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Crafting A Solid Blackjack Betting Strategy? Updated Betting Systems And Strategies!

| January 28, 2023 | Casino Guides

There’s no denying that Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the entire world. After all, the game has made a space for itself at both online and land-based casinos on the global gambling stage. Naturally, the discussion around the perfect Blackjack betting strategy is relevant for casino lovers.

Although the house makes it nearly impossible to win the game in the long run yet, if you have a good betting strategy by your side, then you might just do the impossible! A logical Blackjack approach is always inclusive of understanding how the game works, consistent betting, and accurate bankroll management. 

And that’s exactly why we are here – keep reading to find out all that you need to know about winning this popular casino game!

Crafting A Solid Blackjack Strategy: The Rules Of Blackjack!

The Rules Of Blackjack

Before we can talk about crafting the best Blackjack betting strategy, let’s talk about the basic game rules first! Some players actually depend on pushing their betting limits with techniques such as even team betting or card counting to overcome the popular house edge. So, without wasting time, let’s find out how to play Blackjack or even double down!

Section 1:

Any solid Blackjack strategy will tell you how the game rules differ, depending on you are chosen variable – as in the variant you are playing. For instance, most casinos in Las Vegas and even online casinos often follow the rules of American Blackjack. 

In any game of American Blackjack, the players are given two cards facing up. During this time, even the dealer receives two cards, one facing down and one facing up. These players get the task of putting together at least two or even multiple cards, which add up to either 21 or something closer to 21, without once going over. 

Once the first two cards have been dealt, every player gets to hit, that is, get hold of another card, and stand, that is, choose to be with the cards they already have. During this tie, if it’s a case of doubling down, then a player can choose to surrender, that is, give up a hand to keep half of their wager or split pairs. 

Section 2:

You can use a double-down move in your Blackjack game in case you are dealt cards that total eleven, or ten, or even nine. In that case, if you opt to split pairs, then you will have to take a paired hand first and then split the same into two different hands, thereby doubling your entire wager but actually allowing just another card for each hand. 

In busting, if you do go over 21, then you will lose out on any amount you have wagered. Once every player finishes their preferred betting action, your dealer will turn their card up – the ones that were facing down, so that all the players can finally see. The dealer will hit in case their total happens to be sixteen or lesser and also stand on seventeen or greater. 

Section 3: 

In any Blackjack table, if the dealer opts to stand, then the players who have obtained a higher total get to win. In case if your dealer had dealt 21, a natural blackjack with the help of their 1st two cards, then once chosen card is turned up while the players who do not possess the natural blackjack ends up losing automatically. This chosen card is the down card! 

While any natural blackjack pays between 1.5 to 1 generally, you can also beat the dealer for other ways of making some more money. And that is how you play Blackjack online, as well as offline. It might take some practice in the beginning, but once you have played it a few times, you will understand why this game is so popular. 

Crafting A Solid Blackjack Betting Strategy? Updated Betting Systems And Strategies!

While there are plenty of free materials available on the internet and even in printed formats, the best Blackjack betting strategy obviously depends on how creative and, of course, solid you are planning to get – these strategies are different from the strategy charts that are so come, even some casinos at Vegas allow them on the Blackjack table. 

You can come up with a solid Blackjack betting strategy only when you understand how the Blackjack betting system works. After all, players have constantly been trying to find out ways to decrease the whole house edge from the time the game was first invented. 

While progressive blackjack betting deals with increasing your wagered amounts once you have won and returning to the original amount once you have lost, the Martingale System simply offsets losing streaks just by doubling your betting amount until you have won. 

So, let’s check out some of the best Blackjack betting strategies in the world!

1. Martingale System:

Martingale System

What is the Martingale System? This Blackjack betting strategy offsets losing streaks just by choosing to double the player’s betting amount until the player wins. Theoretically, if you do choose this strategy till you end up winning any hand, you will be allowed to go back during a session. 

Simultaneously, it won’t matter just how many hands you have actually lost consistently in a single row. If you think about it, this betting strategy will fall under the negative progression category. Even in a situation with really low Blackjack stakes, any player will require a huge bankroll to avoid the risks of losing out on money.

For instance, you will need to begin with a ten-dollar bet in case you are using this betting strategy. If you do lose the first hand, then you will have to wager 20 dollars while playing your next hand. In case you again lose, then you will have to bet 40 dollars for your next hand. 

2. Winning Streak Strategies:

Winning Streak Strategies

The Winning Streak strategy, also known as the positive progression strategy, is one of the best betting strategies for Blackjack. Although completely different from the Martingale strategy, the winning streak appears to be a better approach, at least in our opinion. 

Positive progression is a Blackjack betting strategy that tries to maximize any hot streak’s value by simply increasing the player’s betting amount post a nice winning hand. Here your key to coming out safe is to master the art of self-control. You have to stop at one point during the progress of any winning streak. 

For instance, in case you start with a wager of 10 dollars and do win, then your next bet might become 20 dollars. Now, if you win the 20-dollar hand, then you will be automatically up for 30 dollars just after 2 hands. After this, if you manage to up your next wager to 40 dollars and again win, then you will be up to 70 dollars post three hands. 

3. Oscar’s Grind:

Oscar’s Grind

You don’t need to check out Blackjack betting strategy Reddit threads to find out about Oscar’s Grind. The best part of this betting strategy is how it can be used for any game that offers money payouts. While the Blackjack game does not really fit into this category since certain events, such as choosing to make a natural Blackjack, don’t pay at a 1- to – ratio – it has different paying odds. 

This is where Oscar’s Grind comes into play since this betting strategy is all about keeping the wager size absolutely the same right after any loss while increasing the bet by 1 after every win. Players can even repeat this strategy until they are up by a single unit before going back to their original wager amount.

Thus, it’s obvious that Oscar’s Grind is a betting strategy that attempts to win a single betting unit for every series before starting another betting series with the help of the original wager amount. For instance, if you start with a wager of ten dollars and lose the hand, then your next wager will be ten dollars again. 

And It’s A Wrap!

So, now you have a fair idea about which Blackjack betting strategy to opt for – at least the three we have mentioned above are pretty good for anyone starting out or even for players at an intermediate level. 

If you are new to this, then you also check out online casinos where you can improve your Blackjack skills – Rockcitywagers is one such site where you will have a great time playing and hopefully winning! Also, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences about the Blackjack game!

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