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How To Play Crazy Eights Card Game? A Step-By-Step Guide [Updated 2023]

| November 15, 2022 | How To

Did you know that the Crazy Eights card game is one of the most fun card games you can play? In fact, the game can easily be played between 2 to 7 players. The purpose? You just have to become the first person to get rid of all your cards. 

Similar to games like Mau Mau and Switch, the crazy eights was originally played amongst children with leftover cards from a game of Euchre. Now, players obviously use your regular deck comprising 52 cards when there are 5 or even less number of players – in case there are more than 5 players, you can use two decks comprising 104 cards once you have shuffled them all.

But how will you play the game if you don’t know how! Don’t worry, we are here to help. Keep reading to find out how you can learn to play this game right. 

How To Play Crazy Eights Card Game? A Step-By-Step Guide [Updated 2023]

Card games like Crazy 8s and Go Fish are fun – in fact, if you are looking for the perfect game akin to crazy eights, then you can definitely check out Go Fish!

So without wasting any more time, let’s get started with a round of the classic Crazy Eights card game! Simply get hold of a standard deck of cards and a few players – but before that, don’t forget to scroll down to check out how to play crazy 8 in a few simple steps. 

Setting Up:

The first round of the crazy eights card game will begin with shuffling and dealing the cards. Just get hold of a standard deck of cards and shuffle the same thoroughly. While dealing the cards, make sure you are starting on your left – you have to deal 8 cards each to all the players, and that too one card at a time. 

In a majority of card games, including Crazy Eights, the dealer always starts dealing from the left. In case only two people are playing, you have to deal 7 cards instead of 8. Similarly, if there are six or more players, simply use two decks shuffled together.

The Remaining Cards:

Once you have dealt the cards to each player, you will have some remaining cards – place these cards in the middle. When each person has received 8 cards, make sure the remaining cards are set face down in the middle – these remaining cards will form your draw pile. 

In case you cannot play some cards during the game, you will be able to draw from this pile until you get one you can play. The card on the top of your draw pile needs to be turned over and set right beside this pile – this will form your discard pile. For instance, if an eight begins off your draw pile, you can reshuffle and then flip for a new card to start. 

Match Suit Or Rank To Play Cards:

match the suit

The Crazy Eights card game is all about discarding your cards first. In order to get rid of your cards, you have to either match the suit (♠,♦,♥,♣) or the rank (A, K, 10, 4, etc) with any card in your hands. This card will then be placed right on top of that discard pile while the turn is passed to the person sitting on your left.

In most card games, including this one, the player sitting on the dealer’s left starts the game once all the cards have been dealt. Also, eights are considered to be wild cards – when you are playing an eight, you are declaring a new suit. There are even versions of this game that restrict participants from ending the game on an eight. 

In The Absence Of No Playable Cards…

If you do not have matching cards with you, then what? In that case, the crazy 8 rules says you will have to draw cards from that draw pile. And you have to keep doing this until you have at least one playable card. After you get a playable card, you can play that one and continue the game. 

Some versions of the crazy eights card game allows players to draw just a single card per turn. In fact, the rules for drawing these cards can be easily determined based on the preferences of the players. 

Counting Points When The Draw Pile Runs Out:

It’s highly possible that your draw pile might get over, even before the round is over. But that’s the fun part – this happens to signal the end of the game. The player who has the least number of points but not necessarily the least amount of cards with them will end up winning. 

In fact, all the numbered cards, inclusive of aces, are all worth the same as their pips. Then the court cards (J, K, Q) are all worth ten points each, but you must be wondering about the eights! Guess what? The eight are all worth fifty points. In fact, the player who wins ends up receiving. a killer winning score. The winning score is equivalent to the difference in points between the winner’s hand score and the hand score of all the other players. 

Another What If?

But what happens when any player ends up running out of cards? According to the rules of the crazy eights card game, when any player ends up running out of hands, their hand is simply over. Every individual player should be able to determine the exact score of their cards. 

This is because the winner of the round will add the total points for each person in order to obtain the winning score. While doing so, always keep in mind that all numbered cards, inclusive of aces, are equivalent to ‘the number of pips’, the court cards are worth ten points, and the crazy eights are worth fifty points each. 

And It’s A Wrap!

So now you know how to play a round of the Crazy Eights card game! That’s great, considering this is one of those simple card games you can play with your friends in the absence of the internet, especially if you are out camping in nature or traveling by train. And if you are a lover of card games just like we are then you don’t need an excuse to learn the same! 

In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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