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What Are The Best Roulette Strategy For Casino Slots

| April 21, 2022 | Casino Guides

The Oklahoma casinos are well known for one of their longest-standing games, Roulette. And you should check out how players flock to the casinos for participating in this game with a table, spinning wheel, and a ball. But, of course, like most casino games, this one also has a lot to do with your luck. 

However, there is always so much more than you can do with the help of an effective strategy. You can increase your chances of doing better, which in casino language always means more opportunities for increasing your payout. Thus, if you are planning to hit the Oklahoma casinos or any casinos for that matter and try your hand at Roulette, it’s best that you have a few effective strategies up your sleeves. 

Keep reading to find the best Roulette strategy out there!

The Best Roulette Strategies Out There:

Looking for the most successful roulette strategy out there? You have arrived at the right destination! We are here to tell you all that you need to know about the same. Scroll down and find the most effective Roulette strategy out there,

The Martingale Strategy:

The Martingale Strategy

The specialty of the Martingale Strategy is that if you are playing Roulette in an Oklahoma casino, you are eventually set to win. And the rules? They are pretty simple – every time you are going to lose out on a hand, your bet doubles. Thus, even if you keep losing, the strategy plays out in a way that ultimately you will win, and the payout, in that case, will be big enough for you to reach a break-even point.

This roulette betting strategy is pretty good if you are new at this. But the only point here is that you will be required to spend quite an amount of money in the process. As a result, we would suggest that you find a table with a bet that’s minimal, especially if you are new at this. 

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The Grand Martingale Strategy:

At their cores, both the grand Martingale and the Martingale strategies are similar. There’s only one minor difference between both strategies, and that literally depends on the level of operation. Thus, the grand Martingale strategy just operated on a relatively bigger scale. 

In this case, for every bet that you lose, not only does your bet double, but also an additional amount equivalent to your actual bet gets added to the doubled bet. It is more than evident that the martingale roulette strategy is perfect for anyone who has enough money to spend at a casino. And the strategy does have plenty of possibilities to become profitable in the long run. 

The Reverse Martingale Strategy:

Reverse Martingale Strategy

The strategy literally has ‘reverse’ in its name. So that much is clear as to how this one is just the reverse of the actually Martingale strategy. Here, your bet does not get doubled when you lose a hand – instead, it is simply increased after you win. As a result, it is considered to be the most profitable roulette strategy under all the Martingale strategies because it minimizes your damage after any loss. 

Although this strategy is pretty cool, there is only one problem. You need a legit winning streak, or you won’t even see any chances of considerable returns. Nevertheless, many expert players find this strategy a better alternative than other strategies mentioned above. Since players have to coordinate bets depending on their winning chances, the chances of spending money on an unfortunate losing streak become less. 

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The D’Alembert Strategy: 

D’Alembert Strategy 

If you are not that confident about doubling all your bets and stuff like that, the D’Alembert strategy is perhaps the best roulette strategy for you! This is because the chances of losing any huge amount are lowered with the help of this strategy since instead of doubling chances, this strategy increases the same by one. 

Moreover, when you win, your opportunity is simply multiplied by one, but when you lose, your opportunity increases by just one. Therefore, the only thing that you must keep in mind while walking inside a casino is knowing when to walk out. The best time to walk out of a casino is at a time when you have more wins as compared with your total losses. 

The James Bond Strategy:

 James Bond Strategy

Bond. James Bond – the strategy’s name speaks for itself. And just like Bond, this strategy is best played when you are going for a brief appearance but a stellar one. In this strategy, players use multiples of 200 dollars for playing every round. The best part? Players are required to remember only three bets. 

You need to, for instance, place a 140-dollar bet on any number between 19 to 36. Secondly, you have to place a 50-dollar bet on any number between 13 to 18. Lastly, simply place a 10-dollar bet on a single zero. This one’s a pretty cool roulette strategy to win because almost two-thirds of the time, you are in a position to win. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What Is The Most Successful Roulette Strategy?

The Martingale roulette strategy is perhaps the most popular and successful among other strategies. In fact, there are different variations of the standard Martingale strategy like the reverse Martingale and the grand Martingale strategies.

2. Is There A Strategy For Roulette?

Nor really. There are several Roulette strategies everywhere online, but to be honest, it is not just your strategy that will help you in the long run. It’s mostly your luck, and perhaps only 20% of it all depends on your strategy for the game.

3. What Numbers Hit The Most In Roulette?

The numbers that hit the most in roulette are 24, 23, 17, and 7. While these numbers are considered to be the hottest in Roulette, there are numbers that are considered to be the coldest and most often avoided. These numbers are 34, 13, 6, and 3.

Wrapping Up: 

We are not saying strategies will not help, but you need some luck on your side to ace this game. So instead of looking for the best roulette strategy Reddit on search engines, it is best you depend on practical experiences. Maybe go for small bets but try it out because that’s the only way you learn. 

So what are you waiting for? Try out your hand at Roulette, and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on and experience of the same in the comments below!

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