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Poker Kings And Queens: Robbi Jade Lew

| December 13, 2023 | Last Updated on: April 6, 2024 | Poker

Robbi Jade Lew is one of the rising stars of Poker. But who is she underneath her stylish exterior? This article will discuss everything about this American businesswoman and poker wiz. Stick around.

Who Is Robbi Jade Lew?

Who Is Robbi Jade Lew

Robbi Jade Lew was born in Saudi Arabia in December of 1985. She has an identical twin sister. Lew’s father was a physicist, and her mother was a doctor. Therefore, she had a decent and somewhat extravagant upbringing.

At the age of 5, Robbi and her family moved to the United States Of America. Initially, they settled down in Berkley, but later, they moved to Orinda. Lew completed her education at UC Santa Barbara and studied and graduated with a double major in law & society and philosophy. Therefore, Lew is a well-educated female.

After she completed her education, she accepted a job offer at a big pharmaceutical company called Bayer. Lew managed to secure a senior-level position in the company. Later, she married Charles Lew. Charles is a successful businessman, professor, and journalist. He also owns a law firm that specializes in metaverse dealings.

As a result, Lew saw an opportunity to leave Bayerto to pursue her passion.  She did several modeling gigs for big fashion houses and jewelry brands. Currently, Lew has a following of 32.9K on her instagram.

Her journey to Poker is a result of a weird turn of events. While the world struggles to handle the challenges of a worldwide pandemic during COVID-19, Robbi developed an interest in poker.

In one of the interviews, Robbie Jade agreed that her husband introduced her to poker. She picked up her fundamentals from a book called “Poker Is for Dummies.” Things picked up slowly for Robbi. However, soon enough, Robbi managed to cash in wins.

Robbi started winning, and her interest grew. She hired two high-profile coaches to guide her. Eventually, she shifted to professional matches. Her first-ever professional match was the WSOP event in 2021. Her biggest win to date is in August of 2022 with $2200.

Poker career 

Poker career

Even though Robbi has played some professional events, she is not a professional in the strictest sense. Professional players see Lew more as a recreational player or an eccentric businesswoman who enjoys playing poker during her downtimes.

The very first poker record we have of her is from 2021 only. Therefore, she is too new to be called a professional. That year, she cashed in WSOP and Rio Deepstack events, while the majority of her wins were smaller buy-in events. However, in the following year, she recorded a few notable results. This included an ITM finish with $5K for a 6-Max event and the $10k Main Event. She finished in the 1276th position.

Lew also managed to win a handful of small cash and an appearance in the Caribbean for the PSPC and the PCA events.  Subsequently, she made a trip to Vegas once more. She is being seen in Vegas for her upcoming season. Lew was seen recording vlogs for her online community. Apart from that, she also takes part in other events.

Net Worth

Net Worth

Robbi Jade Lew secured four WSOP cash in 2023 and a handful of others in various Vegas events. Therefore, Robbi is taking steps to make the right decision. She even hired Faraz Jaka, a famous poker coach, to help her with the game.

According to data provided by the Exact Net Worth website, amateur poker player Robbi Jade Lew’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Before being a poker hotshot, Robbi Jade held a senior-level position at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. However, she decided to switch her career as it was not fulfilling.

During COVID-19, Robbi started taking the game more seriously. According to several sources, Robbi has reportedly accumulated over $100,000 in winnings from her Hustler appearances alone, which shows the making of an amazing career in poker.

Robbi Lew began playing about a year ago and has made a name for herself. Only time will tell if she will end up in the Poker Hall of Fame or in another controversy.

The Biggest Controversy Of Her Career 

The Biggest Controversy Of Her Career

Even though Robbi Jade Lew has been playing for approximately a year or two, she has already made a huge name for herself. And some of it is infamy. On September 29, Robbi was playing a high-stakes game in the Hustler Casino Live with professional player Garrett Adelstein. Adelstein outrightly accused Robbi of cheating. This initiated the biggest controversial row of Robbi Jade Lew’s career.

At one point, Robbi outplayed Garrett for a $269,000 hand. Such a momentous win from her resulted in disbelief from everyone at the table. Eventually, Garrett got up and left. Robbi followed up to speak with her co-player and an HCL producer, and things went bad really fast.

Another player named RIP followed the duo and clearly heard Garrett shouting at Robbi. Garrett was accusing Robbi of cheating. Sources suggest that Garrett asked Robbie to hand over the money. To which the latter obliged. However, Garrett denied this claim.

Later, Robbi shared a public post challenging Garrett to go all in. Therefore, it would have been a sight to see these two players take each other head-on. However, the match did not come to reality. But organizers might pursue this angle later on.

And That’s A Wrap

With that, we have reached the end of our list, exploring the life and career of Robbi Jade Lew. She is a poker queen known for her amazing style, and her unique approach to poker even led to one of the biggest controversies of her career. Keep following us for more such content.

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