Zone Casino: A Complete Review In 2022

| October 29, 2022 | Last Updated on: February 21, 2023 | Casino Guides

Move over to reality because the digital age is here, and living in virtual reality is the next big Renaissance! I am back with a new review today, and this article is not just for people who travel to casinos across the world but also for people who love to gamble from their rooms! A true virtual reality has everything from your real life.

If visiting a casino once in a while is your idea of a perfect weekend, you can do so virtually as well! Meet Zone Casino is not really new on the block, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. 

So today, I will check out this gambling app and find out whether it’s legit or just another money-extraction scam app! Keep reading to find out what happens!

Checking Out The Zone Casino App: What Is Zone Casino?

Zone Casino App

Developed and launched by FlowPlay, the zone online casino is a well-known gambling application designed specifically to work seamlessly with Windows OS (operating system). The app is quite popular amongst users since it has more than one good option when it comes to famous casino games, like,

  • Poker,
  • Blackjack, and
  • Slot games.

If you are getting bored and need to spend some tedious hours outside the dentist’s office, how about playing on the zone casino app? That sounds like fun to me! So without wasting any more time, let’s find out about this app in some detail – scroll down to read now! 

The Available Games On The Zone Casino App:

Available Games On The Zone Casino App

The games that are available on the zone casino MSN application are usually the standard ones you get at famous Casinos across the world, like the riverside casino. These games include,

  • Blackjack,
  • Poker,
  • Video Poker,
  • Slot games,
  • Solitaire, and
  • Bingo.

However, the platforms don’t have an online version of Craps. But if you love playing the above-mentioned games, then you can start by simply selecting an avatar. While playing these games, you will notice that the Zone games are all different from other casino games available online. 

The Creator Of The Zone Casino App: Who’s FlowPlay?

The games available on the Zone casino app are all developed by FlowPlay, as I mentioned earlier in the article. The thing about FlowPlay is that the company is not your usual developer specializing in online casino games – rather, the company is a normal game-developing brand. 

This is precisely why you will notice that results on the app are not random – there’s an algorithm that is used for generating results, and subsequently, wins are obtained easily. The fact that the app uses an algorithm becomes more obvious when you will attempt to make a large bet – you will see how winning those games becomes relatively harder.

That One Big Downside: 

The best part about casinos, both online and offline, is how you always play for winning money – isn’t that the best about gambling? The thrill and the money? If you gamble only for money, then the popular MSN casino will disappoint you since you can’t win actual money on the platform. 

Perfect For Practice: 

The fact that you can’t win money on the zone casino app is a complete bummer, but at the same time, you can use the platform to practice your gambling skills – since you can’t win money, you have nothing to lose. But if you are worried about taking risks, you can always check out the jackpot yantra app – it can apparently make predictions! 

Playing On The Zone App: How To Play At Zone Casino?

How To Play At Zone Casino?

Are you already googling ‘casino zone sonic?’ How about finding out the playing procedure on the Zone app? Scroll down to find out now! 

  1. Go to and type Zone Casino.
  1. The first option on your search results will be Casino – MSN – click on it.
  1. You will immediately reach the main page to begin playing. Next, click on the big ‘PLAY’ button in the middle of the screen.
  2. Once you click the ‘play’ button, you will reach a page where you have to select your avatars.
  1. Once you have selected your avatar, you will get the option to fill up all the information about your avatar – character name, email, and password. Of course, you can also avoid saving information and just play as a guest.
  1. If you do save character information, then you will win 100,000 free coins.
  1. Once you have saved the character information, you can choose the casino game you want to play and start playing. 

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Zone Casino App: Is This App Legit?

Before giving a verdict on any casino, or more importantly, an online gambling app, it’s always safe to check out the advantages and disadvantages of the app. So let’s check out the benefits and the drawbacks of playing on this app. 

Advantages Of Zone Casino App:

The benefits of the Zone Casino app are as follows,

  1. There are no risks associated with gambling on the Zone app since you can’t win real money. As a result, there are no risks of losing any real money.
  1. The app is ideal for practicing your gambling skills before you launch yourself into the real world of live online casinos real money and a whole lot of risk. 
  1. The app protects your personal information because you don’t have to provide any except your email ID and password. Moreover, you can also hide your identity and play as a guest instead. 

Disadvantages Of Zone Casino App:

The disadvantages of the Zone Casino app are as follows,

  1. The app doesn’t allow users to win any real money. So if you gamble for some extra cash, then this app is clearly not for you.
  1. The app doesn’t look like a real casino. Since you can’t experience the real environment of a casino, what’s the point of playing on this app when you could do the same thing on other apps with much more resemblance to a real-life casino?
  1. The app only works well with the Windows Operating System, while other online casino games have free versions that can be played on all operating systems. 

Our Verdict: A Fun Distraction But Not One That’s Indisposable 

If the zone casino application interests you, then you can just google ‘zone online casino MSN games’ and visit the official website! I would call this application a fun distraction, it’s safe and legit. But the fact that you cannot win real money and how it works on the Windows operating system makes this app one that you can easily replace. 

So what do you think about gambling on Zone? Have you played on Zone? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below!

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