Playtech’s Ugga Bugga Slot Machine Review 2023: Get A $1000 Welcome Bonus!

| June 1, 2023 | Betting

We have played slots for some time now, and it has started seeming so interchangeable – you just have to sometimes trade the different fruit symbols, take another theme instead, and of course, add some different background music, and VOILA – you have something new!

The whole slot industry has become so predictable that we had zero expectations from the Ugga Bugga slot machine. But then Playtech’s Ugga Bugga slot machine is different – the reel structure is entirely different, and the setup also happens to be pretty unique, so much so that it was just confusing in the beginning.

Welcome to the Casino Mag’s Ugga Bugga slot machine review – stay tuned to find out more about this online slot!

Playtech’s Ugga Bugga Slot Machine Review 2023:   

Playtech's Ugga Bugga Slot Machine Review 2023:

Before you can start playing on the Ugga Bugga slot machine, it’s practical to get an accurate overview of the same. This will definitely include several technical details, such as the various symbols and, obviously, the functionality of the features.

The very first thing to know about Ugga Bugga is its structure.

Ugga Bugga Slot Structure:  

It is practical to check out your device screen while you are trying to understand how to play the slot game. For instance, when you begin playing the Ugga Bugga game, you will find out that primarily there are about 10 sections accompanied by 3 symbols in every section.

The various wooden frames basically separate every section into 3*1 rows, with every section representing 1 pay line. So, how do you obtain victory on the platform? Perhaps, one of the only methods of obtaining victory is to just line up 3 of the similar symbols in any of the 3*1 sections.

Here, you can also adjust the total number of playing coins as well as the values of coins. But, obviously, the total amount of pay lines actually stays the same.  

Playing the Ugga Bugga slot machines online is almost equivalent to getting 10 winning chances, although you are just playing once.

It can be difficult to win at times simply because all the symbols here need to perfectly line up on the reel structures. Here, the partial symbols do not really count. Fortunately, you will notice that the feature called ‘hold’ makes gaming on the platform very easy.

Holding Symbols On The Ugga Bugga Slot Machine:  

Are you already looking up ‘Ugga Bugga slot machine near me’ on Google – then stop! Let’s talk about the holding symbols and their relevance in the Ugga Bugga slot machines.

Once you have pressed a button called ‘Spin,’ you will see that the reels located in the 1st 3*1 section are spinning. At this time, you will get the opportunity to actually ‘hold’ these symbols before spinning them again.

Actually, any symbol that you hold will expand automatically to the very same position located on the other 9 3*1 sections.

Additionally, you will notice that the platform is automatically recommending the symbols you need to hold. But obviously, the final decision rests with you.

You will notice that you are able to tap the ‘hold’ button located under each individual symbol for selecting the different symbols that you would feel like holding. When it turns yellow, these symbols can be held. But when it turns white, you will see those reels spinning again.

Once you have made up your mind about the symbols you want to hold, click on ‘spin’ option again. Ugga Bugga will start spinning the reels for the remaining 3*1 sections.

What’s fantastic here is that these slots collect the player’s bets only on their first spin. Players do not need to spend any money for their second or third spins. At the same time, you will be able to obtain a payout for individual winning combos that end up showing in the other 9 sections.

Sounds pretty neat, right?

Ugga Bugga Symbols And Paytable:  

The symbols you will find on the Ugga Bugga slot machines are all ski-themed. The easiest way to find these symbols is to look at four different groups – food bowls, huts, drums, and masks. Of course, this will not include the scatter and wild symbols.

You will notice how there are 3 symbols in every category – of course, the payouts here will vary depending completely on the different colors. Also, you can earn crazy payouts when you combine the different colors.

Let’s check out an accurate breakdown of how payouts on the Ugga Bugga slot machines work out. Please note that every payout here is multiplied by the player’s total line bets.

Symbol 1Black MaskBlack DrumBrown HutBlue Food BowlWild Idol
Symbol 2Red MaskRed DrumYellow HutGreen Food BowlTribesmen Scatter Symbols
Symbol 3Orange MaskBrown DrumGrey HutPink Food Bowl
CombinationsAny 3 MasksAny 3 DrumsAny 3 HutsAny 3 Food BowlsAny Combination of Drums & Masks

Obviously, you will require at least 3 of 1 symbol for earning a single payout. Plus, there’s no concept of small payouts because you got 2 of the same symbols, except the wild and scatter symbols.

Playing the Ugga Bugga slot machine online to win real money is so different from playing any other slot game. You will see how this game actually provides payouts for making combinations of different symbols, making it very easy to just cash in on the victories.

Also, note that when recommendations are being made about the symbols you can hold, the platform always suggests all the high-paying symbols.  But that is not always the best idea – you will, in fact, have better luck if you opt for symbol combinations.

Ugga Bugga Review 2023: Forget About Free Spins And Choose Expandable Wilds!  

Yes, the Ugga Bugga slot machine is not as progressive when it comes to typical bonuses like free spins or even bonus games, for that matter. But the expandable wilds or even the Warrior Scatter symbols make up the bonus area – as we said, it’s unique but great in the long run.

So, tell us, what are your thoughts on the Ugga Bugga slot machines?

And while you are sharing your thoughts, feel free to tell us about your experiences with other online slot machines, or if you have already played here, then that works too! Meanwhile, happy gaming!

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