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Avantgarde Casino: Review & Customer Feedback

| December 31, 2023 | Casino Review

Is Avantgarde Casino a good choice for somebody who wants to experience the whole online casino deal for the first time? Or is it a phishing website? Well, we have answers for all such questions and even testaments from real-life users. Stick around to learn everything there is to know about the Avantgarde online casino platform.

Avantgarde Casino: Overview

As the name suggests, the Avantgarde Casino is all about going down a different path. In this article, we will delve into the deeper nitty gritty. This will help the users to decide whether it is safe to invest their time and money in this platform.

The platform offers some of the vast array of online games. The website tries to make sure that it never stops bringing versatility to the table. From classic tabletop games to state-of-the-art video slots. This platform has something for everyone.

Apart from the extensive selection of games, the platform is also about user-friendliness. The aesthetic appeal of the platform, along with easy to navigate interface, really makes it one of the most user-friendly applications

Even though the platform lands several things right. The users seemed to be worried and concerned about one specific aspect of this online casino platform. Stick around to know which one it is.

Software & Games  

The website is currently running on the brand-new Unified Rival platform. This is a far superior platform to the legacy Rival platform. This software can render games, lobbies, promo tools, cashiers, etc., in the state-of-the-art HTML5 platform As a result, the game can be loaded into any browser. This makes the platform Android as well as iOS compatible.

The platform does not use any advanced sorting techniques to filter features and games. This is not a game-breaking thing, but having advanced sorting sections can actually help the platform to function at higher efficiency.

The platform also offers an extensive list of live dealer games. Hence, if live dealing games are something that you like, consider options like Live Dealer Baccarat, Live Dealer Craps, etc. So, when it comes to games and software, the platform offers some great options.

Bonuses & Promotion  

Like most other platforms nowadays, the Avantgarde Casino does not provide one-size-fits-all bonuses. In fact, the website is known for changing the overall corpus of bonuses and promotional content.

As a result, you will not find any extensive lists of any welcome bonuses. Some of the most famous and staple bonuses the company provides include the Welcome Raffle, Comp Points, and Cashstavaganza. Each of these bonuses covers a distinct player base.

Regardless of the bonus or promotional content the company is known to dish out, every player has a 10x cap. At a time, only 10x of a total deposit can be cashed out. Therefore, this can be a little frustrating for players who are looking for easy and fast cash.


As of now, the platform is known to allow a dozen different means of payment options. Some of these include Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Jeton, ecoPayz, etc. However, the platform only offers restrictive modes of withdrawal.  

As of now, the company claims to take 15 to 18 business days in order to process withdrawals. However, if you go through some of the user reviews, you will understand that this is not the case. In fact, several users even had to wait for more than a month before they received their money.

Banking is the only place where the platform needs to work. Since this platform is unregulated, the company seems to take the convenient route. Unless the platform receives or tries earning some sort of licensing, things will continue to be dubious.

Some users have become so frustrated with the platform that they have completely given up and even started calling the website a scam and a phishing website. Therefore, be aware and do not invest a huge amount of money on this website.

Pros & Cons: At A Glance

Before we can start analyzing user reviews, let us take a moment to look at some of the pros and cons of this website, at a glance. This will enable the users to assess the risks and rewards at a glance.


  • Accepts Bitcoin as a valid mode of payment.
  • 24/7 live chat options
  • Supports Android and iOS devices.
  • Live dealer games are available.


  • Does not follow a unified rule for every player.
  • The platform has provided fake licensing
  • There is no registered owner of this company.
  • Withdrawal limit is quite low.
  • Outdated Website design.
  • Hefty withdrawal and deposit fees.

User Reviews  

You can never know how a casino performs or pans out unless you study the user review. And trust me, the user reviews are not good in general. A lot of users come up with specific complaints. As a result, it is evident that the platform needs to take care of some things before it can start expanding in any way. Here are some of the user reviews we have collected across multiple websites.

Won 150 euro on a freechip they sent to my email. Deposited via bitcoin to give a withdrawal method. Waited 18 “business.. Yes business days”, how they can justify that is beyond me, only to be to some crap about you can only withdraw off the first 3 bonus freechips… Funnily enough it was the third chip i won on. The funds dissapeared from my playing account and was told my credit card deposit can be refunded. I didn’t even use a credit card. AS DODGY AS THEY COME! AVOID PEOPLE”- Lucky me

HORRIBLE customer service. Still awaiting a withdrawal from about 28 days ago. When I was told it would be a five day withdrawal. He went from 5 to 18 days then my date of approval switch from the 7th to 11th and now a month later they’re still asking for verification forms for a card that I verified twice last month. It’s like they forgot?! I will write nice things here if I had them to say, but instead, I want to warn everyone to not waste your time or your money, especially.”-  Jimmyfans

This casino has the worst customer service ever. On top of that I’ve deposited ALOT of money and they will not give my winnings to me. Ive tried everything. They ignore my emails and live chats. DO NOT SPEND YOUR NONEY HERE. ITS A SCAM.”- Brittni VanDusen

End Note  

After considering everything, I have come to the conclusion that the risks involved for Avantgarde Casino are much higher than the rewards. Hence, it is not advisable for me to invest a considerable amount of money into the website. There are several factors that do not work in favor of this casino which you need to understand before making a switch from your previous casino platform.

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