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What Is Poker Chip Protector In Online Malaysian Casinos

| December 15, 2022 | Gambling

Malaysia houses a plethora of online casinos. Players from across the world prefer to try their luck in one of the gambling platforms from here. Winning and losing transpire simultaneously, but for many online poker players, there is a unique way to welcome good luck in their bets.

Millions of people every day go home from work and relax by playing online poker hosted in Malaysia. It is a common scene while watching poker on television that many old professionals use a chip protector. It is not actually to protect their chips. It is more like a good luck charm.

Today, online poker players take their chip protectors seriously. There is everything from little plastic sharks to photos of children. Once it was reported that a poker player paid $300,000 for a chip protector of another player to be willed to him.

Well, instead of spending money to buy a chip protector, one can make it easier. It is simply a DIY. It takes less than five minutes for many. Several websites facilitate the making for free. A customized photo can be traced on the circle template and thereafter sealed into a ring the size of a poker chip.

The size and shape made it very easy for the person to slip the chip protector into their pocket for good luck and if they choose, they could take it out and put it on top of their chip stack for those critical moments.

The making is fast, easy and a personal stocking stuffer that gives enjoyment for years to come. Let us now take a brief look at some of the basics of Poker as knowledge is equally important abreast to good luck. Below are some important ones defined.

These are compiled in an alphabet order of poker terms and could be helpful to everyone, whether a ranked beginner or one who has a World Series of Poker bracelet. These terms are common in most of the top online casino Malaysia portals.

All Into Outs

A is for All In When you commit all of your chips on one hand you are considered to be all in. If you lose the hand you are out of the game unless it offers a rebuy.

All Into Outs

B is for Big Blind:

This is the person sitting next to the small blind. It is a forced bet of the minimum bet for the round for example, on a $1/$2 table the big blind is $2.

C is for Check-Raise:

This is when a player who usually has a very strong hand checks on their turn, hoping that someone else will bet. When the turn comes back to them, they raise the bet to try and get more value from the hand.

D is for Drawing Dead:

When a player catches a card on the turn or the river that completes the hand for them, but they lose to a better hand, for example, catching a King and 2 Aces on the flop, going all in and losing to 4 Aces. It’s very similar to a bad beat.

E is for Early Position:

The first three players to act after the big blind are referred to as the early position.

F is for Fish:

A fish is an inexperienced player who plays at a table that they aren’t ready for.

G is for Gut Shot Draw:

This is another term for an inside straight draw, meaning you have 4 of the 5 cards needed to make a straight but you are missing the inside one, for example, 65×32.

H is for Heads Up:

When you are down to 2 players at a table or the final two of the tournament, it is considered heads-up.

I is for In the Money:

In a tournament, anyone who gets past the bubble is considered in the money, meaning they will get cash when they run out of chips.

J is for Jamming the Pot:

When you try and get as many of your chips in as possible, usually used in Limit Hold Em.

K is for Kicker:

When two players have an equal hand, like a pair of Kings, their second card is the deciding card as to who wins; the higher kicker wins.

L is for Limping In When a player calls instead of raising, generally when a player doesn’t have a good hand and doesn’t have to pay much to see the flop or the next card.

M is for Maniac:

This is a style of play that is very hard to play against. A maniac is just as likely to fold four of a kind as they are to play a garbage hand with no value and try to bluff their way to a win.

N is for Nuts:

This is the best possible hand at any given point in a round.

O is for Outs:

The outs are the number of cards that you need to make a given hand. If your hole cards are 23 and the flop comes 45J then you have 8 outs, four aces, and four sixes.

Pocket Rockets to Value Bets

Pocket Rockets to Value Bets

P is for Pocket Rockets:

A pair of aces, this is the strongest hand you can have preflop.

Q is for Quads:

Four of a kind.

R is for Rake:

This is the amount that the house takes. A rake will usually have a maximum amount regardless of how large the pot gets.

S is for Slow Play:

This is when a player with very strong hands bets minimally on the flop and the turn, to try and increase the pot.

T is for Trips:

When you have three of a kind. Similar to the Set but Trips is when the majority of your three-of-a-kind is on the board.

U is for Under the Gun:

Being Under the Gun simply means having to bet first.

V is for Value Bet:

When a player bets an amount to force a call, betting just enough to increase the pot.


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