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All You Need To Know: Tao Fortune

| November 6, 2023 | Casino Guides

Tao Fortune is one of the newest and best online casino platforms that is available on the internet. But what are the factors that one needs to know in order to use the platform effectively? This article will answer all those queries.  

What Is Tao Fortune?

With the inception of the internet, humanity has come even closer than before. It does not matter where you are, with a click of a button, you can easily connect with another individual who is at a different location. This greatly shaped how people communicated and interacted. One sector that benefitted the most from this accessibility is the online casino sector. Earlier, people had to physically drag themselves to a casino in order to play and win money. But now, with a click or tap of a button, you can do it quite easily from the very confort of your home. 

What Is Tao Fortune

Tao Fortune is a product of the same market and it shows. The online casino invites players from different sections and helps them get the same experience as that of a real-life casino. Users can choose from a wide range of games spanning different genres to win cash prizes. And the best part about it is that you can choose not to bet any money and use the platform as a mere pastime. Hence, the casino decided the color scheme and the general environment of the application remain colorful and as simplistic as possible.  

The platform went the extra mile for its users and decided to bring forward some of the best games available on the internet. One of the most popular games on this platform includes Hold ’n’ Link. According to the statistics released by the company, this is one of the most sought-after games for the platform. That does not mean that Tao Fortune only has a single game in its arsenal to show for it. Some more popular games that the platform provides include Golden Tree, The One Armed Pirate, Thunder Fishing, etc. Each of them is unique and provides a different flavor to its user. Along with that, an attractive prize pool can make anybody feel more inclined to join the bandwagon. 

Bonus For New Customers

What is an online casino that does not recognize bonuses? And Tao Fortune understands this quite well. This is why Tao Fortune did not skimp on that part. However, details might differ from the time of writing to the time of reading. However, one thing is confirmed you do not need to make any purchases using real-world money. Therefore, this makes the platform even more accessible and inexpensive.

Bonus For New Customers

Another aspect that is confirmed by several other review sites is that for a user to avail of the bonus that the platform offers, one just needs to be a new user or a first-time user. You can register simply by linking any of your social media accounts or by completing the form manually.

Once you are done with registering for the platform, you will find that around 88,800 tao coins are being credited to your account. Subsequently, you will be greeted by the purchase promotion, which can be easily skipped as it is completely an optional path to walk upon. 

Usability Of The Platform

Since this is a casino platform, the overall feel and aesthetic appeal of the application matter greatly. As soon as you enter the application, you will greeted with bright visuals and engaging artwork reminiscing a real-world casino. After that, the promotional banner of the application will show you some of the most famous games in their arsenal, and from there, you will be free to pick and choose the games you play.

Usability Of The Platform

If you scan the top of the screen, you will find a header along with three important tabs. In these tabs, you will find options such as ‘games,’ ‘how they work,’ and ‘magic box’. The first two tabs are pretty self-explanatory. But the third tab is about daily rewards. The website relies on daily rewards to improve customer retention rates. In fact, most websites follow this rule.

As you surf through the home page, you will find the home page riddled with casino games, testimonials, links, and other such things that make the platform seem like it is full of attractive things. However, I personally felt that this was a tacky or sloppy arrangement. The clustering of content on the home page can really feel cluttering hence, If you are someone like me who likes a clean homepage, this can tick you off as well

Modes Of Operating

Even though the website is primarily meant to be accessed via a PC, that does not mean that the application cannot be accessed by phone. The website is designed in such a way that it can fit any screen. Hence, this fluidity greatly helps people with no access to a desktop even enjoy the application. 

However, if you do access the website via your mobile devices, be ready to experience some glitches and clustering of menus. Therefore, the best mobile device that you need to use is a tablet. Tablets do not allow the website to feel cluttered, which enhances the aesthetic and accessibility.

As per the payment option, there is no compulsion that you need to invest any money in the Tao Fortune platform. However, if you do choose to go down that path, you can do so quite easily. The platform accepts payment partners like Apple Pay, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, etc. So, no matter the card you hold, you can easily make payments or purchase Tao coin bundles.  


With that, we have reached the end of our article reviewing one of the most popular online casinos, Tao Fortune. It is an amazing platform that not only helps people remain engaged. But also enables them to win big cash rewards that are exciting as well as alluring. Keep following our page for more such content and news.  

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