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The How And The What: Straight Poker

| November 17, 2023 | Poker

In the world of poker, there are several hands that a player can make. Each of these hands has different values and significance. But today, we will be looking at a straight poker hand specifically in order to see how the hand pans out. 

How Do Straights Function In Poker?

How Do Straights Function In Poker

If you are following our magazine, you would be familiar with several poker terminologies like flush, full house, etc. So today, let us look at another major aspect of poker which is known as Poker straight. 

A straight poker consists of five sequential cards in the same hand. If you have gone through our article about the flush, you will know that the suit of the cards matters a lot. But in the case of a straight, the suits do not matter a lot. In the matter of a straight, the highest card in the straight determines the value or weightage of the hand. 

However, the best about straights is that sometimes the high cards can be dual in nature and can change dynamics according to the sequence. Like for example, the Ace high card is a card that functions both as a high and a low card. When it comes to ace to five sequences, the ace card acts as a low-end card. Meanwhile, in a ten-to-ace situation, the ace card works as a high card. Remarkably, the ace is a card that is part of the highest and the lowest hand at the same time. 

All other straight sequences that fall in this spectrum get their values determined by the highest card in the deck. Like for example, an eight-high straight will always beat a six-high straight. 

The Straight Hand: Explained

Straight Hand Explained

We understand how a straight hand helps or functions in poker, but more importantly, we need to have a clear-cut idea about what the hand means in the long run. To put things in the simplest way possible, any five cards, irrespective of the suit, make a specific sequence called a straight. 

In a hand of straight in poker, the highest valued card in the sequence decides the overall weightage of the hand. So, when two straights are pitted against one another, the hand that has the higher-valued card in the sequence will win the battle. 

But if you are playing for straights, you need to know that wrap-around straights are not recognized as valid straight sequences in a straightforward game of Poker. In fact, several styles of poker do not acknowledge wrap-around sequences. So, take our advice and try not to aim for wraparound sequences.  They rarely end up working. 

How Does The Hand Rank?

How Does The Hand Rank

If you are aiming for a straight sequence in poker. One thing that will play a major role is to understand how the hand ranks in the whole scheme of things. Otherwise, what you are doing is flying blind, and that is something that is never good. 

If you consider what the hand means, then let me assure you that poker players usually consider a sequence of straight to be one of the stronger hands in the game. In fact, it is strong enough to win you the pot as well. But is it the highest-ranking hand? Well, far from it. 

In the grand scheme of things, a hand of straight is the sixth highest hand. An Ace high straight is the strongest variation of a straight sequence. The primary reason behind this is that in poker, and specifically when it comes to straight, the highest card in the straight sequence determines the overall weightage of the straight hand.

Above straight, there are other sequences like a royal flush, four-of-a-kind, full house, flush, etc. So, if you have an ace high straight and your opponent has a royal flush, then your opponent would surely win the pot. Therefore assess the situation you are in to understand how to proceed with your straight hand sequence. While you might be looking for a straight poker sequence, someone else might be aiming for a royal flush in the online game of 3 Bet Poker

What The Straight Can Beat?

When you are talking about poker and how the hand holds up against everything, you need to know that the hand that we are talking about is something that is powerful enough but is not ever powerful. So, there are conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to make the sequence a valid and credible play. 

If you have followed our poker hand ranking chart previously, you will know that a straight hand is the sixth-ranking hand in poker. So, any hand that falls below that ranking is vulnerable to the hand of straight. 

A hand of straight can easily take on hands like three-of-a-kind, two-pair, one-pair, and high-card hands. So, if your opponents have any of these hands, your straight poker sequence.

Final Thought

In summation, that is all there is for today’s article on Straight Poker hands. A unique sequence of hands that just follows numerical sequence irrespective of suits. But it is not an all-powerful hand. So this article was all about how to use the sequence in the best way possible for your advantage.

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