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Playing The Garbage Card Game: How To Play This Popular Card Game?

| December 27, 2022 | How To

We love card games, but you know what we love more than that – card games that have strange names like the Drop Dead Dice game or even the more elusive Pig Dice. The Garbage card game is one such game, and today we will talk about this popular game – and also find out how to play this crazy game! 

In spite of its strange name, Garbage is one card game that you would want just to play multiple times. So, not surprisingly, the game is also called Trash. While it happens to be one excellent game, and that too for many players, the game happens to be popular amongst both kids and adults. 

Keep reading to find out more about this popular card game.

Playing The Garbage Card Game: Rules And Instructions

The garbage card game rules will tell you that there are two basic factors in this game – the players and the cards. Also, the Trash card game is basically meant for multiple people – and not just two people. 

Card Decks: How Many Do A Round Of Garbage Need?

Card Decks

Of course, you need a deck of cards to play Garbage. Now, if you decide to play the garbage card game online, then you most definitely won’t need a deck of cards to play. But we are guessing you might like playing traditionally and might opt for offline games. 

In that case, you can play the card game garbage with the help of a standard deck of cards – a standard deck has 52 cards and Jokers. Additionally, you will require the following deck of cards,

  • One card deck for two players.
  • 2 card decks for four or even three players.
  • 3 card decks for five or more players. 

Dealing The Cards: How To Deal Cards In Garbage?

Dealing The Cards

The purpose of the garbage card game is that you have to get all your cards arranged in a sequence, beginning with your Ace card. It starts with shuffling your deck first and then eventually dealing about 10 cards to every player. Your chosen dealer should begin with a single card for the player sitting on their right. 

After this, the dealer has to continue in a clockwise direction around the whole group. The process will be repeated until all the participants get 10 cards each. During this point, all cards will be facing down.  

Once the participants receive their 10 cards, they can choose to lay these out in two ways.

  • To have a single row inclusive of 10 cards.
  • To have 2 rows inclusive of 5 cards each.

Since the game’s purpose is to just arrange the cards sequentially, your layout will matter. For example, while playing the garbage card game, your first card will have to be an Ace, followed by a ‘1,’ and so on – this will continue till your reach ‘10.’ 

Your remaining cards will be facing down right at the center – you can draw cards from here. This pile of cards is called the Trash Pile or the Garbage Heap – and yes, this is exactly where the simple card game gets its name from!

Now that you have a fair idea about Garbage and how the cards are dealt let’s find out how to play garbage card game. It’s as easy as other simple card games like Go Fish or even Cribbage. So without wasting any time, scroll down and check out the basic rules you need to follow for not just playing this game but acing it every time you play it!

Game Play:

Game Play

According to the card game garbage rules, player number 1 will take the card on top of the main draw pile. In case it happens to be any number card, then the player will have to place the same in its corresponding place, and that too in their number line, flipping and then removing the one occupying its position instead. 

After that, the player will have to get the flipped card – if applicable, then this card has to be placed by the player in its actual corresponding spot. 

For instance, if player number 1 is drawing a ‘5,’ then they will have to flip the card from its corresponding spot and instead place the ‘5’ in that particular spot. In case the flipped card turns out to also be a number card, then it will have to be moved to its corresponding position as well. 

Moreover, if the player gets a Queen or a Jack post-flipping, then they will discard the same since both Queens and Jacks are basically garbage. 

Since the game identifies a King as the wildcard, you can place the same in every position – plus, in this game, you can move your wildcards on different subsequent turns. 

Play Continuation And Winning:

Once you know how to play the card game garbage – as in at least how the game starts, it won’t be difficult to continue the game play based on the rules mentioned above. There’s just one exception in the play’s continuation. In this case, all payers will be able to choose cards from both the discarded pile and the draw pile. 

Once any player completes the whole ace to ten sequences, it’s almost over for the others. The other participants, at this point, will only get a single turn in order to tie the round.

Alternate Version:

In the alternate version of the Garbage card game, you will have to play extra rounds. Players who can complete the whole 10-cards sequence will be given 9 cards. In the same context, the players who failed to complete the 10-cards sequence will be again given 10 cards. The gameplay will stay the same.

However, in this case, the player who completes the sequence first will end up winning the round. Everyone who was able to complete the sequence will advance to the very next round, which will have a relatively lower number sequence. For instance, if any player completes 9 cards, he will now receive 8 cards. 

This will go on, until there’s only a single card to be flipped! 

And It’s A Wrap!

You no longer have to google things like ‘card game called garbage’ – instead, you can save this article for future use since this has all you need to know about playing the all-elusive Garbage Card Game! It’s a simple game of cards – and the best part? You can play this game with both kids and adults!

Tell us what you think about this easy-to-play game of cards – don’t forget to share your past experiences with us in the comments below.

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