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Majestic Pride Casino Review: A World-Class Gaming Destination In Goa?

| March 22, 2023 | Casino Review

Ever since landing in Goa, we figured out that a trip to Goa would be incomplete without a visit to the Majestic Pride Casino. The advertisements were everywhere – in the airport, on big billboards by the road, and even behind buses. When a casino in India spends so much money on promotions, it means one thing – the House is ready to gamble.

And so were we – this was our first time at this luxury casino in Goa, and whoa, what a rewarding experience. Of course, there were things we loved and things we did not quite enjoy, but we would still recommend the casino to you. Stay tuned to find out why!

Exploring Majestic Pride Casino In Goa: The Journey

The Majestic Pride Casino is a close neighbor to Goa’s largest cruise casino, Deltin Royale. After visiting the legendary Deltin Royale, it was time to check the next spot on our bucket list – yep, none other than the majesty casino! But do you know what the best part was? When you google ‘cheapest casinos in Goa,’ Majestic Pride pops up on the top.

Since we always adore cheap entertainment, we now have more reason to visit this casino – scroll down and read about our experience.

1. How Did It Begin?

How to go majestic pride casino

The casino is located inside a million-rupee vessel of thirty thousand square feet – we spotted two floors for gambling entertainment, 27 gaming tables, and even an exclusive VIP room for all high-rollers. But how do you go on this cruise – scroll down to find out.

  1. You have to reach the capital city of Goa, Panjim.
  2. Then, book one cab and reach the Captain of Ports Jetty located in Panjim.
  3. From here, you have to book your entry to the Casino Majestic Pride and wait for five to ten minutes for a feeder boat.
  4. You will be taken to the casino on the feeder boat – and trust us, it will feel downright regal to be taken across the sea to a grandly-lit casino.

And boom, you will reach the casino! The architecture, the signage, and the outdoor lighting certainly drew us inside, but of course, there were certain things that we wish the casino would change. Stay tuned to find out.

2. Timing And Minimum Age For Entry

Timing And Minimum Age For Entry

Most floating casinos of Goa, like the Pride 2 Casino goa or Deltin Royale, are open 24/7, and Majestic Pride is no different. The casino stays open 24/7, and we totally loved this fact – because while traveling, not being able to reach on time is one thing less you have to worry about.

Since we were Indian citizens, we honestly faced no problems at the gates, but there were international guests who were asked to justify their foreign citizenship and passport. But again, it’s also about individual experiences – to each their own. Similarly, while we were able to pay with cards, some international guests were not allowed to do so and asked to pay in cash.

We found nothing related to the minimum age for entry on the official website of Majestic Pride. Instead, we had to depend on the information mentioned on third-party sites – these sites indicated that the minimum age for entering the gaming floor is eighteen.

However, after trying to contact the casino several times, Majestic Pride finally responded that the minimum age for entry is 21.

3. Photo Identification And Acceptable Modes Of Payment

Again, there was absolutely no information on the official website of Majestic Pride Casino about photo identification. For the second time, we had to plan the visit entirely based on what we could gather from other websites and our assumptions.

For Indian travelers like us, we can enter the casino with any of our government-issued photo identification documents like Voter ID, Driving License, or ADHAAR. Similarly, for all international travelers, a passport will be enough to enter the luxury casino.

If you think you will find a casino in Goa that accepts just cash, then you are absolutely wrong! And Majestic Casino is no different – we found that the casino accepts different modes of payment like net banking, payment via credit card, and payment via debit card. In case the staff does request you to pay in cash, do so only if you feel like it.

Exploring Majestic Pride Casino In Goa: The Details

Exploring Majestic Pride Casino In Goa

Now that you are aware of how to go to the Majestic Pride casino and related details let’s start talking about the casino packages, the available games, and more. If you are already planning a visit to the majestic casino poker room, then you are on the right track – just be a little careful because their website can definitely do some updating.

But thanks to us, you will have the details you need to visit this casino on your next trip to Goa – for now, scroll down and keep up with the cruise details.

Casino Packages

There’s only one package for you to avail once you are onboard the Majestic Pride Casino. Scroll down to find out the package details right now.

  1. Entry fee: 1000 rupees for adults and 500 rupees for teenagers in the age group of 15 to twenty years.
  2. Unlimited food buffet for everyone.
  3. Unlimited snacks and drinks on all gaming tables.
  4. Live entertainment daily between 9 to 11 pm.
  5. A special zone for kids and teens.

Perhaps, one of the best things about Majestic Pride is its relatively low entry fee – and surprisingly, the entry fee stays just the same every day.

Available Games

Majestic Pride offers multiple games that visitors can play to win real money. Scroll down and check out the available gaming options at the Majestic Pride casino.

Indian Games

The Indian games that you can play at the Majestic Casino are as follows,

  1. Mang Patta,
  2. Andar Bahar,
  3. Flush or Teen Patti, and
  4. Paplu Rummy (played with 27 cards).

International Games

The International games that you can play at the Majestic Casino are as follows,

  1. Slot Machines,
  2. Mini Flush,
  3. Tai Sai,
  4. 5-Card Poker,
  5. 3-Card Poker,
  6. Baccarat,
  7. Roulette,
  8. Casino War, and
  9. Blackjack.

Majestic Pride Casino: What Are Visitors On The Internet Saying?

Let’s check out what visitors on the internet are saying about Majestic Casino Pride – trusting us is great, but this Casino does have over 4000 Google reviews. So, we think going through some of these can help us do better. 

Review By Natal Gracias:

Loved everything about it. It’s a casino boat, kids are allowed only inside the boat, not in Kasino. There is an arcade where kids can play games. Kids from the age of 1 to 20 are not allowed in the casino. Unlimited food, games, dance performance, and live food counters. Liquor also is there. But one has to select the package, and according to that, you get service. The real fun starts from 7.30 p.m. to 2.00 a.m.

Review By Hareesh S:

Amazing place it won’t even feel like ships. 2 floors casino and unlimited food and Dj music and dance shows to enjoy at 4th floor.

Review By Sumanth B M:

It was fun to be at one of Goa’s finest Casinos. Majestic Pride Casino is filled with exciting games, delicious food, drinks, and special live performances. I had an amazing time there. It was a nice experience, and I love the way they service and a good place. Do get the coupon code which will help us with a 10% discount on the price.

Review By Dr. Yogesh Kakde:

Good place for a new experience, but avoid food. Food is included in the entry ticket, but don’t even try or touch any food items. Just go for the vibrant view and nightlife of Goa. Crowded place.

Our Verdict: Visit The Majestic Pride Casino, But Only When You Are Ready To Shell!

While the Majestic Pride Casino certainly spends a lot of money on advertisements, their architecture, and outdoor lights, the casino would do so much better if it started upgrading its staff service and working on keeping its promises. For instance, while returning, we did not get the drop to the pier as promised.

Tell us what you think about the Majestic Pride casino. And while sharing your thoughts, feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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