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Are There Better Chances Of Winning On Buy Bonus Slots?

| December 8, 2023 | Casino Guides

It has become far more common that it is possible to buy bonus features and free spins on slots not on GamStop. As you know, the bonus features can be important to get the chance to win big, but do you have a better chance of winning on the buy bonus slots?

How Slots With Buy Bonus Work at Non-GamStop Casinos?

The buy bonus slots work so that you can buy the bonus feature or the bonus game by paying an additional bet. On many of these slots, you will then get a spin where you are guaranteed a certain number of Bonus Scatters so that the bonus game is activated, or you are taken directly to the bonus game.

How high the price is depends on which game you play, and of course also how advanced the bonus game is. For example, a bonus game with free spins where you have several additional features such as Multiplier Wilds or Walking Wilds will be more expensive than a bonus game where you only have simple Free Spins without other features. There may also be differences in the price depending on how many free spins you receive. This is perhaps the most common reason for price differences on Buy Bonus slots.

Is There an Advantage With Buy Bonus Slots Online?

One can of course get the impression that the Buy Bonus is an effective way of increasing the chance of winning. However, it is far from that simple. On some slots, Buy Bonus or bonus purchases can increase the chance of winning by giving you a higher Return to Player or payout percentage. As is well known, the payout percentage is a measure that shows how much of all bets are paid out as winnings over time. When this increases, you will have a better chance of winning.

On many slots, it is actually the case that the Return to Player is unchanged when you use bonus purchases. With other slots, you may actually end up with a lower Return to Player. On these slots, you will therefore have a lower chance of winning when you use Buy Bonus or bonus purchases to activate slot functions or bonus games.

We cannot therefore say that the Buy Bonus gives you an advantage. Whether it gives you an advantage depends on which slot you want to try. It is therefore important to read slot reviews to see if bonus purchases can give you an advantage on the slots. Alternatively, you can open the game rules on the game and see how the RTP or payout percentage will change when using the Buy Bonus.

Buy Bonus Slots Online

In many non-GamStop casinos, the lobby has a separate category for slots with bonus purchases. This means that you can easily find these slots. However, it can of course be time-consuming to find the slots where bonus purchases give you a better chance of winning. That is why we have created this guide so that you can easily find slots with bonus purchases where you can actually get an advantage.

Buy Bonus on the Money Train 2 Game

The Money Train 2 slot from Relax Gaming is a very popular game among many players. There is a good reason for that. If you play normally on this game, you have a Return to Player of 96.40%, which is good, but it will be far better with the Buy Bonus. If you choose to buy the bonus game, you increase the Return to Player to 98.00%.

Bonus purchase on Elemento Slot

The well-known game studio Fantasma Games is behind the slot Elemento. This game is worth testing whether you like Candy Crush or Tetris. It is also a game that can be recommended if you want the opportunity to get an advantage with bonus purchases. If you play normally on this game, you have a good payout percentage of 96.33%, but if you buy the bonus game, the RTP will increase to 97.97%.

Buy Bonus Games at Mystery Hotel

Hacksaw Gaming has made many good slots, and several of these have bonus purchases available. Perhaps the best game is Mystery Hotel. An RTP of 96.30% is basically very good for online slots. But, it can always be better. If you choose to buy the bonus game on the Mystery Hotel game, you will be able to play with a payout percentage of 97.62%.

Chances of Winning on Games With Bonus Purchases

Choosing slots with a bonus purchase can be a way to get a better chance of winning, but this does not apply to all slots. Therefore, you should examine the game rules on the game before you choose to buy bonus games or bonus features on a game. If you are curious to see how the game works in practice, you can choose a new casino so that you get a bonus. It can be expensive to use the Buy Bonus, but if you have topped up your player account with a welcome bonus, you can try to increase the RTP with bonus purchases.

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