Two Baccarat Dealers At Rampart Casino In Las Vegas Accused Of Cheating

Two Baccarat Dealers At Rampart Casino In Las Vegas Accused Of Cheating!

| November 9, 2023 | Casino News

Gaming investigators based in Nevada suspected that two baccarat dealers based in Las Vegas of cheating at the Rampart Casino by helping players actually win hundreds of dollars, as per the court documents obtained by the KLAS-TV, responsible for breaking the story on Wednesday. 

Yuxuan Leng is facing charges, but the other dealer’s name has been redacted in the court documents as per KLAS. 

In May 2022, another employee from Rampart suspected the two dealers of cheating and took up the issue with the NGCB (Nevada Gaming Control Board). The suspicions arose when the two players started winning more suddenly. 

Reportedly, the two dealers were caught by the casino surveillance. The surveillance document stated, “revealing the gaming cards to [both players] prior to the conclusion of gameplay on six separate incidents spanning over the month of May.” The players did win a solid 5,000 dollars because they knew about the outcomes from before. While one dealer admitted the truth, the other one denied his involvement. 

On 2nd November, the police arrested Leng, accusing her of cheating and conspiring or attempting to cheat at games. It is scheduled for her to come back to court sometime in December. 

As per KLAS, the NGCB investigators did arrest the unknown dealer, who immediately denied getting money from any of the players. Reportedly, he confided in the investigators how “he was one of the fastest dealers, but sloppy as well.” As a result, his criminal status happens to be unclear. 

Flashing Baccarat: 

In June 2020, a similar scandal took place when an ex-baccarat dealer, Ying Yu, from the Strat, was simply arrested for going ahead with dumping. Dumping is a kind of cheating scheme under which the dealer will benefit a player fraudulently while enabling the dealer to get additional tips. 

As per the documents in that particular case, Yu had failed to obtain the losing wagers of the player on four different occasions. Plus, the player had tipped Yu over a hundred dollars. 

In December 2019, Alexandria’s baccarat dealer Ming Zhang from Maryland was sentenced to eighteen months in prison by the federal court. Zhang played a vital role in a baccarat cheating scheme worth a million dollars, as per the claims of federal prosecutors. 

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