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Drunk Uno Is Better Than Regular Uno: At Least You Know You Will Get Do Shots!

| May 24, 2024 | Casino Guides

Do you love to play Uno? We love it, too! But you know what’s more fun – Drunk Uno! Yes, yes, yes – it exists! We tried playing Uno while drinking. While the idea seems great, it is really feasible to play the game. The setup itself becomes a little difficult – but on top of that, the rules confuse everyone playing, thanks to our blurry consciousness.

So, when we found out that you can buy the Drunk Uno Version, we immediately became very happy!

After all, it is sort of a tradition for most of us. Typically tucked away at the back of shelves and in dusty boxes, Uno is a card game we have been familiar with since childhood. It’s a simple and fun game. The best part? Just add some drinks, and the game turns out to be one of the most entertaining drinking games of all time. 

Drunk Uno has only one purpose – to transform a classic card game into a fantastic drinking game – it’s fun, it’s social, and it’s exciting. All we needed was our Drunk Uno set and some alcohol! The game definitely spiced up our game night.

Of course, there are other fun drinking games on the market. But there’s something so nostalgic about playing Uno.

TBH, for us, it was one of the most nostalgic ways to lose our sobriety. The game’s drunk version is similar, except there are some changes. For instance, if you draw a Skip card, then the skipped player has to take a shot.

So, here we are writing a blog documenting our experience with Drunk Uno. We honestly had so much fun that we wanted to recommend this exciting drinking game. Stay tuned! 

Drunk Uno Rules: Here’s How to Play Drunk Uno! 

Drunk Uno Rules

So, we figured you are ready to play Drunk Uno. After all, you don’t need much – just a deck of Uno cards, shot glasses, some of your friends, and your favorite alcohol. In the party variation of the game, you will play the traditional Uno with some intoxicating new rules coming into play.

We have covered all that you need to know about this exciting drinking game. Stay tuned and sip away to the top (or even bottom) of this competition.


Number of Players 2 players, 3 to 6 players, and 7 to 12 players. 
Noise Levels Low to Medium. 
Complexity Low to Medium. 
Level of Drunkenness High (Take it easy.) 
Duration Under 30 minutes. 
Focus On Luck. 
Location Indoor card game. 
Materials A deck of Uno cards, alcohol, and shot glasses. 


Before we begin, here’s a small disclaimer that you need to keep in mind: 

  • Stick to wine, beer, or anything that suits you well while playing a drunk version of the game. Typically, Uno games go on for a long time. As a result, it is not safe or good to take shots for every single penalty that a player gets during gameplay. So, it is better to begin with a few before you can switch to a non-alcoholic drink like water.
  • Always be responsible while drinking, especially when you are in the middle of a drinking game. Remember that there is nothing actually wrong with switching to juice, water, or anything non-alcoholic if you are not feeling very hot.

But First, Standard Uno Rules to Remember: 

But First, Standard Uno Rules to Remember

Everyone loves Uno – it’s a fact, due to the simple reason anyone can play the game in large or small groups with around 3 to 10 players.

Moreover, it takes hardly any time to explain the rules of the game, or even to learn the same, for that matter. In fact, it can get really frustrating to teach your friends a new game of cards. No matter how well you explain, we all have that one friend who is just not able to understand.

But somehow, we have seen that with Uno, things are different – it is not just easy to explain, but most importantly, easy to learn.

The objective? To get rid of the cards in your hand. The player who gets rid of all the cards in their hands first wins the round.

In a round of Uno, players have to play a matching color or number card from their hands to match the card on the discard pile’s top. The fun part of the game comes from the special cards – the skip card, the reverse card, and, of course, the wild cards.

If you don’t have any cards to match a certain number or color, you have to take cards from the draw pile until you can do so. 

Setting Up: 

Setting Up

Setting up for Drunk Uno is not very different from setting up for standard Uno. In both cases, you need a deck of Uno cards and your friends. However, to make the game exciting, add some shot glasses and your favorite alcohol to the mix.

Apart from the equipment setup, here’s how you can choose the dealer and subsequently deal the cards to the players.

  1. To choose the dealer, all of you can just draw cards from the deck of Uno cards. The player who gets the highest number can become the dealer. Please note that action cards happen to be higher than the other cards. Also, if any two players pick the same card and tie it, then each player has to draw another card.

