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The Knows And The Hows: Poker Flush

| November 17, 2023 | Poker

My father used to love poker, and he was also a person who loved mathematics. When asked why he loved Poker, he used to often reply saying that Poker is a game that amazingly brings the world of sequencing and luck together. So celebrating this unique game, we will look at the rules of a Poker flush and what it means.

What Is A Poker Flush?

What Is A Poker Flush

One of the first things that you need to know about Poker Flush is the fundamentals of the concept. From there, we will look at other aspects that will enable you to build a solid understanding of the concept. 

So, the primary thing that needs to be noted is that flush in poker happens whenever a player has five cards of the same suit. Again, the cards need to be of a singular suit for the flush to be valid. You do not need to worry about the numerical faces of the flush. You just need similar cards of a singular suit, and you have a flush.

But things are not at all as easy as it sounds. Even though numerical faces do not stop you from creating a flush sequence, they do determine the value of your flush. Something that will be discussed later on in this article. As of now, know that while comparing different sequences of flush, the highest card determines the value of your flush.

A flush is a very strong poker hand. Many a time, when you have a flush at hand, you can manage to win the whole pot. However, for that to happen, you definitely need to have a better understanding of how Flush works and how to get a flush. 

How To Rank A Poker Flush Hand?

Before diving deeper into the discussion of kinds of flushes and their value, we need to clarify how flushes work and how they are ranked overall. According to statistics shared by a study, there are around 5,108 combinations of flushes and a total of 1,277 poker flushes in the standard 52-card deck.

The overall value of a flush is primarily determined by the highest card in the sequence. It opens up the floodgates of sequencing. If more than one player has a flush hand, then the value of the flush will determine whether you are winning the pot or not. Like for example, if you have a Queen-high flush and your friend has a King-high flush, then the latter will beat the former. So, flush in poker is a two-way street or a double-edged sword. Once you get a flush, you need to worry about getting the highest flush in the game.   

Flush Poker Rules And Rankings

Flush Poker Rules And Rankings

According to the fundamentals of poker rules, flush in poker consists of a sequence of five cards. However, for a flush to succeed, the cards need to be of a similar suit. I mean, if you have created a sequence of 3 cards of diamond, the final two cards also need to be of diamond suit for the flush to succeed.  In poker, the basic suits include clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds. The overall order of the flush is irrelevant, as you only need to worry about the suit. 

In this section, we will look at some of the rankings of flush in poker and see which one will help you win the overall pot.

The Royal Flush

So, this is termed as the highest hand of flush. If you have a combination of A, K, Q, J, and 10 of a singular suit, then this hand of flush is called the Royal Flush. It does not matter which flush your friends have, you just won the pot. 

Straight Flush

So this flush is any five cards in sequence of the same suit. Here the sequencing matters, if your cards do not fulfill the sequencing requirement, then your card is not eligible to avail the benefit of straight flush. The Royal Flush is also a Straight Flush as well.

Four Of A Kind

When you have a hand of four cards of a similar rank accompanied by a slightly higher-ranking card, then it is called Four of a Kind flush.

Full House

Similar to that of a Four of a Kind, but the only difference is that there need to be three similar ranking cards in sequence, along with two different ranking cards. 


This is probably the simplest of all the flushes. Five cards of similar suits, irrespective of faces and sequence, is called a flush. 


So, this is a unique case of poker flush. Any five cards with a sequence but dissimilar suits will make up for a straight. This flush is very similar to the straight flush, but instead of looking at the sequence of a similar suit, it acknowledges the sequence of different suits. 

Three Of A Kind

In this form of Flush, three cards of similar sequence, along with two unrelated cards, is called a flush. This is one of the lowest-valued flush variations. 

One Pair

Two cards of similar rank, along with three unrelated cards, make up the one-pair poker flush. Try perfecting your one pair flushing in order to proceed slowly but steadily. If you know how to perfect one pair, you have gotten the fundamentals of the game perfectly.

High Card

So, this is one of the most unique forms of flush in the whole list. This is not concerned with sequencing, faces, or suits. In order to achieve this flush hand, all you have to do is to have the highest-ranking card or cards. The top five highest-ranking cards in poker include the ace, the king, the queen, the jack, and 10. 

Final Thought.

In summation, this was all you have to know about poker flush. The game of poker might seem like a game of luck, but if you analyze it closely, it is a game of mathematics and sequencing. Still, if you want to know more about poker and its nuanced world, do let us know. And keep following our page for more such casino-related content.

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