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The Biggest Online Gaming Trends In Malaysia In 2023

| August 23, 2023 | Last Updated on: May 14, 2024 | Casino Guides

It isn’t just one continent or society that has switched toward a mobile-centric way of life. There are now over 4.5 billion smartphone users on Earth, but some estimates put that number even higher.

That number is set to grow as more sophisticated devices enter circulation, increasing the supply and decreasing the price of older models.

While we will be discussing online gaming trends today, many of these have been able to take effect in the gaming industry due to the innovative advances that the smartphone industry has helped facilitate, as well as the widespread availability of the internet.

Mobile casino gaming

Casino gaming has always been popular, even long before the internet changed the industry’s trajectory forever. There have been two notable introductions into the digital gambling sector over the last 30 years; the first was the rise of traditional online gambling itself.

The second is the mobile casino gaming sector, which has continued to expand its reach over the last decade. As the industry entered the 2020s, mobile casino gaming became the number one way to gamble.

As smartphones continue to become more powerful, from gaming capabilities to high-quality graphic displays, the vast majority of associated sectors within the gambling industry have responded accordingly. More emphasis than ever is placed on producing an array of casino games for mobile devices. Designers can see this is where the money is and innovation inevitably follows.

Whether it’s slot machine gaming for iPads or live roulette tables for smartphone gambling, the industry is booming, and the trend continues upwards. With increasing numbers of mobile-specific casino games and a wealth of casino games to choose from, this is causing a sharp uptake in the number of people who are now only using their mobile phones to place their bets.

Internet casino gaming continues to flourish, leading to more innovation, using the mobile casino gaming uptrend as a foundation to launch their own projects, such as cryptocurrency gambling and gaming. It is also creating new niches in the iGaming world such as casino listing websites, where players can find and compare the best casino gaming options. One such site is where players browse through numerous reviews of Malaysian casino operators before they ultimately choose the best one.

Mobile gaming

While mobile casino gaming is a niche in its own right that is gathering significant momentum, the most extensive online gaming trend is the rise of mobile gaming. At the same time, some might argue that this is more of a constant feature of the gaming world than a trend, considering how dominant the industry has become.

However, as more companies aim to create games specific to a mobile phone, other prominent game designers, in the business, such as Nintendo, have been developing their new, latest handheld gaming devices, hoping to ride the wave of this trend even further. The co-existence of fast, accessible internet and increasingly advanced mobile technology has allowed these industries to grow simultaneously.

Mobile gaming isn’t just a trend. It also has the capability to become the number one avenue of gaming in the market. Although there’s still a multibillion-dollar console and PC gaming market, mobile gaming has definitely made a name for itself in the industry over the last few years.

Mobile gaming

Virtual reality

When an industry creates the sort of profit that the online gaming industry currently is, it creates a rush of people looking to get their hands on some of the presently available profits. The latest trend to appear over the last couple of years is virtual reality gaming. It’s not a new way to play your game by any stretch of the imagination, but it is highly creative and a trend that has started to permeate multiple layers of the gaming industry.

Many analysts believe that the only thing that is holding back this trend from becoming the most prominent and significant talking point is the cost of a VR headset. Even though the world’s biggest company has recently staked its claim to this portion of the market, the colossal price tag puts it out of reach of 95% of people across the globe. Once this price tag starts to come down as more of the devices enter circulation, this could be a trend that cements itself as a permanent part of the industry.

Professional video gaming

Although professional video gaming (esports) has become a colossal success worldwide, there is a concentrated, successful group of gamers operating in the East. A lot of the world’s biggest esports tournaments and best teams hail from the Asian continent, so it’s no surprise that it’s becoming one of the fastest-growing and trending markets in Malaysia.

It is one of the industries within the gaming sector that is experiencing a golden age. People are now seeing video gaming as a viable vocation. Although gaming consoles have been incredibly popular for the best part of 40 years, it is only over the last decade, through the emergence of esports, that it has identified itself as a trend that can transform the industry.

Some of the biggest tournaments have cash prizes in the millions of dollars. Teams from around the world travel to play in arenas, which are usually sold out, and help fuel this burgeoning trend within online gaming. It’s no secret that as soon as companies managed to bridge the gap to allow gamers to play online, it would lead to a multibillion-dollar explosion, but even ardent gamers and analysts have been blown away by the popularity of esports and the upwards trend.

In the space of 10 years or so, it has gone from the outskirts of the market to selling out arenas globally. Social media sites have helped to fan the flames of this ferociously burning popularity by elevating the tournaments through live streaming, allowing millions more people to watch them online. Theoretically, they will enable the trend to gain even more momentum as the decade progresses.

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