Write for Us

Write for Us

We are optimistic in our approach. We believe that your writings will help our readers gain valuable insights into Casino games from our end. We encourage all the writers from all across the globe to write on our website for that they have to follow specific rules and guidelines from their end. 


  • The articles must be 100% free from plagiarism ( even 5-7% plagiarism is not at all accepted from our end)   
  • The word length of the Author Bio must be between 20-40 words. 
  • The No-follow attributes must be there in the Author’s website links. 

Our main objective is to deliver quality content to our readers, so you must follow the SEO perspectives and the guidelines to provide the best content from your end. All the guest posting guidelines are mentioned below.    

  • The articles must be 1000 words in length. If you can write more than that, then it is also acceptable. 
  • The title of your article of the blogs must be 60-64 characters. 
  • Your article must be plagiarism free, and it must not contain any form of irrelevant information. 
  • You must make your articles user friendly by using numbers and bullets. 
  • Your article must be free from grammatical errors. 
  • You must include all the relevant and matching images with the article. All the photos must be royalty-free images like from Pixabay, Freepik, etc. 
  • Remember one thing: if you have already published your writeup on our website, you must not republish it on another site. 
  • You can use the no-follow links on our website. If you wish to have the do-follow links from us, you can fill up our contact us form to get the required permission.    

If you have any query in your mind or want to get in touch with us, you can use the Contact Us Form or mail us to media@redhatmedia.net to make any queries regarding your blogging guest post requests and advertisements. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible after filling up the form with all the necessary details.