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How To Play Baccarat In Casino Games – Step By Step Guides In 2021

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A lot of money will quickly change hands if you know how to play Baccarat. This is an exciting game, with a lot of fun and a lot of suspense. 

There is no particular strategy involved that will help you to win this game. Instead, you will need to take the help of your dumb luck to win this game of chance.

What Is Baccarat?

It is an exciting gambling card game in which each player has two or three-card hands. For example, in each round in a Baccarat game, there can be three outcomes: banker, tie, and player. When one of the players has the highest remainder of the cards after its value is divided by 10, he wins. 

The dealer is responsible for most of the work, so in this traditional roller game, all you need to do is count on your luck and know the rules. You can play for lower stakes and higher stakes with equal fun and excitement because Baccarat allows everyone to play. You never know who will go home rich if you know the rules and techniques of the game correctly.

How To Play Baccarat? A Step-By-Step Guide

Firstly, you must know that you can either bet your money on the player’s side or the banker’s side. There is no hard and fast rule to place your bet on which side you want to choose. But, you must select the place on which you want to bet before the dealer deals the cards.

Then, the dealer will deal two cards; one to the banker and another to the player. The player will draw one of the cards and will put it on the player’s box. In the same way, the banker will also draw one card and put it on the banker’s box. The second round of car dealing will continue once the first round is over.

Remember, the ace card is 1 point, the face cards and tens are off 0 points, and other cards have their face values as their points. So, after the dealer is done dealing with the cards, he will announce the total points of the player’s side and the banker’s side. 

If the first two sets of games have 8 or 9 points either on the banker’s side or on the player’s side, one of them will win. If it is more than 10, then the 2nd digit will be the face value. If in one round, the total of the banker’s side is 15 (9+6), to win that round, your bet will have to be closer to 9.

Now, look at the total points before deciding whether the player gets a third card or not. If the player has 8 or 9 points, there is no third card option for them anymore, But if the total is less than that, the player gets the 3rd card option. But, if the player has a point below 8 and 9, and the banker has precisely 8 and 9, then the bank wins. So, there is no 3rd card option eligible for the player in that instance.

Next, it’s essential to know the third card rules when it comes to the banker. For example, if a player has a 9, or 10, the banker can draw a 3rd card provided he has points worth 0-3. If the player has a 2 or 3, the banker can draw the 3rd card provided he has 0-4 points. 

Finally, your knowledge of playing Baccarat will complete once you learn to calculate the winning hand. If the banker has a closer to 9, then he wins, and vice versa. If the score is the same for both the banker and the player, it is a tie.

How To Play Baccarat And Win?

There are some additional rules to follow that will make you an expert on this game. If you want to know how to play Baccarat and win, you must know these tips. 

Always remember if anyone of the banker or player has a total score of 8, or 9, both of them stand. Nobody wins or loses if the banker has an 8, or the player has a 9, or the opposite.

If the player has 5 points or less, he will have the option of drawing a 3rd card. If the 3rd card option is not provided, the player still stands in the game.

If there is no option for drawing the 3rd card, the player will stand. If the player stands, the banker has to draw 5 points or less similar to the player.

If the score is 8-1, the dealer will consider it as a tie. 

You don’t have to remember everything because, for first-timers, Baccarat may sound complicated. But, there will be scoresheets on your table to keep track of your score. So, you can ask the dealer about it. 

How To Play Baccarat With Some Tricks?

Indeed Baccarat is a game of luck, and it has nothing to do with skill or strategies, But casino experts have revealed some tricks that will better your chances to win this game. 

The 1324 Baccarat strategy will be easy because you place the 1, 3, 2, and 4, respectively. You can also bet 10, 30, 20, 40, or more depending on how higher your stakes are, but in this exact order. It works because if you lose the 1st bet, you lose 1 unit. If you lose the 2nd bet, you lose 2 units, but if you lose the 3rd bet, you have a profit of 2 units. If you win both 3rd, and 4th bets, your profit will be 10 units. 

The Martingale Baccarat strategy will increase your knowledge to the expert level on how to play Bacarrat. When you win one round, make the same amount of bet again, but double your amount when you lose one round. It’s effortless to understand, but if the betting money amount is even, only this strategy works the best.

Finally, the Paroli Baccarat Strategy is precisely opposite to the Martingale strategy. If you win one round, double your amount, but bet the same amount if you lose one round. 

Signing Off

Now you must be an expert on playing Baccarat. But it will be wise not to push your luck any further if you have already won three rounds. Don’t be greedy, but be persistent. Apply these tricks on your regular Baccarat games, and the goddess of luck will keep on smiling down on you. 

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