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Playing The Exciting Spit Card Game? Here’s What You Must Know!

| November 22, 2023 | Casino Guides

Traditionally, Spit is a party game popularly played in France. At times, it is called speed or slam – as the name pimples, spit is a quick game that usually makes players different as compared to other well-known card games for two players.

The game is intended to be a quick one, but it typically differs from other similar games in its basic gameplay. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of playing the game is that it doesn’t really follow the basic turn-by-turn approach used by a majority of card games.

The hectic and fast-paced nature of this particular game makes it perfect for those who do not have any opportunity to dislike or enjoy games that are lengthy or drawn-out.

Moreover, it’s one simple game that needs only a little practice and more playing opportunities. But at the same time, there is scope for strategy.

It is certainly worth playing this particular game, especially if you are seeking a relatively more quick and distinctive card game.

But how does anyone actually play Spit? That is precisely what we will talk about today in this tutorial blog. So stick around for more information on this exciting card game.

How To Play Spit Card Game? Rules And Strategies!  

How To Play Spit Card Game

If you have never really played the Spit card game, then it might appear to be a little more strange than usual. The game rules are very simple. There’s no turn process as such.

Of course, planning and strategy are very important in card games. But Spit highlights the need for rapid reflexes and quickness, much like Slapjack.

But don’t fall for the trap! There is plenty of room for taking a positional approach in a game of Spit, and we will definitely get into that. But first, let’s check out the basic regulations before moving to the gameplay, variations, and strategies.

Here are some basic pointers:

  • The Spit card game is a 2-player game that typically uses two standard card decks comprising 52 cards.
  • The game comes with a mandatory setup that will take only about a minute.
  • The game is a great bar game due to its quick character. But at the same time, it is also perfect for playing at home.

The Gameplay:

To start with the Spit card game, you have to first install the game! You can easily do this from the comforts of your home, either on the floor or on a logical board.

Every player will have to utilize their very own standard deck of 52 cards. Before every game, ensure that all the players are shuffling the deck. Put the top four cards facing up in your deck, and that too in a single row. This series is called the Layout.

After all involved parties complete the setup, you can start the game:

  • Do a quick countdown from 1 to 3.
  • Now, the two players should literally yell ‘spit.’
  • And now, you can FINALLY start playing the game.

Once the game starts, each person will have to pick the card on top from their own deck pile. And then put the same in the middle of the playing area.

These cards will go on to serve as the basic foundation for 2 piles. The purpose here is to empty your deck before your opponent by just placing the same on the heaps.

Players should transfer the cards from their own layout rows to any of the piles for doing so.

Only in case the hands in this row are actually one below or above the card sitting on top of that particular list can this be done. For instance, if any pile shows a six, a 7 or 5 might be placed right above it.

The suits don’t matter in this game. Plus, you can play Ace cards at high or low. When you use any card from your layout pile, you will have to replace it with a different card from your standard deck. Subsequently, in Spit, cards usually travel at a rapid rate.

Winning In Spit Card Game:  

Winning In Spit Card Game

Typically, players get trapped at one point or the other simply because they are not able to play the cards placed in their rows. When this usually happens, both players have to yell ‘spit’ again before rearranging the cards in their stack.

This will automatically set the new cards right on the pile’s top, enabling the game to basically continue.

In order to win this game, players have to use all their cards in both your layout and stack now. In case both of you are stuck at the game’s end with no winner, the player with fewer cards wins.


You can play the Spit card game in multiple ways. Changing the overall amount of the cards in your actual layout row is perhaps the most common change. Certain versions use 5 or 6 cards in one row, while others make use of only 3.

The other variants of the game include another pile where players can easily place their different cards.

If you extend any particular layout row or add an extra pile, understand that this is typically done in order to help players avoid getting stranded and just to game faster.

While certain variants use different card suits to make things very difficult for players, there are people who prefer reducing the layout row just to make things somewhat difficult. As per conventional rules, cards that are lower or higher than the top card from the pile can be kept down.

While certain versions of the spit card game maintain this particular rule, you can only place red cards on the black ones and the other way around. Here, the exceptions technically also include how the cards of the very same denomination can get stacked right on top, one after the other, like in Snap.

And It’s A Wrap!

So there you finally have it – you will know about the Spit card game.

The Spit card game might just be the game for you if you are looking for a simple type of card game that you can easily play at the pub or at home.

When it’s about winning a round of Spit, both planning and fortune play a vital role. But you don’t need to be concerned. Even if you end up losing a game, you can play for another ten to fifteen minutes.

This is a furious, entertaining, and fast-paced card game that anyone will love.

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