Teen Patti Rules

Teen Patti Rules: Learn How to Play Teen Patti Card Game?

| November 1, 2022 | Casino Guides

Did you know that Teen Patti is one of the most popular gambling games to have originated in India? The key to nailing the game is all hidden inside the simple Teen Patti rules. The game originated several years ago in India and has only grown in popularity throughout Asia and even the West. 

The game, in fact, is referred to as ‘Flush’ or ‘Flash’ and is sometimes identified as more of a simple version of what we also know as Three-Card Poker. So today, let’s find out all the rules of the game and how you can play a hand with Teen Patti!

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Explaining Teen Patti Rules: How To Play Teen Patti? 

Explaining Teen Patti Rules

When it comes to Teen Patti rules, it’s not a difficult feat to achieve, considering – you just need to stick around and keep reading to find out all that you need to secure a perfect Teenpatti win!

The Beginning:

For the ones who don’t know, a game of Teen Patti is generally played between three to six players and usually uses a standard deck of 52 cards without the jokers. Similar to rummy and poker games, Teen Patti also starts with placing bets. In most cases, it is best to have a fixed amount set in position for players willing to make bets before the card distribution starts. 

Once players have placed their bets and the basic boot amount has been collected from all involved players, every player is given 3 cards facing down. The boot amount during this time is naturally the minimum amount at stake – this amount of cash is kept inside a pot that directly sits in the middle. 

The Middle:

The game of Teen Patti thus begins! The 3 Patti rules are mostly easy to understand. Once players get their 3 cards, their next move is naturally to make a raise or call. If you have played Poker, you must have come across these terms. While the word ‘call’ indicates continuation in the game, the term ‘raise’ indicates increasing the cash inside the pot. 

This means the player who is opting for raise is risking to either win or lose more than the initial amount of cash kept inside the pot! Yes, learning the Teen Patti rules might be easy, but at the same time, it is important to understand that betting on this game is pretty different from betting on Poker. 

The End:

Any good Patti chart will tell you that in a game of Teen Patti, players make bets of equal amounts. 

This means if one player makes a bet of two coins, another makes a bet of four coins, then the player who made a bet of two coins will have to give another extra four coins instead of two with the two coins he had already placed before!

Once the game begins to progress, the amount of cash begins to grow and is ultimately won by the player who manages to survive the full round – the winning player must have the highest or the best hand after the completion of the entire hand. This entirely depends on all the cards ranked highest to lowest. 

Teen Patti Rules: Things To Know

Teen Patti Rules: Things To Know

While looking for a good game of rummy Teen Patti or your standard teen Patti seems like a better idea right now, it’s best to check out all the things to know before you sit down for a round of the game!

Did you know that all the Aces are ranked highest, with two deemed the lowest? The purpose is to have a hand with the three best cards and subsequently increase the amount inside the pot before the end of the game. So without wasting any more time, let’s check out the card ranking according to the standard Teen Patti rules. 

The ranking of the cards (highest to lowest) is as follows,

1. Trail Or Set (Three Of The Same Rank):

Before you can google ‘Teen Patti gold,’ ask yourself what does a Trail or Set indicate in a game of Teen Patti? A Set or Trail refers to three cards that have the same rank – in fact, three aces are technically the highest, and the three twos are the lowest. 

2. Pure Sequence Or The Straight Flush:

The next cards of rank are the Straight Flush or the Pure Sequence. But do you know what these terms refer to? A straight flush or pure sequence refers to three consecutive cards that are from exact same suit. 

3. Sequence (Or Run):

Just like a pure sequence refers to three cards from the same suit, a Sequence, also known as a Run, refers to three consecutive cards. These cards don’t have to be from the exact same suit. So you can have a sequence as long as you have 3 consecutive cards from the same suit. 

4. Color:

Any Teen patti king with an intensive knowledge of Teen Patti rules will tell you the importance of Color. The term ‘color’ in this context refers to three cards that are in the same suit but not exactly in a sequence. 

Pair (Two Cards Of The Same Rank):

The word ‘pair’, according to the standard Teen Patti rules, refers to having two cards that have the same rank. Between any two pairs, the pair with the relatively higher value will win. But if both pairs have the same value, the winner will be determined by the Kicker’s card. 

High Card:

The high card is a hand that has three cards that aren’t in any sequence – also, these cards will not be from a similar suit, or no two cards even have similar values. If two different players have any common high card, then the next highest card decides the winner. 

And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you are familiar with the basic Teen Patti rules, what are you even waiting for? If you are bored of offline card games and venture out into the world of online card games, then you must check out the online versions of Teen Patti. Just ensure that you are using an application where the 3 Patti cash withdrawals won’t be a problem. 

In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know about your thoughts and experiences of the same in the comments below.

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