing ‘Slotomania VIP app download’ on search engines? Wait for a little before you do that because there’s so much more to the platform. While the official website of the platform claims only good things about the platform, the user reviews say otherwise. 

But what we can figure out is that players loved playing on the platform initially, but currently, the new features have made things a little sticky in terms of user experience. Also, the official website used the word ‘free’ so many times when it comes to playing on Slotomania, but additional features such as Slotomania VIP inner circle costs – make things a little complex. 

The platform is reliable but play only when you have enough – we don’t want you to end up broke. So tell us what you think about playing on Slotomania VIP, and share your casino-playing experience with us in the comments below.

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