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Biggest Villains Of Poker: Eric Molina Poker Punk & More 

| November 27, 2023 | Poker

Want to know some of the terrible poker villains of all time like Eric Molina Poker Punk? Well, this article is the perfect one for you. Let us dive right in to explore a list of the vilest of vile villains of the Poker world. 

Poker And Toxicity

I once heard a guy explain a room full of poker players as a ‘hospice for jer*ks”. At the time I felt that maybe it was a little too specific and on the nose. As a result, one day I walked into a room where Poker players congregate in order to play some game.

As soon as I walked in, a stench of smoke along with spilled alcohol burnt the insides of my nose. I gazed upon a room full of people rarely speaking but communicating nonetheless. There were beads of sweat accumulating on their foreheads. The dealer, like an orchestrator of chaos breaking the news of the player’s loss without any emotions. The person beside you either wants you to die out of poverty or is trying to rob you of everything you have. If there is hell anywhere on this planet, it is a room of poker players playing a high-stakes game. 

Well, that might be a little dramatic, but you cannot disagree when I say that the game of poker can get a little too toxic if the stakes are high enough. So, you need to be particularly desensitized and removed from the room in order to function.

If you are somebody who has been to a poker room, you will see huge amounts of money stacked on the table, with players droning and murmuring. While personally interacting with a dealer I learnt about some of the distinctive types of poker players. And one of the most prominent types was none other than the ‘mean’ archetype.

The mean or as adults will like to call it, ‘jer*ks’ are the worst type of poker players you will encounter. The reason why they are called the jerks is not because they win. But because of their attitude towards other people and sometimes to the dealer himself. If they win they will make sure to rub it in your face. If they lose it would be verbal abuse time. 

This article will look at some of those jerks including Eric Molina Poker Punk and other big names, just for the heck of it! Let’s go!

Biggest Je*ks Of Poker

Before we start off our list of rating some of the biggest villains of the poker world, we just want to clarify that the individuals we will be listing are in no rankings. All of these are equally bad and you do not need or want to meet them at a high-stakes poker tournament. With that out of the way, let us start our list by looking at some of the biggest j*rks of the poker world who have amazing ‘punchable faces’. Let us dive right in

Phil Hellmuth

The first person to grace our list includes the infamous Phil Hellmuth. An amazing Poker player but a terrible human being. Hellmuth is probably one of the few poker players who boasts 17 WSOP tournament victories. Still, due to his antics, he is popularly lauded as the ‘Poker Brat’. The moniker should be enough to tell you the kind of person Hellmuth must be. Sources suggest that once he called one of his opponents ‘Idiot from Northern Europe’. This was not the only time the man got a tad bit racist. On several other occasions, he verbally abused and threatened to burn down Rio. 2 out of 10 in being a good human.  

William Kassouf

An Englishman by birth, but rarely demonstrates the finesse of an Englishman. Back in 2016, Kassouf was nearly banned from the 2016 Main Event for pushing the boundaries of free speech. The Englishman was so aggressive in his speech play that he nearly brought one player to tears. This pissed off the whole table. Fellow player Griffin Benger told Khassouf to check his attitude before kicking him out of the event with a mediocre 17th-place finish. A fitting end, if you take my opinion. 

Shawn Sheikhan

Well, anybody who follows poker even mildly must have some memories of the infamous 2005 outburst of Shawn Sheikhan. If you ask me, that was the highlight of his career. The event that we are talking about is the 2005 Main event. During one of the rounds of poker, an argument ensued between Sheikhan and Mike Matusow, which ended being an expletive fille shouting match between two very angry poker players. Sheikhan is somebody who is known to harbor ill-temper, which is very apparent from his television appearances. Some sources suggest that Shawn also had some very public and embarrassing run-ins with the law. As a result, you will hardly hear from this foul-mouthed poker player. 

Eric Molina

How can the list even feel complete unless we discuss or dedicate a section for our very own Eric Molina Poker Punk? A Texan at heart, Molina supposedly started playing poker at the age of 18. Soon enough, the young man ended up loving the game and started competing in local events. As time passed by, he became better and better at his game. By the time he was 20, Molina already made a name for himself in the poker circuit as a very aggressive player who enjoyed cussing at his opponent and hated waiting. Even though Molina has been somebody who enjoys a fast game, he is known to slow-roll his opponents quite several times. As a result, he would often get into tussles with his opponents. 

End Note

With that, we have reached the list of all the biggest villains of the poker world like the infamous Eric Molina Poker Punk to foul-mouthed Sheikhan. Even though poker players are terrible human beings in general, these individuals are infinitely more terrible than the whole lot.  Keep following our page for more casino-related content. 

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