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Understanding Uno Flip Rules: How to Play Uno Flip and Win

| May 24, 2024 | How To

Before we start talking about Uno Flip rules, let’s take a moment to appreciate how Mattel just took a classic card game and transformed it entirely with crazy twists!

It’s the perfect card game for anyone who already loves the original Uno and anyone else who has never tried the game out. Since Uno Flip comes with a double-sided deck, players can play two different games with a single deck.

Today, we are going to look at Uno Flip and discuss the standard gameplay, rules, and more. But do you know what’s the most interesting about this article? We have also included some of our secret winning strategies that can help you win Uno flip, even if it’s your first time.

So, without wasting time, let’s get started. 

Uno Flip: What Is It? 

Uno Flip_ What Is It

Uno Flip is not very different from the original Uno classic – it’s one of many versions of the iconic matching game with colorful playing cards. The point is to match colors and numbers to lose cards from your hand.

The player who gets rid of all the cards in their hand fastest emerges as the winner. So, the objective of the game is to get rid of all the cards and emerge as a winner.

So, what’s different about Uno flip? It’s just like the original game, except it comes with some extra competitiveness. Enters the Flip card – the card that can turn all your cards over, including your draw pile. Basically, with this flip card, your whole game can take a brand-new direction. 

To make matters interesting, an Uno flip card comes with a dark side and a light side – while the dark side has a dark border, the light side also has a light border. 

Uno Flip Rules

The Uno Flip rules are simple to learn.

A single round of this card game starts with playing the light side. Every player gets 7 cards – 1 card at a time. After the cards are given, the remaining deck of cards is placed at the center. The topmost card of the remaining deck of cards is flipped up to begin the discard pile of cards.



The objective of Uno Flip is to become the first player to lose all cards in your hand. As per the Uno Flip rules, it is possible for players to put down cards matching the topmost card on the discard pile. In fact, cards that match in color or number can be put on top of it as well. 

So, if the topmost is a yellow 4, and you have a yellow 8, then you can still play it. Similarly, if you had a red 4, then you could have also played that. Naturally, the color would have changed in that case.

Special Cards

Special Cards

The Uno Flip rules are not very different from the standard Uno rules. Moreover, just like there are some special cards in Uno, the same cards are also there in Uno Flip. There’s only one additional special card in Uno Flip – the Uno Flip card. 

Here’s what each of the special cards in Uno Flip does:

Skip Card

We all know what the skip card does – it’s the card that comes with a crossed-over oval. You can play a skip card either on a previous skip card or on a matching-colored discard card. When you play the skip card, the player next to you loses their turn.

Reverse Card

The reverse card comes with arrow symbols for the reverse option. You can play the reverse card either on a previous reverse card or on a matching-colored discard card. When you play the reverse card, the direction of the game changes. So, if the gameplay was moving in a clockwise direction, it changes to an anticlockwise direction.

Draw 1 Card

The Draw 1 card has a Plus 1 symbol on it. You can play the Draw 1 card on a matching-colored discard card. You can also play the same on a previous Draw 1 card. When you play this card, the player who is next to you will have to draw another card from the draw pile. 

Wild Card

Wild Card

The wild card comes with an oval, and that too in 4 different colors. When you play the Wild card, the player playing it must mention a color. Now, the player who is next must play another card in the same stated color. 

Wild Draw 2 Card

The Wild Draw 2 card appears to be very similar to the Wild Card and has the Plus 2 sign printed on top of it. If you play this card, then you will have to state a specific color. After that, the player who is next must draw two more cards and then play a card of the same color as stated by the previous player.

However, if the player next to you has a Wild Draw 2 card, then they can play it, and then the player next to them will have to draw 4 cards.

Flip Card

Coming to the Uno Flip card, this one’s crucial – it’s not just special, but it is the most important card, considering the game is named after him.

As per the Uno Flip rules, you can play the flip card on any matching-colored discard. Once you play this case, you can flip the deck. As a result, all the decks are flipped – the discard pile, the draw deck, and the cards of the players.

This basically means you and the other players have to now play the game with values on the opposite of the cards.



The simplest way to end the game is to declare the person who won the most rounds as the winner. But if you want to be serious about the game, then you can also score each player and find the winner.

