A Novice’s Guide To UNO Attack Cards Meaning And Gameplay

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UNO Attack is the newest chapter in the long line of UNO variations. However, the UNO attack cards are not similar to the classic UNO game. What are the differences between these cards, and what do they mean? Stick around to learn everything about this amazing game. 

UNO Attack Overview

UNO is one of the most famous card games of all time. It is so popular that it is lauded as the best and most played card game of all time, surpassing Phase 10. As a result, the game has several different variations available on the market. One such famous variation is the UNO Attack variation. 

The difference between your regular UNO and the UNO Attack is how the games are played. In the UNO attack, an electronic card shooter is used. The primary job of this electronic gadget is to shoot out the cards and add a sense of action to the game. If you go to the UK and the US, you will see that this game is Extreme UNO

However, UNO Attack is your regular UNO with a fresh coat of paint. Apart from a fancy gizmo and some extra cards, the gameplay and rules are mostly similar and reminiscent of old-school UNO.

The UNO Attack Cards And Their Meaning

UNO Attack is a fresh take on your classic UNO with extra cards and a fancy new launcher. Incorporating these two elements makes this game more intense and exhilarating. So, let us look at the new UNO Attack cards and gameplay and how they set this game apart from the classic UNO.


This cacard’srimary function is to reverse the direction of the game. Unlike Phase 10 or Sorry, UNO can be played clockwise or counter-clockwise. The game of UNO relies on this change of pace to spice things up.

For example, the game moves from left to right. It will move from right to left when you hit the reverse card. This fantastic card can help you choke the opponent who has been choking you. 


This is primarily an attacking card that is used to stop the person next to you from playing his or her hand. I love using this card to prevent the player with winning hands from attaining UNO. The skip card belongs to an old lot of UNO cards and has been a staple since the beginning. 

Hit Two

Hit Two is another attacking card that can be powerful if used at the right time. If you play the Hit Two card, the person next to you must draw two cards from the draw pile. The player loses their opportunity to play their hand. It is always the perfect idea to barrage the person next to you with a series of cards. Anyway, I suggest that you wait until then.

The ideal time to use this card is when your opponent is inching toward UNO. The best part about this card is that it can be paired. This means if you have more than one Hit Two card of the same color, you can pair them up and hit them simultaneously. 

Trade Hands

The Trade Hands card is a double-edged sword. Its primary function is to let you swap your hands with the player next to you. I wouldn’t say I like using this card unless I am pretty sure what I am getting at.

In some cases, using this card has left me in more of a scuffle than an advantageous position. Therefore, keep this card close and only consider using it when the person beside you has two cards.

However, in some variations, you can only hit an opponent with this card if they have three cards. Otherwise, things can become too easy for the person holding this card.

Discard All

This card allows you to discard all the cards of a singular color. For example, if you have a blue ‘d’scard all’ ‘ard, you can let go of all the blue cards in your hands. Therefore, it is an amazing card to have in your arsenal. T s is a great card that you can use in the middle of the game.

However, I suggest you only use this card when the respective color only has numerical cards. 


This is another staple card that is an all-time favorite. The wild card can be played on top of any card, regardless of color or suit. This power card lets you change the boboard’solor and continue playing.

Wild Hit Fires

This is another fantastic card to add to your arsenal. Similar to Wild, you can play it on top of any card.

As soon as you hit your opponent with this card, your opponent has to hit the launcher. Ca ds shoot out when the launcher is hit, and your opponent has to take those cards. This is an excellent card for choking your opponent. 

Wild All Hit

This card is similar to Wild Hit Fires. However, it chokes the person next to you and everyone on the board.

As soon as you hit this card, everyone except you will receive a specific number of cards. This is one of the most powerful cards you can possess, but it will also help you make enemies on the table.

End Note

There you have it—all the information you could possibly need about UNO Attack cards and their meaning. Understanding these will not only help you have more fun while playing but also help you play more effectively. 

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