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Heard About Tombola Arcade? The Ultimate Review You Were Waiting For!

| December 6, 2022 | Casino Review

Have you heard about Tombola Arcade? You probably have – the bingo platform hardly needs any introduction. And this is exactly why we don’t need to give any intro – instead, we are going to dive straight into the intricacies of the game and review the same. Because although Trust Pilot rates the game a solid 4.2 out of five stars, we found a number of dissatisfied users. 

So without wasting any time, let’s get started! 

Checking Out Tombola Arcade: Is It Even Legit? 

Just Bookies1.2/5

While Tombola Bingo has remained popular for several years, it was only a matter of time before the platform could introduce relatively new additions – the arcade platform is known as the Tombola Arcade app. The new app naturally benefits exponentially from both the reputation and expertise which comes from the Tombola brand. 

The tailor-made platform is perfect for users. We found that the platform actually has managed to distill all that we usually like seeing within the world of online gambling while erasing all that we do not like. This usually points to only a single thing – yes, there are absolutely zero wagering requirements and plenty of bonuses. And this is exactly what we loved about the platform! 

However, there’s one glitch! 

Unfortunately, users are not allowed to withdraw their bonuses but guess what? You can’t have everything, but Tombola Arcade comes quite close to actually offering you almost everything. As you can understand from the platform’s name, the priority for the brand is arcade games. 

These are meant to incorporate different gambling elements, as well as enable you to play for relatively love stakes if that’s what you prefer. 

More Information On Tombola Arcade:

More Information On Tombola Arcade

Are you already typing ‘tombola arcade login my account’ on Google? Then stop right now, and let’s talk about this platform a little more! 

Tombola Arcade has different games, including mainstays like the 90-ball and 75-ball online Bingo, along with Bingo 80. The platform has different types of games and even gives users crazy rewards such as 

  • Cash prizes,
  • Holidays, and even
  • Cars or similar prizes. 

Moreover, the platform also has chat rooms accompanied by chat managers – these managers handle criticisms of the site pretty firmly. 

Evenings are usually busy on the Tombola platform – the platform witnesses a rush of 20,000 players during this time. It basically means that the demand for all the games, even at different levels, is quite high. After all, how can you play bingo if there aren’t other people to play with you at the same time? 

The tombola arcade slots pay out about 7 million pounds weekly to its users. The platform gives out pretty big jackpots – and you can even purchase tickets for about two pence. But these are pretty typical, considering other bingo platforms also have similar ongoing promos. 

Pros And Cons Of Tombola Arcade:

Pros And Cons Of Tombola Arcade

Instead of checking out tombola arcade cheats, it’s better to go through all the pros and cons of the platform. 


The pros of the Tombola Arcade platform are as follows,

  • When users deposit 25 pounds on the platform, the arcade tombola very generously provides them with about 50 pounds. That way, a solid 200% of your entire deposited amount comes for free. 
  • The payout percentage of the Tombola Arcade is about 95% or even higher for every single game. 
  • Tombola Arcade is one of the most respected communities in the entire online gaming industry of Britain. And there’s no denying that the platform is growing rapidly across the world. 


There aren’t several cons to the Tombola Arcade platform. But after careful analysis, we could only point out two major flaws of the same. These are as follows!

  • Players can only utilize the Tombola Arcade platform’s sign-up bonus for only specific games. 
  • Trustpilot and some other authority sites have some pretty bad negative reviews of the platform, and we can’t help but wonder why? 

Reviewing Tombola Arcade: What Do Users Have To Say?

Tombola Arcade Review

Before you can invest your time and, more importantly, money in Tombola Arcade, check out what users have to say about the same!

1. Review By Danielle Murphy:

“I like playing the slots. I don’t win often, but I enjoy them. I like reading about other players as well. The cm is cheerful and helpful. The wins, the chats, the games, and most importantly, the wins, but I think the bingo seems to be the same winners.”

2. Review By Paula:

“You win some, and you lose some. I can have good weeks and bad weeks on here, but overall I think it’s a great site. I really look forward to playing, especially at night when I’m settled down with a larger, lol; really relaxing. It’s the best site.”

3. Review By Mrs. Mcbride:

“The most enjoyable betting site I have come across, Consistent wins and a wide range of unique games. I cannot fault it at all – Love how fair it is paying out, and checking if I need a cool-off is amazing wouldn’t use any other site.”

4. Review By Alissia:

“Closed my account with an ACTIVE withdrawal because of “multiple accounts, which isn’t true. Completely different when you’re accepting deposit after deposit. Also, I feel I play a lot sometimes and never seem to win at all, really. An odd 50p and an odd 2.00 never ever seem to get a big win!”

Our Verdict: You Are Good To Go, But There Are Better Options!

There is literally no best time to win on tombola arcade! You can play at any time and even manage to bag some crazy victories – so it’s a green light on the platform. But the world doesn’t end with Tombola Arcade. There’s so much to explore, especially since the platform has attracted its fair share of negative criticisms on authority platforms like Trust Pilot. 

So what do you think about playing on this platform? And in case you have any past experiences, then feel free to tell us all about the same in the comments below.

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