Here’s how the action cards in Uno are ranked:

Drunk Uno Rules (infographic)
1 to 10 Standard Ranking based on numbering. 
Reverse Higher than 10. 
Skip Higher than Reverse. 
WildHigher than Skip. 
Draw 2 Higher than Wild. 
Draw 4 Higher than Draw 2. 
  1. Each player will get 7 cards – these cards are kept facing down. Once 7 cards are given to each player, the dealer has to flip the card on top of the deck.
  1. The player sitting on the dealer’s left will start the game. The game always starts in a clockwise direction. However, if someone uses the reverse card to change the direction of the gameplay, then obviously, the direction changes to anticlockwise.

Drunk Uno Rules: 


Now that we have talked about standard Uno rules let’s address the special Drunk Uno rules.

  1. If someone forgets rules or asks questions, then they will have to take a shot. 
  1. If someone loses a turn due to the skip card or just misses a turn, then take a shot. 
  1. In case someone plays a Draw 2 card, then the next player has to draw 2 cards and take 2 shots. 
  1. In case someone plays a Draw 4 card, the next player has to draw 4 cards and take 4 shots. 
  1. If you don’t have a matching color or number card, then draw a new card and take a shot.
  1. If you don’t say Uno after the last card is played, then take 4 shots. 
  1. In case you are able to play a card of the same action and color, then everyone takes a shot.
  1. If you have the greatest number of cards at the end, then you will have finished a beer.
  1. For blank Wild cards, you can get creative and create your own rule. 

Tips To Remember While Playing Drunk Uno: 

Tips To Remember While Playing Drunk Uno

Here are some tips to consider while playing Drunk Uno with your friends: 

Other Versions Of Uno

There are some manufacturers or sellers of Uno, such as Dunzo, that you can easily purchase online. You just must remember that these card games come with their unique rules as well as regulations.

The rules we have talked about in this blog only apply to Drunk Uno. So, check what card game you are playing – the rules may vary from version to version.

Don’t Push Your Limit, Or Others for That Matter: 

Everyone has their own level of tolerance – you are aware of your tolerance level. So, if someone tries to pressure you into drinking beyond your tolerance level, don’t actually go beyond it.

This is because drinking beyond what you can tolerate can lead to injuries, sickness, or even death. Moreover, excessive drinking can also lead to addiction. So, please don’t go beyond your tolerance level or push someone else into doing so.

Don’t Break Laws

This one is vital – do not end up doing something illegal for the sake of playing a drinking card game. It is actually illegal for minors to drink any alcoholic beverage. For instance, in the United States of America, it is illegal to drink if you are not 21 yet. So, it’s best to avoid playing Drunk Uno if you are a minor, as per your country’s rules. 

Similarly, it is illegal to drink and drive – it’s not illegal; it’s also deadly and dangerous. Don’t forget that alcohol actually messes with your judgment and reflexes. So, instead of risking your license or hurting anyone (including yourself), it’s always better to have a designated driver, or just grab a cab when the game is over.

Are These Drunk Rules Official? (Or Can You Make Up Your Own Rules?) 

Are These Drunk Rules Official

So, the question here is – are these Drunk Uno rules official? So, there is no official rules for playing Drunk Uno considering it is not an actual game. Instead, it’s a popular version of the game that has been created by the people, for the people.

Now, we are pretty sure that most games can have their own alcoholic twist. Naturally, the twist you will add to a game to make it fun might be different from the twist we might introduce for your friends. Moreover, once decks of Uno cards became staple at different parties and game nights, people started coming up with their own versions.

For instance, considering Uno first appeared in 1971, people were already playing the drunk version.

In addition, we have checked out several sources and come across different rule variations created by different friends’ groups across the globe. And at the end of the day, all these rules pretty much lead to the same thing with certain tweaks along the way, such as, drink-related actions association with the use of different action cards.

Create Your Own Rules: 

Yes – you can also create your own set of rules.

The best part here is that you can utilize your suggestion as a foundational point and then come up with your own rules. As a result, customize your rules – you can tweak the amount of alcohol that you need to consume for different card combinations. 

Non-Alcoholic Alternatives to Drunk Uno: Enjoy Responsibly!

Non-Alcoholic Alternatives to Drunk Uno

While you can play Drunk Uno only with alcoholic beverages, it is imperative that we promote responsible drinking. It is also vital to promote inclusivity – if someone doesn’t drink, then you can’t force them to drink just for the sake of playing this version of the game.

As a result, we always encourage people to consider different non-alcoholic alternatives. It doesn’t matter if you are someone who simply likes non-alcoholic options or the designated driver; there are several exciting and delicious alternatives that you can enjoy instead.

From a simple soda to refreshing mocktails and sparkling water, there are endless possibilities. You have to remember that the objective of the game is to have fun in each other’s company. So, try drinking responsibly and always be aware of your limits.

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