As per the official Uno Flip rules, scoring depends on the cards a player has in their hands. Here are the different values of the flip cards: 

  1. Cards 1 to 9: Face Value. 
  1. Draw +1 Card: 10 Points. 
  1. Skip Card: 20 Points. 
  1. Reverse Card: 20 Points. 
  1. Draw +5 Card: 20 Points.
  1. Flip Card: 20 Points. 
  1. Wild Card: 40 Points, 
  1. Skip Everyone Card: 30 Points. 
  1. Wild Draw +2 Card: 50 Points, 
  1. Wild Draw Color Card: 60 Points. 

Here, the first player to score 500 points wins the game! 

Challenging A Player in Uno Flip

Challenging A Player in Uno Flip

In Uno Flip, there is this element of trust. You won’t be able to know for sure whether a player is playing a Wild Draw + 2 card without having any matching card in hand. So, when you suspect fraud, you can challenge a player. 

Once you challenge a play, the player must show their hand, as per the official Uno Flip rules. If you are right about a player lying about not having any matching cards, then they will have to draw 2 new cards. 

However, if you turn out to be wrong and the player is not cheating, then you will draw 4 cards in total. So, you should think through in case it might not be worth the risk of getting 4 other cards just for the sake of exposing any player who might just be lying.

Uno Flip Rules for Online Version

Uno Flip Rules for Online Version

Yes, there is an online version of Uno Flip as well! The Uno Flip rules for the online version are super easy, and you can also come across free games that work well both as downloads and on your browser.

The rules for the online version differ slightly from those for the original game. However, the game’s objective remains the same. You will have to be the first to lose your cards and subsequently win the game.

Here, you just must check a little if the free online version is Uno since there are some similar games that can claim to be Uno online. However, most of these games are just versions of the actual game with other names. Now, this might not be an issue for you. But just ensure that you know what game you are playing and that you are aware of the game and its rules.

Moreover, the online multiplayer version of Uno allows players to create rooms and play the game. That way, you can invite your friends to your chat room and play the game. In fact, you and your friends can access these chat rooms from different devices as well.

The App

YES! There is an app as well! 

There are free apps for both Android and iOS users. So, you can use the Uno Flip app to play the game on your tablet or smartphone for free. Moreover, you can join your friends or meet new people to play the game. 

How To Win Uno Flip? Winning Strategies!

How To Win Uno Flip_ Winning Strategies

Now that you understand Uno Flip rules clearly, let’s talk about winning strategies! 

You must remember that the element of luck plays a huge role in this game. Unless and until you tamper with the deck, you cannot tell what cards you are about to receive. But at the same time, it is imperative that you use the cards you are getting to your advantage.

So, keeping that in mind, let’s check out some of the top strategies to win this game! 

1. Always Keep Your Eyes on Your Opponents

You don’t know what your opponents have received, but you can find out how many cards they have in their hands. As a result, you can use the Skip card or Reverse card to ensure that your opponent is losing a turn. 

Simultaneously, you can also use other special cards like Draw 2 or Draw 4 to make your opponents pick more cards and delay their win in the process.

Also, if you see that one of your opponents keeps on changing a particular color, then that is the color you must avoid. Here, you must keep changing those colors your opponents keep on avoiding. At the same time, check which color is making your opponents draw cards every time – here, you have to stick to those colors.

2. Keep Scores on Your Hand Low

Once the gameplay begins to progress, the objective becomes clear – someone will get rid of their cards first and win.

At such a point, you don’t need to keep a high-scoring card in your hand. In fact, many people believe that a good Uno Flip strategy is to just get rid of all their high-scoring cards as soon as possible.

At least try doing this, especially when you can see that some of your opponents are close to clearing their hand, and you still have some cards left. 

3. Some Cards Are Good to Keep

If you receive a Draw 4 and Draw 2 cards, then it is smart to keep them for some time. You can easily use these cards during emergencies and stop others from winning by making them draw new cards.

Also, consider retaining these cards for the flip round to begin. These will be more useful once the cards are flipped, and the game starts with the darker side.

4. Change Color Whenever It Is Possible

Changing color during gameplay comes with multiple advantages. 

When you change the color randomly during gameplay, it stops players from following their plans and getting rid of multiple cards in their hands. 

Moreover, it is more difficult to find out what you have in hand when you keep changing the color. This method can lead to a much better diversion in your hand. As a result, you will be able to maximize your chance of retaining a good card when you need it. 

You can also use a Wild Card to change the color. While doing so, choose a color that is not obvious. Be a little brave, and don’t choose the color you have the most in your hand. You never know – it might just lead to the most surprising results.

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