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BONUS888 – Asia’s Biggest Online Casino Review In 2022

| May 30, 2022 | Casino Review

Online Casino games are increasingly becoming popular across the world in comparison to land-based casinos. According to the Guardian, there are over 160 million people who like playing casino games online, and the number is growing. One such reputed casino gaming platform is Bonus888.

If you are here today, I am sure you are looking for a detailed review on Bonus888, isn’t it? So I am here with an updated guide detailing its features, pros, cons, earning mechanism, and playing procedure.

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What Is Bonus888?

What Is Bonus888

Bonus888 is a Malaysia-based online casino platform. If you navigate to their official website, you will land in a destination full of unlimited game options, bonus offers, daily missions, social sharing buttons, etc. On the homepage, there is a live transaction table which is really helpful for the players to understand the real-time scores. Bonus888 claims to be Asia’s largest online casino and one of the best hubs for earning passive income. 

Features Of Bonus888

Features Of Bonus888

Once you land on the Bonus888 website you might get lost amongst the plethora of displayed options and features. Let me tell you that it has really cool features and money-earning options you may have never come across before.

Here are those:

➼ Live Casino

Bonus888 is a live casino playing hub providing you real-time gambling and dealing experience. With a range of enhanced functionalities, you can enjoy 

➼ Get Passive Income

Play the games and win to earn money every day. You can deposit or withdraw the amount but in Malaysian currency, i.e., RM. The best part is the range of bonus earning offers from where you can make a fat bonus888 ewalet. 

➼ Free Credit Upon Joining

The website claims to send credits after registering with them. So you can earn money just upon joining without even playing anything. 

➼ Licensed Website

Bonus888 characterizes itself as a licensed website with no connection to malware or viruses. It also states that the gambling business it runs is completely legal as well as permitted just like Placepots

➼ Live Fast Response

While playing an online casino on Bonus888, you need to communicate with the co-players. On this website, the responses are real-time and quite fast which keeps the pace of the game super smooth. 

➼ 50K Players

Bonus888 is a large network with more than 50K players worldwide. So, you don’t need to be concerned about its popularity.

➼ Social Sharing

 You can link your social profiles and share the scores with the world. Also, by copying your referral link and sharing it on social sites, you will get to earn a bonus

➼ Constant Assistance

Bonus888 states that their help desk is serious about players’ grievances. However, we are unsure about it since there is no existing review.  

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Earn Passive Income

Earn Passive Income

Online casino games like Betfair and Dream Vegas have mostly replaced their brick-and-mortar counterparts as a result of the digital revolution. Gamblers over the world prefer to play their games on digital sites rather than leave the comfort of their homes. 

One of the main reasons for the proliferating popularity of this game is the simplicity with which the platforms may be accessed. You may win a lot of money just by using your internet. Although it’s a web-based platform, you can access the Bonus888 website from both smartphone and computer.

You will get your first credit after signing up with them which will be sent to your bonus888 com e walet. After that, as you win the games, you will earn money in Malaysian currency. There are options like Deposit and Withdraw which make the procedure hassle-free. Apart from these, similar to Slotguru, the myriad of bonus offers here will help you make extra cash. 

Pros And Cons Of Bonus888

So, here is a reality check of Bonus888. There are no existing reviews of the website which marks a security concern. So, we have analyzed it in detail, and here is our evaluation – pros and cons of Bonus888.  

Take a quick look at the table below:

Pros Cons
Earn passive income through games, referrals, bonus offers, etc. I personally am not a big fan of the website design. It could have been made a lot simpler. 
There is a real-time score board displayed on the websiteSome options on the website are in Malaysian language. It’s a problem for non-Malay players
Deposit or withdraw the winning amounts in bonus888 e walet The website sometimes takes longer times to load

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I Need To Pay Any Money To Register With Bonus888?

Apparently, you do not need to pay any amount while registering with Bonus888. Rather you will get credit after signing up.

2. Is Bonus888 A Scam?

It seems that Bonus888 is not a scam. Nevertheless, there is no existing review on it.

3. Does Bonus888 Contain Virus?

Bonus888 claims itself to be a secured and licensed website which has no link with any malicious website.

4. Can Someone Under 18 years Play On Bonus888?

Yes, there are no age restrictions on this online casino site. You just have to register yourself with the account to get started and then use the Bonus888 login button while signing in. 

Our Verdict

That’s all about Bonus888. After assessing the website and checking its features, we can say that it apparently doesn’t seem to be a scam. But as there is no existing review of it, we are waiting for some. In the meantime, you can try it out and do not forget to let us know your experience in the comment area below.  

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