Blackjack Split What It Means And When To Do It

Blackjack Split: What It Means And When To Do It?

| July 10, 2023 | Poker

Today, let’s talk about one of our favorite Blackjack strategies of all time – then it has to be Blackjack Split!

If your dealer appears to be weak, then you just need to be aggressive and obtain as much money on the dealing table as possible. Simply put, if this dealer shows any upcard such as 6, 5, or 4, then you would definitely want to just double down with a wide range of hands than general, or if you do get the opportunity, then just split.

Always remember that your dealer’s face-down card probably has a value of 10 – so the dealer will have to draw again, and it is likely for them to go bust.

But then, what does it mean to split in Blackjack? And when can you do it? Stay tuned to find out more.

What Is Blackjack Split? What Does It Mean To Split In Blackjack?  

What Is Blackjack Split What Does It Mean To Split In Blackjack

So, what is split in blackjack? The split is basically offered to players when their initial 2-card hands include 2 cards that have the same value.

It provides the players with the option of easily splitting their cards into two different hands before receiving an extra card for each of the hands from the dealer.

In order to split in a game of Blackjack, a player must actually place an extra bet on any newly created hand that happens to be equal to the original bet they placed in the first place at the beginning of the game.

In case you are given 2 cards that have the same value, then you will get the opportunity to actually spoilt them. And then, you will be given another card for each end. Now you will be playing 2 hands and have to match your original wager for your new 2nd hand.

The primary benefit of splitting in Blackjack is that a player will have to double the money on the playing table, ideal when the dealer appears to be weak. Assuming the dealer actually goes only on to bust, then the player will get to win double the money they would have otherwise won.

In a majority of online and live casino games these days, players are not allowed to actually play further with their split hands – instead, they are required to stand without taking into account what the total really comes to!

So, now that you know about Split Blackjack, do you know when to split in Blackjack? Keep reading to find out more.

When To Split In Blackjack?  

Now that you know what does split mean in Blackjack, let’s find out when can you split in Blackjack!

In Blackjack, there are specific hands that are more suited to being split as per probability. At the same time, there are other hands that you should not really split – and then there are those hands that you can decide to split or not to do so based on the identity of the dealer’s up-cards.

So without wasting time, let’s talk about the right time to opt for a Blackjack split!

Always Split:  

You should always split when you have,

  1. Aces, and
  2. Eights.



According to the basic Blackjack split rules, cards that have a value of ten are plenty – and naturally, it is practical to split a definitive pair of Aces. Now, if you do not split your Aces, then 1 is considered to be a value of 1, while the other is considered to be a value of eleven.

This indicates that only a 9 can take you to twenty-one, and that too on your next card. At the same time, drawing a card with a value of 10 would make it necessary to count both the Aces as ones, bringing you back to twelve.



It is vital to acknowledge that 2 eights are considered to be a relatively poor hand in a game of Blackjack, whether you end up splitting your actual hand or not. But playing your pair of 8s as a single hand will not leave you with much of a wriggle room. Anything that is over a 5 will end up busting you. Here, splitting provides you with a better opportunity for a competitive hand.

Never Split:  

You should never split when you have,

  1. Tens,
  2. Fours, and
  3. Fives.



Just like knowing when you should split in Blackjack is vital, finding when you shouldn’t do the same is equally critical.

Splitting your Tens is not really a percentage call considering if you do so, it will dismantle a really promising hand that it is unlikely for you to split either of your hands.



When you do get a pair of 4s, you can not go bust with the help of your next hit. The most that you can obtain is nineteen, which is a decent total. If you do split, then only 3 cards can actually make your entire hand better as compared to your original pair of Seven, Six, Five, Or Fours.



Wait a minute. You have received a ten. This is already a good hand, and you should definitely double down until and unless the dealer gets an Ace, or a 10, or even a 9.

Splitting your Fives will leave you with either a hand that increases your chance of busting later during the hand or a hand that is low in value.

Bonus: Decision Depends On Dealer’s Up-Card  

Bonus Decision Depends On Dealer’s Up-Card

The decision to split depends on the dealer’s up-card as follows,

  1. You have Sevens, Threes, or Twos, and the up-card of the dealer is between 2 to 7.
  2. You have Nines, and the up-card of the dealer is between 2 to 6, 8 or 9.
  3. You have Sixes, and the up-card of the dealer is between 2 to 6.

And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know what a Blackjack split stands for and when do you split in Blackjack, what are your thoughts? If you are new to the world of playing cards, then give it some time – but if you have been around for some time, then it’s best to practice these moves before you try them out in a real game where money is involved.

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