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Exploring The Best Odds In Casino: The Casino Games With The Best (And Worst) Odds

| January 12, 2023 | Casino Guides

Here we are with Casino Mag’s new list featuring the top games with the best odds in the casino, followed by a smaller list of just two games that have the worst winning odds! So without wasting any more time, scroll down and read about popular casino games that have the best and worst winning odds! 

Exploring The Best Odds In Casino: The Casino Games With The Best Odds

Welcome to the best odds in casino – we will talk about casino games with the best odds! If you want to visit a Casino and walk out rich, always remember that opting for table games is your best shot. These games might appear to be relatively more intimidating as compared to those vibrant slot games, but trust us, these have the best winning odds. 

Scroll down and read about the best casino games if you are up for playing casino games that come with the best winning odds! 

1. Blackjack (Winning Odds: 49%):


Trust us on this one – if you have to name a casino game that has the best odds, then that’s Blackjack! It’s such a simple game with just the right touch of skills. And moreover, the winning odds are not too bad. Basically, players have to play the game against the player they select for dealing. 

Multiple players can play this game together, but every player will play against the dealer, not against each other. All the players, as well as the dealer, will try to score 21 or as close to the same without actually going over – this move is known as a ‘bust.’ In case a player is able to go closer than the one dealing, then they win. 

While winning a round of blackjack does require mostly luck, it still continues to be a game with the best odds in casino. This is because the game does require some skill for determining when a player should draw a card and when a player should stop. Since the dealer happens to rely on luck as well, the winning odds are technically even. 

2. Craps (Winning Odds: 50%): 


While blackjack odds of winning are pretty enticing, the craps odds are anything but better. So the game of craps is one of those intimidating table games that uses a dice. While the player who takes the job of rolling the dice is called the ‘shooter,’ the remaining players are required to make different wagers on that particular roll’s results. 

The very first roll is known as ‘coming out.’ In case the ‘coming out,’ the shooter ends up winning on an eleven or a seven. If the concerned shooters end up rolling a different number, it is called the ‘point.’ Here, before the shooter can roll out a winning seven, they are required to match the specific ‘point.’

This is where the whole ‘what casino game has best odds’ logic comes into play. Your winning odds in a game of Craps automatically become 50/50 if you are able to make any ‘pass line’ bet on whether the shooter will win or not! If you can bet more specifically, then obviously, your winning odds will go down while your payouts will increase. 

3. Roulette (Winning Odds: 50%):


We can’t just talk about the games with the best odds in casino without mentioning Roulette. In case you did not know, Roulette is basically a wheel that has 38 numbers. Amongst the 38 numbers, the ones from one to thirty-six are either black or red, and the zero is always green. 

Here, the dealer is called the ‘croupier’ – the dealer is in charge of spinning the wheel so that the Roulette ball ends up falling on any of the digits on the wheel. There are different methods of placing Roulette bets. And we will tell you about the method that has the best Roulette odds!

Perhaps, one of the simplest betting methods is to bet on whether the Roulette ball will end up falling on a black or a red digit. This type of bet comes with nearly 50/50 winning odds (‘nearly’ because there’s a zero in green). Of course, you can easily increase your payout, but in that case, you will have to decrease your odds by just betting on some specific digits or numerical ranges such as ‘1 – 18’ or ‘1 – 12.’

Exploring The Best Odds In Casino: The Casino Games With The Worst Odds

Now that you have a fair idea about the games with the best odds in casino, it’s only natural to know the ones with the worst odds in Casino. After a lot of thinking, we decided on two games that had the worst winning odds. Of course, the two most popular casino games are also the ones that are so hard to win. 

These casino games are easy to learn and require hardly any skill.

They’re easy to understand and require little to no skill, so a lot of people play, making lots of money for the casinos. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong you do play these games because it makes you happy. But if you have limited means and you are hoping to win, then these are not your best options!

1. Wheel Of Fortune Or Big Six Wheel (Winning Odds: 26 – 39%):

Big Six Wheel

If finding the best odds in Vegas is not your goal, then you can definitely try out the Big Six Wheel, also known as Wheel Of Fortune. This game has somewhere between 26% to 39% winning chances. Think about it!

When you actually play this casino game, you will find yourself betting on the wheel’s movement – whether the wheel of fortune will stop on any of the segments labeled Joker, $20, $10, $5, or even $1. If the wheel does stop on any of these segments, then you will win that amount. 

Your best-winning odds, in this case, are definitely placing a bet worth a dollar. However, your payout in that case will give the house an edge of 11% and come with the worst payout. For instance, the Joker has a solid 36x payout – however, in that case, the house comes with 74% winning chances. 

2. Slots (Winning Odds: 1 out of 49,836,032 chances):


Are you already looking for ‘odd lots near me’ – wait, stop and read this one first! The slot machines might be a real attraction for most of you, but guys, that’s where you are making a mistake. Appearances are deceptive, and slot machines are precisely banking on the same logic where popularity is concerned. 

It all depends on where the machine’s wheel lands – your losses or wins are calculated depending on a machine’s movement. You can only pull the lever, and that’s precisely why the game has only a single chance out of 49,836,032 chances. 

Generally, your winning odds only get better when you shell out more money than you are required to spend for playing on some slot machine. At the same time, in slot machine games, you might have comparatively better winning odds when you are opting for smaller payouts instead of jackpot prizes. 

And It’s A Wrap!

So you know which games have the best odds in casino and which ones come with the worst winning odds. Tell us what you think! We did come across several questions like ‘what are the odds game?’ but then those questions were a little irrelevant because odds determine wins and losses. 

It’s better to keep these questions aside and instead play these games whenever you have the opportunity. Feel free to share your experiences with casino games in the comments below.

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